EXO – SM’s brand new Illuminati puppets

Exo M and K are SM’s newest artists meant to target the Chinese and the Korean market respectively. They are the most anticipated rookies of the first half of the year with already a legion of super supportive fangirls. EXO’s primary purpose is to target the Chinese market which is both extremely lucrative and difficult for foreign artists to break into. EXO, specifically EXO-M, is SM’s first foray into truly conquering the heart of Chinese fangirls. And that’s all fine and dandy. The problem lies in the disturbingly obvious symbolism found in their teasers (23 in total!!!) and in their recently revealed music video for their debut single, “MAMA”. Watch the video here.

In this post, we will further explore the symbolism.


The video begins with a fairy tale like story about the tree of life that was destroyed because of unknown ‘evil forces’.

EXO-K's MAMA video intro

Interestingly, the tree of life is found in the Jewish mysticism religion known as Kabbalah. Kabbalah is known to be used in mind control programming which is why it is so popular amongst the Hollywood elite. Many of the religion’s most well known followers are strongly rumored to be mind control slaves or mind control handlers (Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears, among others).

The Jewish Kabbalah version of the tree of life

The similarities between the tree of life found in EXO’s video and the tree of life worshiped by  misguided Kabbalah followers doesn’t end there. The elements that are found in each of the circles correspond with the elements that the EXO members have in the music video.

The first element called ‘Keter’ is known as ‘limitless light’  which is Baekhyun’s superpower.

The second element is called ‘Chokmah’ which controls both time and space. This could also be called ‘telekinesis’ which is Luhan’s superpower.

Third element is ‘Binah’ which is time. Tao super power is Time control.

Although not all of the elements correspond perfectly with the Kabbalistic tree of life, there’s strong evidence to conclude that both trees of life are strongly connected.

The tree of life, a symbol for the universe at large, will only be restored to it's former 'glory' when the two opposite forces, in this case EXO-M & K, reunite. Opposite forces are popular theme in occult imagery. Frequently used in Satanism.

The intro continues by stating that the tree of life had to split into two opposite forces. And that when they are reunited again, a new world shall open up. I hope I don’t have to explain why this phrase is significant to the subject of this blog.

Just from the intro alone we understand that this group is not simply any ordinary group, this group is going to set the stage for occult symbolism in KPOP. No other KPOP group till date has been as blatantly clear about  the people who work in the shadows — the real leaders of this world and therefore the real leaders of KPOP.

An Illuminati initiation of sorts?

The setting quickly changes to a dark and ominous secret place, where all 12 members of EXO unite to chant and worship an unknown ‘god’.

The robes that they sport are known attire for Illuminati rituals and celebrations. A few examples:

From the film "Eyes Wide Shut" which is based on the secret going-ons of the elite. The director of the film was found dead only a few months before the release of the film.

A rare picture taken at the Bohemian Grove (very important --Google it). Notice the robes?

Last but not least -- the pillars, a staple in Illuminati buildings, is also found in EXO's video for MAMA.

The last most significant symbol is the monarch butterfly found very briefly in the MV:

Mr.Butterfly makes a very brief appearance.

It’s not just any butterfly. It is a monarch butterfly. Monarchs are special in occult symbolism because they are the specific butterfly used to program mind control victims. It’s found all over popular culture and especially in those who are rumored to be monarch slaves (In Asia, it’s pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki and in the west, Mariah Carey). It’s very interesting that the editors/producers/director chose this specific butterfly out the millions of species.

There are various other minor symbols (one eye, checkerboard floors, sun-themed jewelry and lots of mirror imagery towards the end) the ones mentioned above are the primary and most striking symbols that command the most attention.

It’ll be very interesting to observe EXO’s journey as talents and see if their symbolism manifests into success that can rival the current cash crop – Girls’ Generation (a post on them coming very soon).

  1. fuck you said:

    Please don’t judge people. We enjoy the music so WTF. Stop bashing

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      there’s no bashing in here. i think that’s the fact. i’m kpopers, and i often found the illuminati symbols from many korean MV. if you think it’s just a coincidence or trend style, what about the evidence before?? you can find the same video concept from SM’s other video, Tri-ange, by tvxq-BoA-TRAX. and many “strange” symbols from super junior, bigbang, and other mv-s. remember that MUSIC is the one media to propagate Devil Doctrine.

      • ordinary kpopers said:

        fyi, if you look deeply, you will find ambigous lyrics from EXO’s songs. well, that’s just my opinion :))

      • ordinary kpopers said:

        sorry, i meant Tri-Angle not Tri-Ange 🙂

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    • Maria said:

      I have read the whole post and the evidences are quite… how do I say this, parallel? I mean, they’re like… ‘nagtutugma’. fellow Filipino, help me pls? xD
      So, first of all, I’m a K-popper too, and as a Christian from the Philippines, I have been raised by my parents as a faithful one. I practice my religion well and I do most of my decisions in life according to my belief.
      Ever since when I was in Grade Four, I’ve always been interested with these kinds of revelations even though they scare me. I’m interested in knowing what these symbols stand for.. blah, blah, and blah. I really liked Lady Gaga before, but once I learned of the meaning behind in her videos, songs, fashion and even her words, I stopped supporting her.

