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There’s isn’t a young female soloist today with more popularity and commercial appeal than IU (real name: Lee Ji-Eun) in Korea. She’s known as the Nation’s Little Sister – a title that is only bestowed on those with nationwide popularity (Like SNSD – Nation’s Girl Group, Lee Seunggi – Nation’s Little Brother, Yoo Jaesuk – Nation’s MC, Choi Jin-Sil [deceased] – Nation’s Actress).

As expected of her position, there are many references to occult themes. We’ll explore some of them here.

Interesting fact: IU’s company, LOEN entertainment, is the same one 4minute + Cube, 2PM + JYP and Pledis Entertainment are under. If you’ve read most of the posts on this site you’ll understand the connection.

Let’s begin IU’s analysis: Read More


Here is Donghae wearing a t-shirt with overt occult imagery. This is as obvious as night and day.  Why is he wearing the shirt? Did he buy it himself or as fans will probably say “the stylist just told him to wear it”? This appears to be an informal gathering with no photographers around.  Why would he chose to wear this shirt? Why did he chose to buy that shirt?

What's really ironic about this photo is that he's standing beside a supposedly very conservative, very devout Christian.

There's no need for an explanation.

I already briefly commented on JYJ in the SNSD starvation post. They terminated their contracts with SM in order to find a company that would provide better wages and more humane treatment but unfortunately their current situation is not an improvement. Perhaps it pays better and they have more control of their schedules but…yeah, I’ll stop here.

JYJ covering their other eye. Seems like they were instructed to cover their eye rather than it being a natural pose for them.

Interesting mirror imagery


That concludes JYJ’s quick post!

SNSD on a checkered board floor.

This week you can expect the following quick posts and articles:

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  • IU – Illuminati & I
  • Orange Caramel – Alice in Wonderland, Oz Programming or How to make mind control sexy
  • Sexy Queens of Korea? Or Sex Kitten programming?
  • The Japan Crossover – Making it big in the Asian Illuminati Headquarters
  • How does SNSD plan to make it in America? Part 2
  • Sistar & Sistar19 [Quick Post]

Please anticipate this week’s posts!

JiYoon's two personalities. A sweet one and a more sinister one.

There is no other girl group in Kpop at the moment that uses occult symbols as consistently as 4minute. It is present in nearly all of their videos, promotional concept pictures, performances, outfits. Where you find 4minute, you are likely to find occult symbols similar to those used all across the globe.

One thing I need to make clear before this mega post begins:

Korea is still a conservative country in terms of it’s music style preference (at least compared to its western counterparts). ‘Innocent’ and ‘pure’ concepts still do better than ‘sexy’, ‘weird’ and ‘fierce’ concepts. Because of this fact, performers are generally more toned down in terms of crazy gimmicks. You will not find a Lady Gaga (in terms of wackiness) equivalent in South Korea.

This is one of many reasons why there isn’t as strong of an occult presence in KPOP (at least not overt). It’s more covert and hiden – like backmasking in songs etc.

4minute is an exception to this rule. Their company, Cube Entertainment, is out and proud with occult themes. In this mega post, we’ll explore them.

Note: It is important to clarify that I am an English speaker with no fluency in Korean or Japanese. This makes finding information about companies, associations and various events difficult. Keep in mind that most of all the information presented in this mega post was found through English sites.

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One eyed 2PM = How to make the Eye of Horus Sexy

Here’s a quick post on the occult symbols displayed by popular boy group 2PM. JYP is a company that extensively uses these symbols with his artists (Wonder Girls, Miss A and 2PM use it quite a lot).

Duality and the Eye of Horus

More Duality (jeez do they do anything else?)


Red and black

They never leave the red or the black very far behind.