NS Yoon-G – The Reason I Became a Witch

Soloist NS Yoon G

The folks at KPOPILLUMINATI have written a brief analysis on NS Yoon G’s new video titled The Reason I Became a Witch.

Please visit this link for the full analysis.

Although the analysis is well done, I want to add a few things that were overlooked or missed.

This video is filled with symbolism. As I’ve noted, it’s mostly solo acts who tend to be heavy on the occult symbolism (Seo In Young, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa are a few examples).

NS Yoon-G in dissociative dual black and white and her back up dancers in leopard print - the symbol for sex kitten programming

In this video we noticed a large amount of leopard being used (primarily by the back up dancers). It seems like leopard is a growing favorite amongst  KPOP stylists and companies as it’s being used extensively.

Her new album is called Neo Spirit. Neo Spirit is short for Neo-spirituality or otherwise known as experimental spiritualism (e.g witchcraft – the song title makes sense now, doesn’t it?). Neo-spiritualism states that there’s no one way to heaven (false – Jesus Christ is the only way) and that there are many, many paths to heaven. Everyone’s path is different. This is very similar to the spiritual nonsense that people like Oprah are trying to enforce via The Secret and so on.

NS Yoon Ji is labelmates with KARA and SS501 and the cousing of KARA”s Jiyoung. Multi-generational programming?

More pictures of NS Yoon Ji occult symbolism:

The Eye of Horus

Duality - Black and White

NS Yoon G with a collar? Owned and used by...?

More animal print

The left picture - one of her concept pictures which features the Eye of Horus.

  1. XY said:

    Kara & SS501 are not labelmates with NS Yoon G. NS Yoon G is in JTM Entertainment, Kara’s in DSP Media.

  2. Juju said:

    Keep posting more about these symbols so we can be more aware!

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