Quick Post – 2PM is an Illuminati puppet

One eyed 2PM = How to make the Eye of Horus Sexy

Here’s a quick post on the occult symbols displayed by popular boy group 2PM. JYP is a company that extensively uses these symbols with his artists (Wonder Girls, Miss A and 2PM use it quite a lot).

Duality and the Eye of Horus

More Duality (jeez do they do anything else?)


Red and black

They never leave the red or the black very far behind.

  1. no doubt. ”big 3 company” are controlled by illuminati

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      agree!! oh my god!!

      • Kim y. said:

        I can’t believe this 😦 Thanks kpopinfiltrated for these blog posts! Keep em’ coming! 🙂

  2. luigi said:

    i can’t believe that my only diversion from the songs of hollywood is also being controlled by illuminati!! ughh the world is just so evil!!

    • Nell said:

      Ya.,why are they willing to do this just for fame??

  3. agebe said:

    2PM??!?!?! TT_TT

  4. Jess said:

    no!!!! haha..i like 2pm tho.. it makes them look hott being serious and all.. this sucks!! :(((
    i liked big bang too!! :/ ppffftt this blows!! 😥

  5. 1234_ said:

    seriously?! geez…i can’t believe people actually belive in this shit.
    i’m not really a 2pm fan but i respect them.

    • jajum said:

      Respect them for what exactly?
      How do you respect song & dance performers who are willing to endorse just about any product, corporation or organization as long as the price is right?

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