Jessica groped by high ranking KBS business man?

Jessica groped by a high ranking KBS business man?

The man in question is the guy in the suit with a purple tie.

This was a huge scandal in 2010. Jessica, of the famous girl group SNSD, was groped by a man at the ending ceremony of the 2010 Korea-China song festival.

Watch the video here.

What’s very strange is that Yuri clearly notices the abuse but reacts very minimally to it. As opposed to Sooyoung and especially Hyoyeon (they are christians) who are visibly upset by the act. Is Yuri desensitized to this whole kind of thing? It’s possible.

What’s even more puzzling is that SM was very quick to deny any rumors of groping when videos clearly suggest that Jessica was groped. It’s as clear as day. Why deny something that is so clearly obvious? Does SM take us for fools?

There might be another explanation for why SM wants the whole thing to be dropped like a hot potato.

The accused might be this guy:

The pervert. One of many in Korea's Ent. Industry

He’s the KBS Director of Entertainment/Variety/Comedy. Now do you see why I included this in a blog of this nature?

It would be agaisnt SM’s interests to let this scandal simmer or to investigate anything. They just deny, deny, deny. Many are saying to drop it for the sake of the girls. Really? In my opinion sweeping this under the rug will only encourage and empower those in influential positions to continue to abuse performers (and trust me – they are doing it.).

It seems totally and completely against the best interests of the group and KPOP in general to let this man or any man who abuses a woman off Scot free. If they can do it to SNSD, arguably the most popular KPOP group at the moment, they can do it to anyone and no one will say anything.

It really is true what they say about Korea: It’s a man’s playground and a woman’s prison.

  1. Mouse said:

    lol u so silly

    • Michael said:

      lol u so retarded

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy has banged Jessica before and therefore felt he had a right to engage in a bit of touchy feely time.
      Soo & hyo might very well not know anything about her having banged the guy.
      (Neither of them really deserves the title “Christian” by the way, though they certainly are being fully brainwashed into the Christian cult.)

      I’m pretty well convinced that sex with powerful execs is standard procedure for female kpop idols, and Girls’ Degeneration is no exception.
      In fact, I’ve seen some evidence which suggests that, shortly before debut, one of the final requirements was that each member strip naked in front of some rich old dudes (whether or not sex acts were involved in unclear).
      Sunny was exempt and Kim Stella refused, and this was the real reason she didn’t debut with the group.

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