      One thing I want to explain to everyone is that, K-pop fans and European fans are different. We, K-pop fans also love the artists not only for their songs or videos, but also because of their talent, their passion for their work and their own personalities. Actually, I started being a fan of EXO not because of their songs but because of their cute fancams and antics whenever they’re in interviews or variety shows. I love how they’re always bubbly, warm and caring for their fans. Also, K-pop artists’ lives are more… exposed compared to European artists. We know more about their personalities, way of life and attitudes. *So far I haven’t seen anyone do something disturbing / insulting to God in real life.*
      And we support them by buying albums, sending supportive messages and gifts to them as appreciation of the years they have trained to perfect their skills and give us entertainment. That’s all. It’s not like we worship them or something… I don’t get how the artists could influence us into something bad like this. (Lol honestly they are like cute little puppies and dorks when they’re off camera, really. I even like it more when they’re themselves and not their image onstage. )

      And if there’s something to be blamed about this, probably it would be their company, not the artists themselves. I don’t know, probably there’s a chance that in all of the K-pop idols we support, there’s one or two persons who are really part of the illuminati, but… tbh I don’t think that gives us the permission to say this to ALL OF THEM. I actually try to think how it would be if I were in their shoes. You train for years, then finally debut, follow a strict diet, have a tight schedule, live in a dorm away from your family, then practice until you don’t get sleep… then you go online and see this article, I’d be hurt.

      I don’t know if this is true or whatever, but… I request that let’s just pray and ask God to guide us to the right path and those who are really part of the Illuminati be renewed and influenced by us so they can live a new life. Okay, I know that once you sell your soul to the devil, you might not be able to take it back, but I’m still hoping and praying for them. And I’m really, really hoping that EXO isn’t one of them because they were the ones who helped me up with my depression. Seeing them makes me smile. And I even thanked God once for letting me meet these 12 dorks who are very funny and whose lives are inspiring.

      LOL and one more thing, SM Entertainment’s CEO is hated by a lot of people. XD He has good marketing strategies and such. So, uh.. we will never idolize him. HAHA.

      Writing this post made me realize that I don’t really care about their music videos that much, haha. Probably I just really like them for who they are. Hmm… thanks anyway for letting me give my opinion in this issue. 🙂 God bless us all!

      • Njeri said:

        You need to be given an award…and a cookie.

      • jean said:

        Nice one. I am a Christian too and a kpop fan too from the Philipines. I agree! I feel the same way. I love sment artists esp snsd, suju and exo. I’m so happy to know that there is someone na parehas ako ng na fefeel!

      • I’m also from the Philippines and I’m A CHRISTAN TOO. I am also confused about these things. I REALLY LIKE EXO and SMENT but I think they are part of the ILLUMINATI. I’ve seen many illuminati symbols in their MVs and even the clothes they are wearing.

        ~~~~~~~~~~I just hope and pray to GOD that they’ll change because I can’t do anything else about this and only HE can change everything. “““““““TRUST““““““IN““““ GOD

      • I truly applaud you because this is something that has been bothering me for a while and then you posted this. I really think that this is true. We can’t just believe everything we hear and see. We’re not behind the scenes or in their lives so we can’t say. All we can do is hope, pray, and keep moving forward. I love EXO! They’re really talented and are dedicated to their work and I appreciate them for what they do! And as I stated before, don’t always judge what you see or hear. There is always another explanation for certain things.

      • shangmu said:

        I’m not a K-pop fan but, I just wanna share you something… 😀
        Proverbs 11:28
        English Standard Version (ESV)
        28 Whoever trusts in his riches will fall,
        but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.
        > it’s not just about riches but all materialistic thing on Earth. I mean, don’t focus to any material things on Earth. We must be aware in everything because it is written in Ecclesiastes 12:13
        King James Version (KJV) that WE must HAVE A REFERENCE FOR GOD, OBEY HIS COMMANDS because that is all we are created for.
        “Hope you understand…GOD BLESS”

      • Ella Romaine :) said:

        I love reading your post.. I’m from the Philippines and an avid fan of KPop.. I Love God and I’m a Christian.. I was inspired by your post.. Well thanks for your wonderful message.. I love INFINITE but I guess they’re not in the list.. Anyway, salamat kapatid.. Godspeed! 🙂

      • Thats right my fellow filipino. We have the same opinion about EXO. For me EXO is different from all k-pop groups. EXO change my boring world but someday i have to give up them because I love JESUS CRIST. Thus not mean that All EXO members are illuminati its the company who used to gain popularity and wealth. I dont want korea to be america who worship satan.

