I apologize for the lack of posts as of late.

I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been able to devote time to articles. Plus there is so much material to be covered. Occult themes are absolutely everywhere in KPOP these days.

I’ll try to post more short posts in the future and I’ll try and devote time to long analysis articles in the coming week.

If you want to submit any material, have any questions, concerns, inquiries please don’t be shy and submit it at kpopinfiltrated@gmail.com


A Concerned K-POP Fan.

  1. neojinjjababoya. said:

    you know what
    just concentrate on your school and forget about these stuff
    use your time for something more worthy other than worrying for no shit!!!!!
    why are you so stupid.
    just bcs they have hair over one eye
    just bcs they wink
    doesnt mean they do occultism.
    its called AEGYO, bitch.
    srsly, youre so pathetic :B

    • JaeSuk's Guardian said:

      Shut the fuck up you moron.

      This person is doing very valuable research in his/her spare time.

      There are some very nasty, powerful, shadowy people who are now using the Korean entertainment industries, as they used the U.S. entertainment industries for many years, to produce pathetic, closed-minded, selfish, gluttonous pleasure seekers who attempt to pressure the open-minded, intelligent, caring people into joining the sheeple flock (just as you’re doing right now).

      These nasty, powerful people are sending messages, boasting & manipulating mentalities via K-Pop whether you like it not.
      Every covered eye or checkered floor may not be their work but that doesn’t make their presence any less real or the investigation and exposure of their activities any less important.

  2. Gary said:

    lol, come back, I miss your posts

  3. YouareanIDIOT said:

    hahaha i love when people try to prove all their stupid theories. “from a concerned kpop fan”… umm u obviously just want to bash kpop and probably asia in general. fans dont act like that. you could pick up even “worse more cult like themes” in americas pop music idiot. way to link random jewish stuff into exos mv–really? ur so stupid and igorant. i must b part of the illumnati too since im saying this and so is every other f*****ing person in the world. seriously get educated before you post stuff. obvious chinese/korean culture in exos mv tht you subsituted yr random crap for and ignored (actaully u probably didnt even know). so yeah. please do concentrate more in school

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