[Quick Post] JYJ Illuminati

I already briefly commented on JYJ in the SNSD starvation post. They terminated their contracts with SM in order to find a company that would provide better wages and more humane treatment but unfortunately their current situation is not an improvement. Perhaps it pays better and they have more control of their schedules but…yeah, I’ll stop here.

JYJ covering their other eye. Seems like they were instructed to cover their eye rather than it being a natural pose for them.

Interesting mirror imagery


That concludes JYJ’s quick post!

  1. naomi said:

    I have long suspected tvxq were involved and that could be the main reason why they broke up. Something just doesn’t add up for me. Also jyj’s Yoochun and Jaejoong have tattooed on their chests Aktf(Always keep the faith). I remember reading somewhere Jaejoong explaining that it meant he won’t go against his beliefs. Now I see them with occult hand signals in these pictures and its confusing. Did they change their minds when they realized they won’t move ahead without getting involved? Certainly they’ve been punished in Korea and Japan but why? Why are they being cut off? I believe Yunho and Changmin are involved too because I’ve seen Illuminati hand signs and symbols in their videos and photos but they are not out there like Snsd or Big bang. Of course these are only suspicions and I have no concrete proof at all. What do you think?

    • Naomi, I for one share your suspicions. There are many reasons why JYJ left SM. One of which could be the occult influence the company is under. But if they left SM because of whatever dark forces that have taken hold there, why are they still making the same old hand signals with their new company? You’re right, it doesn’t add up.

      JYJ being blocked from activities is the result of their rebellion agaisnt SM and less rebelling against occult power players.

      I believe JYJ left because of monetary issues. They are getting the money they want now but at what price? The pictures say it all.

      • naomi said:

        KpopInfiltrated, I agree. Jyj have contradicted themselves so many times I don’t know whether they are coming or going as the British say. About the money, it was the main reason they left and after the way they’ve been showing off in the media I believe it more now than ever. We will never know the whole truth about why tvxq really split but actions and occult hand signals in this case speak louder than words.
        I think Yunho and Changmin are involved too but just didn’t rebel against Sm. I don’t know if you heard about Lee Soo Man being promoted in some freemasonry ceremony recently. Again this is all hearsay but I think he is definitely a high ranked Freemason. I know that very high ranked Freemasons know who they really worship. Satan and Lucifer.

        The whole situation is sad because I really liked tvxq, and if they chose not to get involved with the Illuminati they would lose their fame and income but it would be worth it because their souls are more important. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
        I’ve read stories of celebrities in America who chose to walk away and nobody hears anything about them again. They know this before they walk away but they rather lose their fame and fortune that lose their souls. One of those people is Lauryn Hill of the fugees. She still performs but not to the level where she once did and sold millions of records. She was signed to Jayz’s record company but left and as a result had so many and still has so many legal problems with them and is in and out of court all the time. You’ve probably already heard this song from Lauryn Hill but I’ll leave you with it because it says a lot about the state of the entertainment world but also the world at large. God help us not to get involved with the Illuminati by not listening to their music, watching their movies, listening to their politicians etc. Only God can truly protect us because these people have so much money and power to get what they want but luckily many people’s eyes are being opened and they are not being fooled anymore.
        I’m sorry for saying too much but I can’t help it when it comes to this subject.

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      okay, I think they are indeed involved, but only as a medium to spread, there is a more powerful person ‘behind’ them. in other words, they are only slaves.
      fyi, SNSD and TVXQ are under the same agency, SM entertainment 🙂

      • Naomi said:

        I agree that jyj are involved and are only slaves as indeed are some others from all the different Kpop agencies are. Like Kpop infiltrated said their situation is still not an improvement except for better pay. If they wanted to leave occultism altogether they would have quit the entertainment industry completely.
        The powers that be behind the scenes are people we don’t know or see but if you mess with them just once, the price might be the loss of one’s life.
        Do you think perhaps jyj fought it for a while but because of ambition decided to go back? I have a feeling its one of the many disagreements they had Yunho and Changmin. I could be wrong of course. Which ever we look at it, its all very sad because occultism is pure satanism and evil especially at the top, even though they try to dress it up as anything but…

    • aear said:

      Umm dude the last one is like totally a holy sign. There isn’t just one religion in this world and not every non-christian religion is satanism. smh. The last pose by Jaejoong is the pose done by Sadhus who starve themselves sometimes for decades for enlightenment… (or something similar). The eye one… I don’t know why that was. But the last one is totally not fishy.

      • Naomi said:

        No. All those signs (including the last one) are pagan and satanic and are not fishy to me because I know what side JYJ chose. Jaejoong isn’t a hindu let alone a sadhu. Is he starving himself for enlightenment? If you’d asked yourself these questions it would be fishy to you. All pagan signs and symbols have meanings and spiritual implications to them. He was along with the other JYJ members passing on a message to those in the know. It was done deliberately and is no coincidence.
        Christianity isn’t one religion. It has different religions with different doctrines.This isn’t about Christianity vs paganism. Its about truth vs falsehood. Believe it or not some Christian religions are steeped in paganism just as much as non Christian religions. However non Christian religions are not of God and the Satanists know this. That is why they use signs and symbols from all pagan religions from around the world.

  2. undeluded said:


    We have a mountain of evidence which tells us that, if there is a ‘god’, he’s one of the most disgusting, twisted, heartless beings imaginable.
    If you happen to be referring to the biblical god, there’s more like five mountains of evidence.

    By deciding to wait around for a god to fix things, you’re doing exactly what these people want.
    These evil humans need to be taken out of power by the good humans and that’s all there is to it.
    Start brainstorming.

    • Naomi said:


      I believe in God and there is also a mountain of evidence that shows He exists in nature, history, science, archeology etc. If you don’t believe in Him that is your choice however respect my beliefs choices and my opinions whether you agree with them or not. I also did not say that I am waiting for God to fix things so you obviously misunderstood my sentiments which I’m not going to bother to explain.
      I believe with prayer, faith and trust in Him, God can and protect us from the dark powers of this world which by the way are in this world because of satan, so we don’t compromise our morals, beliefs and principles for power, fame and money. By having a relationship with God, you become aware of what is important in this world and the reality of where its heading.

      Your wrong to say about my God that He is disgusting, twisted, and heartless. I don’t use derogatory words(especially with people’s beliefs and who they worship) to put down and belittle them because I think I have the high ground because of my opinions and beliefs. If you feel your better than me that’s one thing, but to use such words to describe the Person I worship is honestly very rude.

