SNSD’s starvation diet and SM’s iron fist control

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A very telling sign of abuse (at least psychologically and mentally) is over control. These girls already have their careers completely controlled as it is. Imagine having your personal life micro managed as well?

Remember this: What you see on variety shows is scripted. Idols are not immune to lying in order to improve, create and protect their image. Do you really believe that idols eat anything they want and continue to lose weight? Or when SNSD claimed that they eat loads of chicken. Really because chicken + countless hours of dancing pratice equals strong, lean and muscular legs – which none of them have. They are lying. Would they really tell the public that they rarely eat anything at all? No. The only other explanation is a popular non surgical procedure where you inject botox into legs/arms to slim down the muscles – which SNSD have been accused of doing.

More stories on starvation diets – Kara and Jewelry

KPOP artists are simply puppets used to for the benefit of the New World Order agenda in Asia. The vast majority of them have no say – at all- on anything pertaining to their careers and several aspects of their personal lives.

The fancam photo in question. Click to enlarge.

Another way that management companies can retain tight control over their artists, and thus restraining any resistance to the company,  is to seperate them severely from their families who would otherwise be vocal in their children attaining better treatment and more personal freedom.

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Without crucial family support, it’s easy to manipulate young, naive and trusting trainees who want to impress their seniors at any cost.

When family members (especially parents) are an intergal part of the careers of KPOP performers things get very interesting. Prime examples of this are the JYJ case (even though their current situation is not an improvement) and the recent fruitless KARA case.

What’s even sadder is that once these stars lose popularity they are relegated to 2nd or even 3rd second status.

  1. Fishyfish said:

    what are they doing in that picture?

  2. Chip said:

    Also, another thing they control is these idols’ love lives. Many of them aren’t allowed to date for a really long time.

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