IU – Illuminati & I

There’s isn’t a young female soloist today with more popularity and commercial appeal than IU (real name: Lee Ji-Eun) in Korea. She’s known as the Nation’s Little Sister – a title that is only bestowed on those with nationwide popularity (Like SNSD – Nation’s Girl Group, Lee Seunggi – Nation’s Little Brother, Yoo Jaesuk – Nation’s MC, Choi Jin-Sil [deceased] – Nation’s Actress).

As expected of her position, there are many references to occult themes. We’ll explore some of them here.

Interesting fact: IU’s company, LOEN entertainment, is the same one 4minute + Cube, 2PM + JYP and Pledis Entertainment are under. If you’ve read most of the posts on this site you’ll understand the connection.

Let’s begin IU’s analysis: IU debuted at the age of 15 with ‘A Lost Child’ (which can mean a frightened weakened, child alter). Watch the video here. In the music video, a young IU, wearing virginal white, walks up to walkway leading through a pyramid. The pyramid will lead her into another world where she will be initiated. As she makes her way to the initiation site she walks in the steps of those who came before her. Successful solo female artists who were recognized on a national level.

IU is on the same path that those trekked in the beginning of their careers. The intiation is not one in order to become an elite player in the New World Order but rather to be given the fame, recognition and publicity required to make one a star (a little talent is also useful too! 😉 ).

The demon showing the All Seeing Eye or the Eye of Horus. Just to remind you what this initiation is really about.

When she arrives at the site where the ritual is to take place, she is welcomed to be pale demonic beings with whitish, blue eyes. These beings touch IU repeatedly but she can’t seem to actually see them (Is the touching a PG version of  more sinister and evil activities that occured? We’ll never know for sure). They hover around her white dress, sniffing and harassing her until she flees. Again, IU shows no sign that she can actually see them (proving that they are demonic spirits). Please note the pearl necklace that IU is wearing.

Pearls and other gemstones are used in Jewel programming. A slave child is told by their “master” or handler that if they are good and do as they’re told, they will one day become as beautiful and as coveted as said gem or a piece of jewelry. The child, wanting to be loved and having been programmed from an early age to please their handler, will want to do as they’re told so they will be loved and also rewarded with said gem.

Courtesy: Sick Sad World

However, the demons can be seen when they want to be seen which is demonstrated in the screen cap above. When faced with this trauma, IU dissociates into alter personalities represent by the scene above. Shattered glass is always represent with the shattered mind that has split off into multiple personalities in order to endure horrific torture. You’ll also note that IU is now wearing black. Black is the color of death and rebirth. Upon seeing the demon, IU tries to run away but stops herself. She turns around to face the demon. The demon crawls on top of IU (again – PG version of the actual events?) and begins to do a ritualistic looking dance. Then there is a picture of a photo burning, with a ring. Then another demon comes to comfort the frightened IU by effectively erasing her memory. She cannot see this demon.  The lyrics echo this:

Burning the two photographs of us

One, two, erasing the memory collected

The memory collected comes in the form of the picture and the ring. Many programmed slaves are like  human computers who can store various amounts of information that are retrievable, lost or erased at the whim of their handlers who have access to these mind files.

IU Symbolism

A mask which represents alters

I’ll be doing more posts on IU in the future. Stay vigilant.

  1. Some visitor said:

    This seems to me like a “softer”, “cute” (it is NOT cute! but I mean, “cuter -ish”, in comparison) version of the Narsha sinister video, isn’t it?
    (Bbiribboppa or whatever the name is).

    It remind me of that…

    I didn’t know about this video, as I said, I completely left “K-pop” in 2010.
    I knew about this singer, but I never paid much attention to her (not one of the singers I “liked”).

    I didn’t think she was so sinister, or well, that she participate in such sinister videos. I just saw the pictures and that is enough to see how sinister it is.

    As Narshas, is like a lame mini-horror movie.

    Are kids really watching videos like this? I know they are, but I refuse to think that… It is pitiful.

    Anybody is saying something about all this? I mean, the parents… the koreans, other asians, europeans, etc.?
    All of them think that this is so all right?

    I mean the people who haven’t read articles like this yet.

    No one in Korea and in other places are noticing something wrong? Not even something a little bit slightly wrong in all this videos, photos, etc.????

    P.S. And by the way, I thought Korea’s “Little Sisters” and Korea’s “Nation’s Girl Group” were the WONDER GIRLS. They were, actually. Wonder Girls WERE Korea’s Little Sisters and Nation’s Girl Group.
    So they just lost the title?

  2. ...DOTDOTDOT said:

    omgawd. i cant believe i actually read this. ohkayss i admit it. i admit i have soo much time on my hands that i have nothing to do other than reading this piece of shit. you were born to kill my boredom. thanks to you i now actually “have” something to do. thanks hunnie XD i will enjoy your next little “fairytales”. i thank god for bringing you to life fo me to kill my boredom. i thank your mum (or your dad) for letting you crawl out of their vagina. no need to thank me. i know you love me~ 😉

  3. emboy said:

    You are way too keen! Keep it up!!

  4. serialmania said:

    It’s look like korean girl group nowadays use lots of Satan symbol….. 2008 and below is the best year!

  5. Someone said:

    Thank you admin! I rely on vigilantcitizen.com for Illuminati articles but they rarely do analysis on Asian or more specifically, K-Pop industry. You just filled that gap. Thanks a million again & keep up the good work. I definitely come here more often.

  6. _TDhouha said:

    Okay it’s been a while since I’ve started noticing such signs and I couldn’t ignore them. (I’m an ELF and Mr.simple shouts-out illuminati. I couldn’t get it out of mind ) so yeah I did some research and it seems like this illuminati, masonic shit is everywhere.. devastating but true..:/

  7. Simona said:

    Should we just quit listening to music?

    • Aisyah said:

      Well, I think we all have at least the capacity to think something that is obviously wrong. Like a sex act in a music video or in a lyrics. Just filter out those obvious negative message. Of course there are good music out there. But most popular mainstream music unfortunately is filled with crap, perverseness, wickedness and satanic element.

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  9. lol said:

    LOL this is bullshit but somehow it made me laugh.

  10. Kim Hye said:

    Is It True That IU Is A Illuminati Member??

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