      So I think its you who needs to start brainstorming mainly about being polite to everyone, their faiths, beliefs and who they worship, even when you don’t agree with them. You need to learn some manners first even on the internet where your anonymous.
      This is a subject I have known about for almost ten years now and I assure you I have been brainstorming about it since then. Making people aware of God is the only way to go. No other way is gonna work and believe me many people have tried and continue trying but without God its useless. That doesn’t mean I’m suggesting we lie down and let God do all the work either. God likes people of action and it through people that we are getting to find out the evils that are happening in the music industry, politics, business etc.


      • Harrison said:

        What “undeluded” said was right on the money.
        Sorry Naomi, but you sound like a fucking moron.
        Snap the fuck out of it.
        Be a good-hearted, peaceful person on your own.
        You don’t need the fucking bullshit.

  3. Naomi said:


    I am a good-hearted peaceful person who believes and worships God. I don’t care if I’m programmed its my choice and that’s all that matters. So you snap out of it, because you sound exactly like every other atheist out there. Try and say something original and researched, don’t repeat what others say. I don’t follow the crowd and say things that are in fashion. I don’t care how I sound, like I said I’ve known about this subject for ten years and I’m telling you only God can save us from the plans those evil people have planned for this world. No one can fight the evil that envelopes us in the world today except God. I can only spread the word of God and highlight to them the terrible things that will happen to them if they don’t accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and follow Him. We don’t have the power nor do we know the the full extent of the spiritual war at hand. I need God in my life and I will certainly never trust any human being with my soul because we are fickle and mortal amongst other things. When you research secret societies and their beliefs if your bothered, you will find out that they too believe and know about God. They hate Him of course but that;s because they’ve chosen to follow satan and evil.

    The top freemasons over 30 degrees swear their allegiance to the devil who is also satan and Lucifer. Are you going to tell me you believe the devil exists without believing God exists? Now who are some of the famous top freemasons that we know of? I will give you just a few famous names of Presidents of America past and present, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush were all Masonic Presidents of the U.S.A. All these people were/are 30 degrees and over freemasons.

    Albert Pike who is a revered freemason wrote a book called morals and dogma which is found in every masonic lodge, and it says that the person they really worship is Lucifer. The book also says that they deliberately mislead lower degree masons into thinking they are christian, muslim, jewish etc depending on which country they are based in. Any mason above 30 degrees knows who they truly worship. If you bother to research secret societies and their symbols you will find there is always a spiritual side to it, but the evil. In morals and dogma Albert Pike says masonry is identical to ancient mysteries which were all steeped in pagan, satanic mysteries whether it was Babylon, Egypt,Greece, Rome etc. Here is a quote straight from morals and dogma. “Masonry, successor to the Mysteries (Babel, Mythras, Tummuz, Whicka,etc.) still follows the ancient manor of teaching.”
    [ Albert Pike “Morals and Dogma Fellowcraft Degree p.22 ] They use a lot of ancient symbols as their signs today depending on which secret society they belong to.

    By the way there is no leader of any country no matter how small who doesn’t belong to a secret society in the world today. And they are all high up. Some of them belong to more than one secret society. Here is a list of secret societies that many of our prominent politicians, some religious leaders, famous actors, musicians, business men belong to. CRF(council on foreign relations), Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Jesuits, Papacy, Knights of Malta, Kabbala, Skull and Bones, Knights of the Golden Circle, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei and lets not forget the Freemasons. These people as I’m sure you know plan the New world order and plan wars and put in place laws that take away our civil liberties everyday so they can have more control over us. They call us Goyam which means cattle for those of us who are not illuminated like them apparently. These people are so evil that some of the rituals they do are just vile, I can’t bare to think about them. They are satanists to the core. If you bother to research this subject as I’ve done you will find out that these people worship the devil who is a created being rather than God who is the creator of the entire universe. You will find out that rather than me sounding like a “moron” it is you who sounds like one. There are other revered writers of new age thinking such Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Manly P Hall etc and they all know who they worship and say so.
    Its funny because these people don’t like atheists at all. Atheists are about freedom of conscious which they abhor. They want people to follow them without question. Harry, please wake up from your slumber. God exists and so does satan and even the evil leaders of this world know it. Don’t be a follower, most people in this world will be lost because they chose to believe man instead of God. They chose to follow those evil leaders who spoke only what they wanted to hear rather than the truth. The truth is not always pleasant but you rather have it than lies or error mixed with truth for that is still error.

    • dafuq? said:

      Seeing how Christianity can completely fuck a person’s brain like this makes me wonder who the bad guys really are.
      I think the Illuminati might actually be the good guys and the truth has just been distorted by Christians to make them out to be the bad guys.
      I’ve read the bible and the god described in the bible is without a doubt evil as fuck. If you worship that god, you have no right to talk about the “evil” of the Illuminati.

      • Naomi said:

        And that’s all you’ve got to say after reading my comment about what the evil leaders of this world get up to and who they worship? No facts or evidence? No disproving of what I’ve written? Just insults and swearing? How sad. I guess you don’t have much to say and have a limited vocabulary.
        It is clear you don’t know much about the Bible and God otherwise you would not have come to that conclusion at all. The Bible needs study and the holy spirit to be understood and your comment shows how ignorant you are about it. It’s also just as clear you don’t know much about the illuminati and other secret societies otherwise you wouldn’t say “I think the Illuminati might actually be the good guys”. There is a quote that says “Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.” And that is you to a T in this particular subject. You’re not only ignorant about the Bible and God but also about the illuminati and other secret societies therefore your comment is meaningless and useless.

        Here is another quote “It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it.” Everything I’ve written is the truth whether you agree with it or not. That won’t takeaway its truthfulness. Just so you know (if you didn’t already know), there are many christian religions with different beliefs so we are not all the same. Don’t put us all under the same banner but as I said you’re ignorant about the subject.

        Oh and by the way I have every right to talk about just about anything I want to, because there is still freedom of speech at least in the part of the world where I live.
        So in conclusion, on the whole you had nothing important to say at all!!

