How does SNSD plan to make it in America…? Part 1

How does SNSD plan to make it in America…? Part 1

SNSD's venture in the U.S but at what cost?

…by incorporating symbols and themes used by all relevant and influential American music performers. It’s not a choice. You will not and cannot make a name for yourself in the biggest music market in the world if you do not mold your musical identity to fit this standard.

In October 2011, SM announced that SNSD would be making their entrance into the U.S market with their 3rd album ‘The Boys’.  They filmed two music videos (ENG. & KOR.) for this release and announced that they had signed with Interscope Records. Can you think of someone else who is signed to that label?

Here is the music video for the english version:

Now, if you are at all familiar with occult symbols, you’ll notice one very obvious one symbol. The hidden eye or the eye of Horus.

YoonA covering one eye. (KOR. version)

In this gif you see YoonA covering one eye. This is strange move for SNSD as it hasn’t been seen in any other of their music videos except for this one. It’s widely known amongst SONEs that each member of SNSD has their own unique hand gesture which they repeat in each music video. Why the sudden change in ‘The Boys’?

Were they instructed to perform those hand moves to initiate their arrival on the U.S pop scene?

In an interview with Complex magazine they confirm it:

Complex: Since I’ve mentioned the group’s emphasis on cutesy antics, let me ask you guys if you normally talk with animated hand gestures and cute facial expressions.

All: [Laughs.] No!

Hyoyeon: I guess we jokingly do it amongst each other, but not seriously.

Tiffany: But we are a lot more animated than normal people.

Jessica: [Imitates hand gesture.] Hi, girls.

Tiffany: You know like normal people will say, “My head hurts.” But I guess we’ll have some form of gesture that goes along with it.

Jessica: Yeah, we do talk with a lot more action involved than normal people.

Sooyoung: I don’t know if you’re familiar, but our dance choreographer, Rino Nakasone, who’s been instructing our choreography form the beginning, laid out a set of moves and gestures that are fitting for each member.

Complex: So these gestures were instructed.

Sooyoung: Yes.

Jessica: And for each song they’re different.

Sooyoung: They’re actually part of the choreography. But because we have so many of those pose and gestures, I feel like many people assume that we’re super bubbly and animated. It’s not like I’m going to ask Jessica [poses a gesture], “Did you eat?”

Jessica: [Poses a gesture.] No, I didn’t.

source: SNSDcentral

Sunny hiding one eye. (ENG. version)

Another very odd thing is that different members do the eye of Horus move in the music video. YoonA in the Korean version and Sunny in the English version.

YoonA is the face of the group (and widely considered the most beautiful girl in KPOP) and is the main actress of the group appearing in 2 dramas with one in the works. Actresses in Korea (or in general) are known to have to favor important VIPs in the entertainment in order to gain acting jobs/advertisements opportunities and the rest. Is she the member who is the sacrifice in Korea?

Sunny is the favorite of Teddy Riley, the producer of ‘The Boys’, who continuously praised her on his Twitter page and called SNSD his princesses. If that’s not creepy enough there were many rumors of his unconfortable closeness with another girl group he produced for, Rania. Not only that but her family is steeped in the entertainment field. Her uncle is the founder and chairman of SM.  Is Sunny the sacrifice for the United States?

In part two I will look at their both their record labels (SM & Interscope) and the occult symbols both have used.

It’ll be interesting to see how their U.S venture evolves. I believe they will have a sub-unit(s). My guess is Yuri, Jessica, Sunny and maybe Tiffany. Only time will tell.

To finish off this post here are pictures of their Interscope Label mates telling you who owns them:

Tokio Hotel: Their label mate displaying human-robot agenda and the eye of Horus in their debut English album

Gwen Stefani and the Alice in Wonderland obession. Alice in Wonderland is heavily used in Monarch mind control


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