Super Junior’s Donghae’s occult t-shirt

Here is Donghae wearing a t-shirt with overt occult imagery. This is as obvious as night and day.  Why is he wearing the shirt? Did he buy it himself or as fans will probably say “the stylist just told him to wear it”? This appears to be an informal gathering with no photographers around.  Why would he chose to wear this shirt? Why did he chose to buy that shirt?

What's really ironic about this photo is that he's standing beside a supposedly very conservative, very devout Christian.

There's no need for an explanation.

  1. poo said:

    do you have friends?

  2. Name (required) said:

    Keep in mind that Christianity is theirs.
    It’s one of their tools.
    They use it to help produce people who are easy to manipulate and control.
    They are currently in the process of replacing Buddhism in South Korea because Buddhism doesn’t produce drones quite the way Christianity does.
    Choi Siwon is one of the celebrities being used to spread Christianity.
    Many of these celebrities really believe they’re ‘bringing people to Jesus’.
    They have no idea that Jesus is a fictional character and they have no idea who’s really fueling the Christian organizations, or why they’re fueling them.

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      in essence, all religions oppose the illuminati. illuminati placed their important person in every religion and duty to beat from within.

    • qwerty said:

      Of course not. One of Illuminati’s goals is to destroy Christianity. Illuminati people are of Satan and are therefore, rebels against Jesus Christ.

      • Pam said:

        The Illuminati know that Satan and Jesus are both fictional biblical characters. They don’t worship Satan or any other imaginary deity.
        They were painted as both Satan worshipers and communists by rival organizations that were looking to rally the masses against them.
        The true goal of the Illuminati appears to be the discovery of the truth, therefore I have trouble seeing what interest they would have in manipulating people via music videos. It’s more likely that this manipulation is the work of the organization behind the events of 9/11 and 7/7 … the organization that is currently using the US military and UK military to invade other countries and murder innocent people. We don’t know what name that organization uses but we know it exists.

      • Elle said:

        Exactly. There’s a reason why they use the *cross* and put it upside down. They never use other religious symbols in kpop, rap or metal rock etc. Lets not fool ourselves.

      • Elle said:

        I was agreeing with QWERTY.

  3. ordinary kpopers said:

    Siwon is a person who believes in God, he is unlikely to engage in the illuminati, although, there are members of Super Junior embrace atheism. but I think there is a more powerful party behind them. they are just media disseminators, the evidence, everything they need provided by the company (SM Entertainment), including clothes. Two possibilities, they don’t know about the illuminati or they had already signed a binding contract. it’s just my opinion 🙂

  4. :) said:

    don’t forget the mouse ears.

    • :) said:

      how embarrassing. i just realized you said “no need for explanation.” not sure what i was thinking…

  5. wickywickywicked said:

    Hey I really like your blog. I know to some who don’t want to see/hear it, this all seems absurd, but if people are willing to really be honest with themselves you can’t deny it.
    I mean, look at his t-shirt. It doesn’t get any more occultic than that. And chances are, he has no idea what he’s wearing, his stylist probably just gave it to him.
    Anyways, as a Korean American expat I am concerned about the brainlessness of kpop today. Not only is it shallow, it musically sucks.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let this stuff bring you down. Stay up man.

  6. abcde said:

    the shirt?! what…you mean, we won’t have freedom to buy any shirt we want?! you know to be really sure that this fact your talking about is really fact. why don’t you ask them first!
    because signs doesn’t always tell the truth!
    signs doesn’t always prove that the proof is the correct proof!

  7. passing by said:

    I don’t know if Donghae is Illuminati or not, but if he is, he has to be pretty dumb to wear that shirt.

    See that’s UNIF T-shirt ( You Are Not In Fashion), designed by Eric Espinoza, who has a mind of a 5yo child … and man he loves to stir up controversy. He is basically saying F U to the elite, the Illuminati and the masses who are stupid enough to fall for all of this.

    The name of the T-shirt that he is wearing is “Disneylamb” . So either Donghae is an “illuminati lamb” and he does not understand the sarcasm of the t-shirt.
    Or he understands it.
    I guess we won’t really know unless he tells us.

    but I did see another private pic of him (with Heechul) in which he covered one eye with the palm of his hand.

  8. Fishyfish said:

    i’m christian and i have a grey t-shirt, where there is a girl, who covers her one eye and then it says “Believe in me and i’m yours.”. when i bought that t-shirt i had no idea that it was a satanic t-shirt and i’m still wearing that, but nobody tells me “That t-shirt should you not be wearing” or “This T-shirt is satanic, burn it.” and LOL one of my classmates has the same t-shirt.
    What i am trying to say is, that he maybe does know that he is wearing a satanic shirt.

    • Fishyfish said:

      i mean doesn’t

      • Elle said:

        That is impossible because he is part of the system. The main goal of this system is to destroy christianity, what better way to discredit it by making their artists PASS for christians? PLEASE just because one claims christian doesnt mean they are, their lifestyles is what shows who they truly follow.

  9. Eman said:

    >_< whyyyy, it is so obvious now, i had my doubt before but now i am 100% sure… SM is pure evil…

  10. Ashlyn said:

    I totally agree with Elle. If someone says he is a christian, it doesn’t mean that he really is. Ever heard of the saying “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
    The only thing that I can say about the illuminati is that they work really clever. They controle every media. They place their symbols everywhere, so that people will be accustomed by it. They make their symbols too obvious (as in really obvious) so that when someone points it out, most people will call them “crazy”.
    Kpop is almost totally controled by illuminati. The thing is, some Kpop fans are just (ignorantly) blind to see it.

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