  4. Lydia said:


    1 Chronicles 21:1-14
    God murders 70,000 innocent people because David ordered a census.

    Your human-concocted god is evil. Pick a new one

    • Naomi said:

      I will pick and choose who I worship because I can, just as you can pick and choose not to worship Him okay!
      I know what happened in the story of David thank you, and God always did things for a reason and a purpose. Besides He has the right to take anyone’s life seeing as He’s the one who created them and gave them life in the first place. You have just gravely misunderstood Him. Read the whole story and don’t take things out of context and you will understand why God did what He did if you’re bothered. Find out for yourself instead of following what other people say or do before you throw one part of the Bible without knowing David’s story and his relationship with God, and God’s relationship with the people of Israel! I dare you.

      • Lydia said:

        Genesis 7:23
        God murders millions of animals because he’s unhappy with humans.

  5. Naomi said:

    Lydia just like dafuq you really don’t know much about the Bible do you? If you want to find out you will if you don’t that’s up to you but don’t come to conclusions about things you know nothing of. The least you can do is try to find out why? The Bible explains itself. Read the whole story about the flood, but also there is another side to being a christian, a side that has to be felt and experienced individually and that is the Holy spirit. You understand God more when the Holy spirit is guiding you and sanctifying you.
    If God hadn’t let the flood happen believe it or not the world would be more evil than it is now. God had to destroy those people for even the little good that we have in the world today. So that there would still be righteous people when Jesus returned.
    In Genesis 6:5 it says “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” God can read hearts and sometimes has to make difficult decisions for the better good of mankind even in this sinful world.
    Genesis 6:6 “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.” He had created a people who were so evil that if He didn’t do something then, I can’t begin to even imagine what state the world would be in given the current state its in. However God did not just destroy the earth, He gave them a period to repent and comeback to Him. For 120 years Noah preached to these people who just laughed in his face. Why? Because no one in those days had ever seen rain. Genesis 2:5-6 “And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”
    Noah built the ark while he was being mocked and some people thought he had gone crazy. They probably had not seen the sea for such a huge vessel to float on either. Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:37 “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” People will be partying, marrying and giving in marriage, etc instead of listening to God’s solemn word through his messengers about Jesus’ soon coming. Jesus will not just come, the Bible states that by the time He comes the whole earth would have heard His word and made a decision where they stand.

    Don’t take one verse out of context of the whole story. Read the whole story of the flood.

    • Lydia said:

      Exodus 12:29
      God murders infants for what their parents did and murders animals for what the Egyptian humans did.

      • Naomi said:

        Lydia if you want me to explain certain parts of the Bible to you, ask me. Otherwise stop wasting your time trying to provoke me. I know who I believe and worship and nothing but nothing will ever change my mind especially as I understand Him and the decisions He made plus I trust and have faith in everything He does because He always has our beat interests at heart. No one cares more than He does. Its not my problem not understanding God, His word and His actions. Its yours.

    • Dr. Chen said:

      This is typical insane Christian behavior.
      Dodging the point and spewing a bunch of shit in an effort to give the impression of a thorough response.
      The point Lydia made is that he murdered millions of animals because of what the humans were doing.
      The animals did absolutely nothing to deserve to be drowned but he drowned them.

      • Naomi said:

        Dr Chen I haven’t dodged the question, already I answered one question about the flood. If Lydia wants me to explain further about some doubts that she has or wants to understand why God made certain decisions we have to do it privately by email perhaps. I don’t want to continue on here because this page is about jyj and the illuminati. I have no problem explaining what I know, I’m just done explaining on here. I’m not a typical christian and I do study the Bible seriously and love talking about it more than anything. Its my favourite subject. Feel free to ask me any questions too but we’ll have to do it privately too, okay!

  6. ordinary kpopers said:

    @naomi, we don’t know about SM and Lee Sooman. But, there’s an issue said that SM is controlled by the CEO, Yoo Youngjin and i don’t know the other :D, Sooman is just the owner. I think SMEnt started to producing the “strange-weird” music videos after Yoo Youngjin became CEO and producer. He produced some album including Tri-Angle (has same MV concept with EXO MAMA), sorry sorry, ring ding dong, mr.simple and many more.
    Honestly, i didn’t know what have i said 😀

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      do you think lee sooman is freemason who has the high level?? hmmm -,-

      • Naomi said:

        I have no conclusive evidence he is a freemason but I suspect he is one and a highly ranked one at that. In fact I read somewhere that he had been given a higher rank recently. I think sadly they’ve indoctrinated Yunho and Changmin too. Tvxq were my favorite group.

  7. Lydia said:


    Genesis 22
    God tells Abraham to murder his son and is very pleased (not upset) when Abraham begins to do so.
    (ie, God likes the kind of people who will murder their kids if he tells them to do so, rather than the kind of people who refuse to do so because it’s wrong)

    • Naomi said:

      I refer you to my reply to Dr Chen above. If you want to continue this discussion please feel free to ask but no more on here.

      • Jen said:

        Why would anyone want to E-mail you when you’ve given such ridiculous responses and proven that you’re either a psychotic who doesn’t mind worshiping an evil god, or you’re so extensively brainwashed that you can’t see that he’s evil.

    • Linda said:

      I’m sorry for interrupting. I will not posting my comment about JYJ illuminati. Otherwise, I will explain a truth behind Lydia’s comment above. Lydia said that God tells Abraham to murder his son (From your Bible). I think it’s only in your religion, not in my religion, Moslem. That is true that God (Allah) tells Ibrahim (you call him Abraham) to sacrifice (not murder) his beloved son named Ismail. But that is not what really happened, because God replaces Ismail with a fat lamb just before it happened. Then Ibrahim butchers the lamb and share it with paupers.

      The messages is God wants us to share with paupers. A slice of lamb meat is very valuable for paupers. God always had a positive reason behind His commands. No offense for other beliefs.
      Thank You…

      * sorry for my bad grammar

  8. ordinary kpopers said:

    are you sure about lee sooman?? oh, Gosh…
    about TVXQ, they were and are still my favorite boyband. i’m still cassiopeia. but…
    i try to ignore about their involvement with illuminati, i just want to enjoy the music, but it’s not easy as i thought because i’ve known about the involvement of illuminati in those musics.

    • Naomi said:

      ordinary kpopers said,
      I’m not sure at all, but that’s what I’ve heard and I suspect its the truth. I am disappointed that kpop is involved, when I first heard about it, I thought they would be free from all that stuff but unfortunately they are no different. I think we have to gradually cut out secular music from our lives although its not easy. Its not good for us at all. I struggle with it but I know I will win the battle with God’s help.

