[Quick Post] SNSD & Illuminati

YoonA's hidden eye.

Tiffany's Mickey Mouse Ears

Pretty damn obvious

The hoot music video

That concludes this quick post!

  1. ordinary kpopers said:

    what i have to do as kpopers??? give me advice please…

    • Uwaaa said:

      Me Too..

    • Thelilanon said:

      Stop being a fan of them 😦 its satanic. Im sorry to say this. If urre a fan of them you will as well worship what they worship. My friendss had a same problem. I told them about this but they wont listen. As time goes by, their starting to talk about kpop 24/7!! At school lessons, bathroom, freakinn everywhere! It started to consume their mind. They lose track bout what they want to do (their dreams etc) their dreams right now is something that had to do with kpop 😦 all i hope is someday they’ll realize and awaken and free. I know it wont be easy to stop idolize on them, but if u believe in God, pray / ask Him to able you. Bcs illuminati is Dangerous. It control people. U might end up like lady gaga’ fans. Stop b4 its too late

  2. Fishyfish said:

    the “666” handsign has thousand signs like “OK” and in one of f(x)’s music videos, the hands are just symbol for sunglasses.

  3. Eman said:

    Thank you so much, it doesn’t get more obvious than that… Alll the SM entertainement family and YG, plus u have 4minutes and Beast… and now Kim Jaejoong T_T ….so sad, i am a big fan of KPOp..

  4. Allysa said:

    I dont believe it…more proofs..

  5. christian leonor said:

    no they are not illuminati more explination im the fan of snsd so dont complain

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