[MEGAPOST] 4Minute are Illuminati Princesses

JiYoon's two personalities. A sweet one and a more sinister one.

There is no other girl group in Kpop at the moment that uses occult symbols as consistently as 4minute. It is present in nearly all of their videos, promotional concept pictures, performances, outfits. Where you find 4minute, you are likely to find occult symbols similar to those used all across the globe.

One thing I need to make clear before this mega post begins:

Korea is still a conservative country in terms of it’s music style preference (at least compared to its western counterparts). ‘Innocent’ and ‘pure’ concepts still do better than ‘sexy’, ‘weird’ and ‘fierce’ concepts. Because of this fact, performers are generally more toned down in terms of crazy gimmicks. You will not find a Lady Gaga (in terms of wackiness) equivalent in South Korea.

This is one of many reasons why there isn’t as strong of an occult presence in KPOP (at least not overt). It’s more covert and hiden – like backmasking in songs etc.

4minute is an exception to this rule. Their company, Cube Entertainment, is out and proud with occult themes. In this mega post, we’ll explore them.

Note: It is important to clarify that I am an English speaker with no fluency in Korean or Japanese. This makes finding information about companies, associations and various events difficult. Keep in mind that most of all the information presented in this mega post was found through English sites.

Before we take a look at 4minute’s symbolism, let’s investigate their company which they are under: Cube Entertainment.

The Company

It was founded in 2008 by Hong Seung-sung who is a former JYP employee. It is distributed under LOEN Entertainment. LOEN entertainment is owned in large part by SK telecom.

Although they have tried to distance themselves from JYP, it remains a fact that the major investor/shareholder of Cube (and its subsidiary A-Cube) is JYP. Therefore JYP Entertainment has control (at least financially) over what goes on at Cube. It’s not secret that many of the acts currently under CUBE banner were former JYP trainees (HyunA, Kikwang, G.NA ect.). I’ve already stated that JYP loves his occult themes as almost all his current artists have used them or continue to use them.

Another interesting fact is that CUBE is co-distributed by Universal Music Group Korea which is the Korean branch of the American music company. Do you see how no matter how far away you travel you can never really get away from the influence of American music and its symbolism?

Mirror Mirror

I’ll begin with their latest Korean release, Mirror Mirror. We’ll look at the teasers for the video first.

Cube Entertainment described the concept in this way:  “unlock themselves as they step through the doorway into their 20s, an age capable of keeping secrets.

Step through the doorway is very similar to ‘stepping through the looking glass’ which is a term often used in MK Ultra. It means to dissociate from painful reality and step into a fantasy world free of pain and torture which usually plagues MK victims.

The mask which symbolizes an alter personality. It is present in all the teasers

Gayoon's teaser pans to show her shoes which are -surprise surprise- leopard print

Looks mournful. Is she regretting her involvement in this group?

JiYoon shows the eye of horus and her alter personality.

Jiyoon's teaser is similar to a scene in the dark occult film 'Black Swan'.

The cracked mirror where their alters are in - shatters. Shattered glass means that the mind has shattered into multi fragments or alter personalities

A mirror reflects HyunA multiple times. Alters?

Again - Black Swan. The multiple reflections equal an alter personality similar to the one in Black Swan?

More mirror reflections

4minute inside a triangle.

The video ends with 4minute back in the mirror featured on the teasers. This alludes that the music video where we see the girls with multiple alters was taken place within the mind

The last shot of the music video is again of glass shattering. It's a pretty crystal clear message

Now that we’ve looked at their music video, let’s have a look at their clothes. 4minute wears red,black, leopard almost all of the time. That color combination is occult if shown on a public scale like a music video, award show, all performances. You might like to wear those colors but you are not famous.

Mirror Mirror promotional picture. Checkerboard floor and Sohyun with red shoes (Oz programming)

Sorry about the photo LOL. As you can see they have a leopard strap thingy. Couldn't they have just excluded that?

With label mates BEAST wearing the company dress code

The leader wearing leopard shoes

The leader again in, you guessed it, leopard shoes.

4minute at Gayo Deajun December 2011

4minute at the billboard awards almost a year earlier wearing the exact same outfit. Isn't it strange??

Performing in front of a huge pyramid

That ends my mega post on 4minute. There’s a lot more on them but I’m going to try and spread them out. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

  1. coll said:

    what’s leopard prints refers to ? illuminati ? it’s not funny, my clothes usually animal prints !!

    • Leopard prints refer to beta/kitten programming. It’s mind control for alters being implanted into sex slaves.

  2. ordinary kpopers said:

    i have some stuffs with animal print. haha
    can you explain what is the meaning of animal print??

    about mirror, i ever heard that mirror is the one medium of illuminaty ceremony. i dont know that’s right or no.

  3. ...DOTDOTDOT said:


  4. Somebodythatclearlydoesntagreewithyou said:

    ROFLMAO AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH omg. this is hilarious. u guys have SOOOOOOO much time on ur hands. agreeing with last comment. why dont u go umm. i dont know. STOP POSTING ILLUMINATI SHIT ABOUT KPOP. i mean seriously. practically everythings illuminati now. english songs included. so what. we supposed to listen to church hyms?!

  5. ...DOTDOTDOT said:

    Somebodythatclearlydoesntagreewithyou I agree
    they a force to wear what they are told ….. seriously GO FUCK THE BIBLE

  6. throwingbiblesatsluts said:

    Well at least they make more money than you lol.

  7. Totoro504 said:

    Wow, so many ignorant and arrogant people commenting on this. If you don’t like it, you could have just exited. But….YAY FOR TROLLS!

  8. 1234_ said:

    not allowed to wear animals print! haha! lol! why don’t you just make a horror movie with these illuminati stuff!
    since all things that exist in this world are signs of being an illuminati!
    saying that we’re brainwashed is probably not the best sentence or phrase to use…you guys are brainwashed! cuz why would you even care to study about these things when you’re not brainwashed?!
    can’t believe people actually believe this kind of stuff!

    • momomo said:

      this article was put up so that you would know the facts, so that you could make your own decision about whether or not you want to believe it. if you’re saying that w/o having looked up anything, you’re just ignorant. SO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

  9. Beauty said:

    The one that has so much time on their hands is YOU GUYS who commented earlier. I mean, if u don’t believe it, JUST LEAVE! THAT’S REALLY REALLY RUDE. I’m not saying i believe it but seriously, JUST. LEAVE.

  10. Kimberly said:

    agreeing with the statement above. if you dont like it just freaking fuck off. and this illuminati bullshit needs to stop. so what if they are a part of illuminati. its not like they’re asking us to go follow their steps or what right? if they wanna be a part of that shit its their problem not ours. dont make this matter worse than it already is.

  11. Lol, you must look at SMent artist esp exo, you’ll look like so jenius ahaha

  12. Eman said:

    I believe in this 100%… I guess no more 4 minutes for me… I am letting go of kpop after i saw all these occult signs.. and i don’t regret it a bit.. the reason i chose to listen to kpop in the first place was becoz i hated the american music and the messages it contains,, now kpop has become the same… shaking ur booty, super short dresses, boys take their shirts off, kissing, gayness… etc…. I don’t need any of that crap in my life..

  13. Sarah said:

    Wow so much stupidity in one page I’m shocked!! Illuminati is such a stupid thing…
    Leopard prints? Haven’t you seen them in clothes? Please get out of your cave and go to any clothes shop. The name of the song is ‘Mirror Mirror’ there is supposed to be mirrors -.-‘ Wow! Red! In clothes! Insane! Jeez…
    From your point of view everything is Illuminate -.-‘

    • nnm said:

      That’s A Proof

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