  9. ordinary kpopers said:

    i hope i can do what you said, i have to choose musics carefully that isn’t involved with illuminati. i think it’s hard, entertainment has been involved with illuminati, not just korean, but also west entertainment. not just music, but also films, books, and many more. we have to be vigilant. it’s difficult.

    but, in the end, it’s not about you and me, it’s about God and me. huft -,-

    • ordinary kpopers said:


      • Naomi said:

        @ ordinary kpopers,

        I agree that the entertainment industry world wide is involved with the the illuminati and its hard to cut it out completely.
        I mean these people have messed with everything from education to the food we eat. They want to turn away people’s minds from whats really going on politically, economically, religiously by filling their heads with irrelevant stuff like what some celebrity wore when they were out and about doing whatever. Stuff that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand they are changing laws everyday that takeaway our freedoms drip by drip. By the time most people wake up it will be too late. Your right its about our individual relationship with God. Lets always be vigilant and get closer to God, is my prayer.

  10. Lydia said:

    Leviticus 26:14-39
    God describes the tantrum he’ll have if people don’t obey him.
    It involves such things as causing people to eat their own children and sending wild animals to kill children.

    • Naomi said:

      Lydia Goodbye. I wish you all the best in your life. God bless but I’m done with you.

  11. Naomi said:

    Oh @Jen, its sad that you felt you had to write a reply at all. What did you hope to gain from it? Did you expect me to insult you too? Did you expect me to disrespect your beliefs and opinions as well? What part of what I posted did you not agree with or are you just dismissing everything I wrote because it doesn’t ring true for you. So no disproving, no providing facts just regurgitating the same old thing that everyone has said on here to me except one person. Your reply just appears lazy and with nothing of any significance in it at all. So I ask what was the point? Do you even know hmm? I’ll leave you with a quote, “When you have nothing to say, say nothing.”!! Goodbye.

  12. Lydia said:

    Isaiah 13
    Another God tantrum described.
    God will see to it that the women are raped and children and infants are mercilessly slaughtered

  13. Eman said:

    U can guys check the new Mv of JJ, called Mine, it has all the Illuminati signs ,, why JJ, whY??????????

  14. momo said:

    Jaejoong’s video is so blatant there is no need for explanation. Its just as blatant as Junsu’s tarantallegra. Also tvxq’s recent videos have some symbols and signs in them but not as much as Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s. Its really sad that all five of them are involved with occultism and I think because they’ve been in the business long enough, they know exactly what they are doing. When jyj first left Sm and tvxq I thought they were breaking away from all that but its clear they just didn’t want to be under Sm . They are in no better position than before except as one of the comments states above more pay. They are still puppets to the powers that be I’m afraid. How very sad indeed.

  15. Naomi said:

    Jaejoong’s is one of the worst mv’s I’ve ever seen in terms of occultism. And I have seen very occultic and symbolic mv’s from America and Europe. Its bad, its really bad. If Jaejoong or any jyj members think they are free they are only kidding themselves. They may have left SM but they are puppets all the same. I think jyj have definitely been initiated now and know what the illuminati or freemasons or whatever secret society they are in are all about and who they worship. Its really sad. I hope they wake up and get out because no amount of money or fame is worth selling your soul for.

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark :36.

    Its no coincidence that the mv is the way it is because jyj are not new in kpop and have more control over their music. He’s sending a message to the industry that he’s in the know. When you watch their old mvs from 2010, 2011and the beginning of 2012, they are so tame compared to tarantallegra and mine. I think jyj tried to shun that side of things but found out very quickly that its hard to progress to the next level without getting involved with whatever secret society they are involved in. I suppose its hard to quit the music industry altogether after working so hard for all those years but I wish they had just quit the industry and left.

  16. Juliet said:

    Did u guys listen to the lyrics of one kiss ? “At the narrowed cross roads u put wings on me and showed me the way to go to heaven” of course it’s easy to tell that he’s talking about a person who helped him convert to a religion, possibly Christianity, “narrowed cross roads” he’s referring to the cross of Christ. “You put wings on me and showed me the way to go to heaven” does that sound like satanism to u? There’s more to this metaphoric song than what it lets on but I’d rather not go on.

  17. Naomi said:

    Whatever the lyrics say in one kiss, the mine mv shows us which side Jaejoong stands on. After watching it once (that’s more than enough), there is no doubt what its all about sadly.

    • Jaejoong's Princess said:

      Everything you said about the bible, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit is all true. These people have no clue that God, the Holy Spirit is speaking to them and answering their questions through you and to minister to them about the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sigh…..(nods) oh well. God gave us a free will to before or not. I choose Jesus and life. About JYJ……

      Why dose JYJ have to go there? They are my favorite artist on the planet and they just had to go that way. Not just them, but other Korean artist as well. All I listen too is Korean and Japanese music and Christian too. I was waiting all day and night the day Jaejoong mv came out. I was shock at the concept he had for the mv. Jaejoong didn’t pick that dark satanic concept for his mv. He said the concept came from Kim Bada because Kim Bada wrote the mine song. The vampires, owls,black wolves and other stuff came from him not Jaejoong.

      I am not gonna lie, but Jaejoong mine mv was epic and Junsu mv was just awesome and different. A concept you don’t see in Korean pop music video’s. I had a hard time ignoring it especially Jaejoong mine, even though I knew good well I shouldn’t be watching that kind of stuff as a Christian, but I did it because JYJ are my favorite #1 artist in the whole wide world. I watch anything with JYJ in it. I have been a fan of them when they were DBSK back around 2006/7. A long time.

      So it’s not hard for me to just give it up like that and not listen to them anymore, but I am trying with the help of the Holy Spirit little by little. When I first saw Jaejoong teaser introducing mine and one kiss songs, I had no idea that the MV was going to be dark and gothic. It sounded like happy rock with a jrock feel and sound like an opening to an anime.

      I watched it all night long over(I believe 4 hours straight) and over the day it came out. My heart was beating fast and felt crummy in the stomach when I watched it the first few hours. I believe it was the Holy Spirit telling me not to watch it, but I ignore him and kept watching it. Weeks later a JYJ fan from the internet that I didn’t know bought me Jaejoong mine album. My first Korean album!!! I was so happy to get my hands on that album.

      Months later, I encountered a demon. It appeared in front me when I got up from bed and it pushed my head back down on my bed.The demon told me in his demonic terrifying voice to keep listening to JYJ and a few others I don’t remember because I was too busy thinking about JYJ as the demon throwing cd cases in my in my face. The first case he threw in my face demonically was my Jaejoong mine album. I am thinking what is so bad about JYJ. Look at what kind of people they are and there personalities. They are nice, kind, caring, thinking of others and giving away money to people of need and organizations. They say they are Christians. Their music has no satanic lyrics, no hidden witch language in their songs that means something else, no profanity, cussing or whatever. Just no nothing. I’m confuse.

      After that encounter, I told my parents and they were saying I might have to give some things up. I told them there was nothing bad about them and Jae’s mv was just a concept to express himself and what he went through. My said mom, “for all we know, they could be secretly be into something Satanic, witchcraft or into occult and don’t even know it”. I cried for hours that day. I haven’t listen to any JYJ (only DS5K) and haven’t watched Jaejoong mine for a while, but then I started to watched Jaejoong mine and started listening to JYJ songs again, but only a little.

      April and Wayne show on youtube made a Kpop Illuminati expose and they expose some Satanic stuff and the meaning in Jaejoong’s mine mv and other artist mv. I was sad watching it. I am trying to give up Korean, Japanese, anime and other types of music and things, but it’s too hard. I love Korea’s style of music and suit my taste in music. I like Jaejoong and his voice and he is good looking. I know I can let them, kpop and other things I am interested go with the help of the Holy Spirit little by little. I will still love Jaejoong, even if I am not listening to him. I will be praying for him, other JYJ members for their souls, salvation and they will know Christ and live for him, repent and turn from sin. I just can’t see my Jaejoong, JYJ period in Hell. Hell is only made for Satan and his demons, but sadly people choose to go there by rejecting the only way to Heaven Jesus Christ.

      • Naomi said:

        I don’t come here much anymore but today I thought I would just check and see if there were any new comments. I was led here by the holy spirit today I believe. I don’t know what to say to you because I’m still in shock about your comment especially the demon part. Right now I’m reading a book about the occult invasion in the world today and how its being promoted in the media, christian religions, the music and film industry, Tv (even in children’s cartoons and programs), etc. They call it spiritual formation in christian churches, but it has different forms like yoga, breath prayer, centering prayer, etc. Its based on eastern religions mainly Hinduism and Buddhism. They ask you to chant something over and over again until your mind is empty. They keep chanting repetitive words which is banned in the Bible.

        Matthew 6:7,8 “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
        8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him”.

        Anyway you chant for a while until your mind is empty which can lead to a spirit or demon entering your mind and controlling you and they are not easy to let go once they are in. Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t believe its coincidence that you’ve written your comment at this time when I’m reading a book connected to the very subject. I have never encountered demons and never want to but if its telling you to do something, you do the exact opposite. There is no good found in them. All they do is destroy. However like you I struggle with secular music especially kpop. I have lost some interest but I want to lose all interest. I want the things of this world to have no more meaning to me except if it has to do with God. We have to draw closer to God, read His word, pray and fast more, even more than we do now. When we keep our minds and hearts focused on Jesus there is no way the devil can haunt us. We are not supposed to empty our minds, its the most dangerous thing to do.

        I was a fan of all five boys before they broke up and when they split I started to wonder why exactly they split. Jyj contradicted themselves so much and yet on the other hand Yunho and Changmin didn’t say much. I thought jyj wanted to leave Sm because they didn’t want to be involved with the occultism that inevitably you have to be a part of if you want to progress in the music industry to the next level. I thought jyj were fighting to get out and tvxq chose not to fight it. But like I say in one of my comments, if jyj wanted nothing to do with occultism at all they would have quit the industry all together. All mvs of both jyj and tvxq have occult symbolism in them. There is no mistaking what Jaejoong’s one kiss mv is all about. Its just so blatant. I wish it was just a concept but its not. How can they all be concepts with the same symbology in all those mvs in kpop and around the world? Its clear they are paying homage to Satan. Some know it and some don’t but jyj definitely know. They’ve been in the business long enough. The same goes for tvxq. That doesn’t mean they are not kind or caring. A lot of the time when artists get involved in the occult they’ve been in the industry a while and they are told if they don’t progress further they’ll lose everything including their vast incomes and fame. These are people who’ve trained hard for years before they debut and work even harder after they debut to succeed in the cut throat music industry. To be put in a position where they could lose all that after all the sweat and blood they’ve put into their careers is hard to do. Plus maybe they think ‘what else can we do? This is all we know’. Its scary to let go of something you love so much and to start your life from scratch all over again.

        Many of them say they are Christians but like the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. Their actions not words, show what kind of people they are and what their thoughts are really. We shouldn’t just accept how idols portray themselves to their fans and to the media. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes and of course we don’t really know them at all.

        The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 18:10-13; “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you. You shall be blameless before the LORD your God.”
        The book of Isaiah 2:6- You, LORD, have abandoned your people, the descendants of Jacob. They are full of superstitions from the East; they practice divination like the Philistines and embrace pagan customs.

        When people become involved in occultism they have to do rituals to progress to higher levels. The higher they get the more disgusting the rituals get. God makes it clear He finds such things abominable. He loves us very much but he hates our sins. If we come to Him and repent with humbleness and meekness, He will forgive us. If we choose to follow and obey His commandments rather that man made and satanic traditions we will be saved and have eternal life with Him forever and ever.
        Revelation 14:12- Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
        I pray like you that jyj and tvxq find God and repent of their sins and get out of the industry completely. Even though that means their fans won’t see or hear of them, as long they’ve got their relationship with God straight. That’s all that matters especially in these times that we are living in. Things are going to get worse in the world in every way (as the Bible prophesies) and sin must come to fruition but as long as we have God, we have everything we need. I pray that you and I can fully trust God to loose the hold that kpop has on us completely so we can get closer to Him in the name of Jesus.

    • Jaejoong's Princess said:

      Thank you for taking the time to reply back. Me encountering that demon is all true. That is not the first time I encountered a demon. I been seeing demons for almost three years. I can’t even count how many times. A lot have to with the anointing on my life and what God is going to use for to win souls for Jesus and a little to do with, I guess inviting in with the music I listen and anime I watch. What I go through is %100 real and I am not even lying. I seen words on the wall, they chock me when I called on Jesus for the one time, they move my body around, they be up all on my face, they paralyze me, and they talk to me, but I can’t understand them.

      The only time I understood a demon speaking to me in English is when this one demon told me to keep listening to JYJ months ago. All the other time were demon talk. They zip my mouth because I call on Jesus and they do not want to hear his name. I have to say it in my mind. I don’t believe JYJ are into Illuminati because they would have to be up under somebody else telling them what to do, how to do it, write their songs, and come up with theme for the music video. JYJ went through some mess with SM and I know they wouldn’t be up under a company again telling them what to do.

      JYJ are independent artist up under no company free to do what they want, how they want, write their own songs and down rights t their songs. Beside Illuminati offers people fame and money who don’t have it and want to make it to the top in the industry.

      JYJ already had fame and were top stars in all Asia. What JYJ need the Illuminati for? Maybe they’re into like you and my mom said maybe into occult or witchcraft. I don’t know why they would be into something when they have everything. If they were in the Illuminati shouldn’t they they be on TV and other types of media and do a lot of stuff and not be banned in South, Korea? I don’t think they into Illuminati.

      They are doing some other stuff. I don’t know what to think. I just can’t imagine people like JYJ to be a part of some Satanism group, but I could be wrong. Korean music is the only music I listen too and I wish it wasn’t tainted from all this Satanic stuff. I listen to a lot of Christian music Juanita Bynum, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, Heavenese, Tye Tribute, Shirley Murdock, and more along with the Hosana collection from the 90’s on tape. I like to listen to other types of music like love songs, orchestra, Kpop and other types of music.

      • Naomi said:

        Hey, thank you for replying me too.

        If you’re encountering demons as much as that then you’ll know there is nothing good about them. Demons are fallen angels who were thrown out of heaven with Satan after rebelling against God.

        Revelation 12:7-9
        7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
        8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
        9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

        The Bible says 1/3 of all the angels were cast out of heaven with the Devil. That is millions of evil angels on this planet right now. There is no good found in them and if they tell you to do something, it’s most definitely not of God. So if the demon is encouraging you to listen to jyj, that should mean only one thing I’m afraid. That jyj are up to no good. No demon will tell you to listen to people who are righteous and obey God’s commandments. They hate such people with a passion. The demons and the Devil know they are going to hell and want as many people as they can lure to go to hell with them. They know this hurts God very much especially as he sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins so that we don’t have to go to hell. Hell is really only for the Devil and his minions.

        I know you’re a fan of jyj and you love them but you’ve watched Jaejoong’s video and it spells it out doesn’t it? Its not a concept and the message is loud and clear. The issues they had with Sm are complicated and we don’t really know why they left.

        Jyj aren’t as independent as they portray themselves to be. If they were they wouldn’t be involved in whatever occultism they are involved with. Illuminati waits for someone to get some semblance of fame then they ask you to join them or you lose all the fame you’ve got. At that point if you want to get more famous you join them or you get out. Some people are caught early and some later but the result is the same. They like talented people who they can use to perform their bidding to brainwash and distract the mainstream population and draw them away from God.

        Jyj did have fame but they were also about to lose it due to their issues with Sm. Their fame to this day is not what it was and it’s less than tvxq’s even though they are not as famous too. As people we are never content with what we have in life. We always want more. It may seem to you that jyj had everything but they didn’t. Nobody does in this world. Don’t forget that Sm the company they were fighting, is powerful and Lee Soo Man is a top occultist. So it wasn’t going to be easy for jyj to get on tv or music shows. Jyj annoyed a lot of people and Sm has a lot of friends in high places. I personally think jyj working at all in Korea is because they are involved in something otherwise their careers would have ended completely if Sm had any say in it.

        I know you don’t want to think of jyj being involved in the Illuminati/occultism but we have to face certain facts. They are not exempt and their videos say something else. I stopped a long time ago trusting and believing people I don’t know (its hard enough trusting those we do know). I certainly don’t take them at face value anymore. We can never know what people get up to in their private time. Jyj are grown men and are not innocent. I believe they are involved in some way. I still have this lingering feeling that they tried to fight it when they first left but gave in, in the end or they would’ve lost everything they’d worked hard for over the years.

        Unfortunately kpop is tainted. Its getting increasingly worse. Illuminati symbols seems to be in almost all their videos. I don’t watch them anymore but I see pictures and its so sad.

        I’m also weary of some christian preachers and musicians too. Not all of them are what they claim to be.
        Matthew 7:15
        Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

        Some of them are working for the dark side and pushing their agenda onto gullible Christians who believe their every word. The Illuminati has infiltrated Christianity too. Just because they are Pastors or musicians doesn’t mean you should automatically just believe them. Research them and find out if they bear the right fruit. Are they preaching according to the word of God and only the word of God?

        I Know I’ve said too much but somehow I just felt compelled. God bless.

      • Jaejoong's Princess said:

        Hi again!!!

        Do you have a facebook? I would like to be friends. Yes, you are right. There are some Christians who are not real Christians and pastors who are not right. And the only way to discern these things is the spirit of discernment from the Holy Spirit to distinguish between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error, between holiness and evil in things and people.
        So do you think it’s okay to still listen to JYJ other stuff besides Mine and their old stuff too? I still listen to DBSK balloons, Bolero, a whole new world, Jaejoong living like a dream and a lot more. I just don’t watch Jaejoong mine anymore. I feel like that demon was just saying that to scare me or just saying that to make me feel miserable. I don’t give a hoop what that stupid demon said to me. It was trying to take my happiness and what I like away from me. I keep asking the Holy Spirit can I still listen to Korean music? Songs like Greetings from J Rabbit is not that bad and has nothing in the lyrics. I asked him to at least give me a answer in a dream. Can I still like Jaejoong and listen to some of his songs, but I got no answer. Not yet, but I am still waiting.

        If I have to give them up, I wish I never had any interest in Korean, Japanese, interest in east Asian cultures and media and other foreign music and I wish I never knew Jaejoong and JYJ. I rather not know they exist then to know them and give them up. I can easily let go of the other Korean artist except for JYJ and Jaejoong. I really like them so much and they are my ideal type of guy and what I look for in a guy. They so attractive and awesome people. Jaejoong is the other half of me with similar personalities. A boy version of me. These other Christians who be doing Illuminati in Kpop and other music like Rap music, country and so on are saying to only listen to Christian music and give up secular music. You have to be careful with even Christians music because some are not right. Sometimes I like to listen to other then Christian music you know. It seems like everything I like and my interest has some kind of evil in it and it’s not fair. The cosplay I do, the things I watch, and anime cons I attend, the video games I play, and the music I listen too.

        One day, I was so angry I ripped up a lot of my anime poster and my only JYJ poster. I ripped it to pieces. People keep telling me that I need to to give some things up some things and my mom was telling how I couldn’t give up something for Jesus I think. I don’t remember what we argued months ago, but after that I told God that I can give up anime and Kpop for you and I’ll prove it. I snatched a lot of my anime posters I had for years and some given to me by my friend and my JYJ posters I recently bought and ripped it to pieces out of anger and I was crying too. I also ripped and destroyed my armor Al costume I worked really hard to make (I make costumes that look pro and a character from Fullmetal Alchemist) I made out of shiny paper with Vic Mignogna (voice actor of Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist) signature on it. I was seconds from smashing my Jaejoong album and ripping the pages off, but I didn’t. I like my Jae album. It’s the only Kpop thing I have. After that, I cried hard for days under my pillow in my room when nobody was home. I realize what I did was wrong, told God I was sorry and I repented for what I did.

        That’s how angry I get when I have to give up something I extremely like. I don’t want to go to Hell for watching anime, listening to Korean and Japanese music, creating anime costumes and attending anime cons and stuff, but it’s hard to give it up because of my interest and I grew up with it too. I just wish I never into anything I like. I asked Jesus dose he know what it is to like to like something and have to give it up? Dose he know how I feel? I ask that because Jesus went through a lot stuff we go through so he feel our pain and understand us, but has he ever liked something so much for so many years and he had to give it up and live with out it forever? I don’t think he ever experience that and know how I feel.

  18. Someone said:

    Naomi, I can feel that you are a good person. Keep the faith, keep up the good work & never give up. May God bless you dear. Thank you for your efforts & hardworks in exposing these people (Illuminati) and also for taking the time (& pain?) to explain to each and every dissent regarding God & Illuminati.

  19. Naomi said:

    Hey Jaejoong’s Princess,

    I greet you in the name of Jesus. I do have a facebook but I’m never on there. Maybe we can communicate by email. I would love it if we can do that. The way to distinguish between truth and error is by reading the Bible and praying daily. By finding out what God wants for us and obeying His commandments not man’s traditions.
    I think you already know its not okay to listen to other songs of Jaejoong, jyj or indeed any other secular music in kpop and the world at large. If we know that the things these people do are not of God then we should have nothing to do with them at all. Its not easy and we can’t do it by ourselves but with God’s help we can overcome it. Like I said demons are very serious in what they do. They want to destroy all human beings. They want us to go to hell that is for them and the devil. They know the price Jesus paid at Calvary when He died for our sins. They see how much Jesus loves us and how much he gave up just to save us. They know it will hurt Jesus to lose so many people to hell because they chose not to accept His dying on the cross for our sins. In the book of Isaiah he calls it God’s strange act. It will indeed be strange God sending all those people to hell, but sin must come to an end. If the demon is telling you to do something please take it seriously. They certainly do and want your soul destroyed forever.

    I also wish I hadn’t gotten interested in kpop. But sadly we have but we have found out what they are up to and now we have to cut ourselves off from it. We have to start with baby steps and cut things out gradually until we lose complete interest. We can do it in the name of Jesus. All we have to do is trust and believe Him and for the Holy Spirit to sanctify us.

    Many christian leaders and musicians are part of the Illuminati. They are doing it for their own ambitions to gain more fame and money but also to push Satan’s agenda to the people as well. They’ve been doing it for years The Illuminati want to have complete power over us. They have changed so many laws and continue to change them everyday that have taken away our civil liberties. We know what they are doing in the music and movie industries. They’ve messed with education, the food we eat, medication, media etc. But you know God is working and people are waking up and finding out what these people are up to. They are going back to their Bibles and finding out that a lot of the things these pastors are preaching are not biblical and are in fact against the word of God. Many people are turning to God instead of man. Like the apostle Peter says in the book of Acts 5:29 “Then Peter, and the other Apostles answered, and said, We ought to obey God rather then men.” We should be like the Bereans the Apostle Paul talks about in Acts 17:11 “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” The Bereans didn’t just listen to what Paul said and believed him, they searched the scriptures for themselves to see if what he said was according to the word of God. “So many today are content to accept most anything and in so doing they are not like the Bereans. We are admonished to: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (I Thessalonians 5:21).” We should believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (I John 4:1). Anyone who is sincere does not object to his teaching being examined by the scriptures as to whether those things are so.

    I can see how angry you were to give up the things that you love so much. I too struggle in giving up the things I love. We know its wrong to hold onto those things but those things have such a strong hold over us don’t they? Jesus does know more than anyone what it means to give up everything for those he loves. Jesus who is God, came on this earth to sacrifice his life for our sins. This is how much He loved us. He did it so that we wouldn’t have to die and suffer forever for our sins if we chose Him as our personal Savior. No one has sacrificed everything the way Jesus did at the cross. So He more than anyone understands what it means to give up something that He loves. What He went through on the cross can’t be fully understood by us. So Jesus has experienced and felt it but because He loved us, He sacrificed His life for us. I don’t think for all eternity we will ever understand just how great a sacrifice it was. All we have to do is pray earnestly and He will answer our prayers. He lived on this earth just like and was tempted in all points like us. He understands, trust me, more than we do.

    • Jaejoong's Princess said:

      My youtube name is JaejoongPrincess. Look me up there and I’ll PM my email. I have been….I guess convicted too many times about I have to give up some things. I even heard it today in church, in person and from my parents. I was in deliverance class today at church and I told my teacher the other day my room was filled with I believe roaches or ants the size of roaches crawling really fast and I was sleeping on the floor in front of them. I turned on the light and they were gone. My teacher told me that have to get rid of some things because I opened doors for them.

      I guess I have to give up everything I like. More like giving up interest in Asian culture media and pop culture period. My mom was telling me that the Holy Spirit might have me give up this or that or the whole thing permanently. My dad says God might have you give up something for 2 years and might be able able to go back to it and not be caught up in it like before and sometimes he tell people to give up certain things to test them and see if they will be obedient. I really don’t know what God wants me to do at all. I keep asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking if I can’t watch this, listen to this and do this, can I watch still watch that, listen to that and do that?

      I been asking for months and I still got no answer and I am still waiting for it. I’m just about to give the whole thing up just to be on the safe side. Now I have no interest and no favorite of anything anymore and my room full of anime stuff will be empty with no character and theme. Now I’ll have nothing to say when people ask what I like to do, ask whats my hobby or who is my favorite artist and so on. I can’t talk to my friends anymore about the stuff I was into and the stuff I watch. My cousin is going to give me her big ipod for me to have. My first ipod and now I finally have a device where I can watch my more Japanese and korean stuff like music videos and movies when ever I go.

      There is no point of me accepting that ipod now.

  20. Hi there… To tell the truth.. i really don’t want to accept this..But there’s really too much coincidence….
    I found out something but i’m not sure whether or not it is related to the freemasonry.. where i tried to sum-up the birthday (date) numbers of Jaejoong (1+9+8+6+0+1+2+6), Junsu (1+9+8+6+1+5+1+2)..etc; and these are my results:

    Jaejoong = 33
    Junsu = 33
    Yoochun = 34
    U-know = 32
    Max = 37

    Hyuna = 33
    Lady Gaga = 37
    *I put in lady gaga as she is quite a famous example in freemasonry thingy..

    Then Google tells me that these numbers are ALL related to the freemasonry…
    Are these really just a coincident..? Or…it’s actually another prove that they are related…???

    • Naomi said:

      I know all kind of numbers have meaning in freemasonry and occultism in general. They are all for evil purposes of course, but I don’t know if the numbers of their names mean anything. All know is you can tell by the signs and symbols in their mv’s what they are really involved in. Sometimes even the lyrics they sing tell us a lot. The longer they’ve been in the business, then its highly likely they know what they are doing.

  21. Princess KiKI said:

    I am heart broken. I thought JYJ were the good guys.

    • Jaejoong's Princess said:

      They are still good people. They are good people under Satanic influences or puppets whatever they got themselves in.

  22. Princess KiKI said:

    I guess you can’t believe in anyone but Jesus .

  23. tays said:

    hey Naomi, someone, jaejoong’s princess and all the kind people out there
    I feel so heartened to see people fighitng against this force with clear faith and not just mere words, for words will falter under the evil that is seeping into our world bit by bit. with faith, the Holy Spirit will protect us and warn us for God knows it all.

    Lovely people, please continue fighting, for the values taught by God are all good. Fight for the knowledge that the ignorant ones lack. Clearly, the occult is so successful now, so much so that people don’t just turn their faces away from faith, they also spit at it. Pray for those who needs to be saved, not only the ones perpetuating the satanic culture, but also the ones who accepted it without any resistance. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one praying for jaejoong and all who are under that influence. they are nice people. I like jaejoong before he gets sucked in to this extent. i liked his character, and honestly its just his character that attracted me, and then its his way of conveying emotions in his songs. great talent there, i just hope that he will be saved and use the extraordinary talent for God.

    God bless you, all of you. 🙂

    • Jaejoong's Princess said:

      Hi Tays!!! I love your comment here!!! I will keep praying for Jaejoong again. I haven’t been listening to JYJ for 7 months now. I listen to their old stuff like My little princess, beautiful and so on. I just mostly listen to ost from korean drama. I did drew a huge portrait of Jaejoong last year and I want to send it to him. I am ordering Jaejoong a Christian chic tract in (korean version) this weekend and the title is called ” this was your life.” I will finally mail it to him this week. This is my way of sharing the gospel with Jaejoong and I hope he will get save by reading that tract. Plus he enjoys reading manga/comics anyway lol!!!

    • Naomi said:

      You’re welcome. Let us continue to be vigilant. God bless too.

  24. AromieL said:

    Keep up the great work, Naomi and others! You are so knowledgeable. I am only just awakening to these realizations myself, having lost interest in kpop many years ago but I still have some CDs lying around that I need to get rid of. Something about the music and videos always disturbed me; I didn’t know why but now I do. So shocking today to learn that some of my favourite artists that I grew up with were singing illuminati influenced songs more than a decade ago…probably started a lot before that too. Anyway, your courage and boldness for speaking up for the faith is an inspiration! 🙂

  25. . said:

    ITT: Brainwashed Christians playing detective and failing miserably.

  26. susan said:

    I just read this thread that started three years ago…I am sad to hear about JYJ being involved in this Illuminati stuffs. I am thankful for Naomi and Jaejong Princess(or did you changed your name already? ) and even the rest for sharing your thoughts and experiences and even the Word of God here. I am also a Christian for more than a decade now. In fact , I am feeling the guilt of becoming a KPOP fan knowing all those Illuminati stuffs and how it is manipulating the world even before…I believe that it is not an accident that I end up here… For the others who think that this page is just some ‘religious stuffs’ and something laughable, maybe it is not accident too that you end up here like me, i pray that you still read and learn something from here….after reading these I thank God that I learned a lot beyond what we are actually seeing, It is just an eye opening for us…All I can think right now is to pray, pray, pray…and Thank You everyone GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! GOD BLESS JYJ!!! GOD BLESS TVXQ!!!!

  27. Anonimous said:

    Supposedly celebrities are part of some games of forces that we barely know of, it is not their choice.For them, it’s just entertainment-they are being instructed at every step how to smile, what hand gestures to use, they are being trained and they’re told it’s all gonna be entertaining, it’ll help them as idols, it’ll help their music reach their fans.I am sure if they are being used by occult forces, they have no clue.They’re innocent and at most, I feel sorry for them.I found this blog post after having seen Jaejoong’s new tattoo, that honestly left me speechless and a bit(okay, I’ll admit, a little bit much more) scared.What does that tattoo mean to him?Why did he get it?It just all baffled me.So I searched for an answer and found this blog…
    Well, I hope that our boys are okay nonetheless(I’m a JYJ fan, before that I was a DBSK fan) and I will continue supporting them in their artistic endeavours.As for occult stuff, I hope the more positive energy these artists receive from fans, the less the occult will have influence on them.Hoping for the best.

  28. dbsk said:

    Anonimous, celebrities are only innocent at the beginning of their careers to lets say about five years in. After ten years in the business like TVXQ and JYJ, there is no way they do not know what is going on. Staying in the entertainment industry will not bring them positive energy. Nothing about the Illuminati and satanism is positive although its packaged that way for the masses. Their only choice is to leave the entertainment industry and have a relationship with God. That’s what we all need in the world today. To cut ties with anything that takes us away from God, and asks us to compromise our beliefs in everything we do.

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