      • hannah golpo said:

        we have the same feelings

      • Kailah said:

        I feel the same way too 🙂 Im also A Christian , a Filipino , and an fan from Philippines. I just also want to say that its not true that we idolized them because of their Video but also because of Their talents and their cuteness . Their passion in Singing and Dancing made me admire them and thats just it ,nothing to worry about. We dont praised them , we just Idolized ,loved and admire them . I still have my faith in God , and i know this blog only gives us advised but it hurts for a fan like me.Just stop judging them because i know that still have a good hearts. What matters is that they made their fans smile and happy.

      • Hi The Name's Helena said:

        I’m Vietnamese, Buddhist (you probs expected me to be catholic lol (sorry if the lol part is rude)) and I agree TOTALLY.

      • Ur a fool..how can u stl like them..buying their cds nd so on..ur buying an illuminati cd nd u say ur not interested in their song or wateva..mind u gal one day it will take you to hell..God is greater than any celebs or any idols..God shud be our IDOL nt this Korean illuminati slaves hu act cute nd clueless to attract teenagers..how clever of them..illuminati..SATAN!!😠

      • allysajerlyn said:

        I’m also from the Philippines and i’m a christian too. Lot people says that Exo is illuminati. But i do research to prove that it’s wrong. And it says that the MAMA means Majesty and nothing says that the symbols there are illuminati and i search what is the religion of the Exo Members it’s just a Christian and Muslim only. And, i know that God is obeying me on what is my decisions. If ithe signs re illuminati, then the company’s fault not the artist. the artist only obeyin the company/producer on what they will do or wore. And, why they saying that, “Pray for Paris, pray for etc. etc.” That’s my evidences ^_^

      • allysajerlyn said:

        and also, In their Call Me Baby, Growl and Love Me Right MV’s there’s no sign og illumintai right?? ^_^

      • Tsumne said:

        Amen! And I will also pray for every K-pop group so GOD can help them, even though some of them may not be in the Illuminati but it will still be good to pray for them just in case so they can follow in GOD steps and help the others follow to.

      • Daniel said:

        1 John 2 : 15

    • mr john said:

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      • animexkpopxbeliever said:

        no offence but y is this here when its not even an actual person and evryone (mostly) are christians. im korean and im christian so i really dont get y people trying to lift illuminati stuff is even here.

  2. Val said:

    Thank you very much for this.
    Please keep up the good work.
    I really look forward to your posts and miss them when you’re busy.

    I probably don’t need to tell you this but don’t let the negative comments bother you.
    As long as these murderous criminals remain in power and continue their efforts to dumb down the public, we will always have an intelligent, open-minded minority (yourself and others) being ridiculed by an unintelligent, closed-minded, controlled majority.

    In my country (the U.S.) the majority still believes that a group of Middle-Eastern Muslims were behind the events of 9/11.
    This always serves as a good reminder to me of just how much mind-controlling ability the power-that-be really have acquired.
    Even when it comes to situations in which being right requires only a fairly low level of intelligence and knowledge, we still often end up with a majority that is wrong.

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      If further review, all religions are opposed to the Illuminati. Their primary mission is to establish a new world order. One way to realize their goal is to pit all religions. Muslem is a religion with many adherents in the world, in other words, Muslem is the greatest enemy of the Illuminati. Therefore, the Illuminati to destroy Muslem in the face to make the world hates it. And in every religion, illuminati placed officials in charge of the religious influence. Well, that’s just my opinion.

      • brownie said:

        I agree with you ! illuminati is the biggest enemy for Muslems ..
        I’m a Muslem, and a lot of muslems know about the illuminati .. When I first saw the MV I said “WOW SM started showing a lot of illuminati :/”

    • Blancheeta said:

      FYI, I’m not saying that this is true but most of EXO members are Christians and you should know the deeper meaning of the song please don’t judge them. Like what everyone said the are from OTHER PLANET and duh~ Its just a story to make up a good concept 🙂 Think before you post :)) Take my advice and please do investigate more before posting 🙂

      • Venny said:

        It’s not judging them, it’s called ‘stating the facts’. Even though they’re Christians, what the MV symbolizes and interprets are definitely leading towards occultism. Especially the current one, ‘Wolf’. That one’s obviously containing occult symbolism.

      • Tang said:

        you are weirdos seriously? i bet all of you are like catholics and stuff saying that people should burn in hell for every single little thing they do–so just chill. i’ve seen these so many times it’s becoming increasing more stupid each time. so what if the illumnati or what ever exists? and besides….lets think of everything else. i guess all the x-men and other super heroes are part of the illumnati too right? or right and i’m part of it for saying this. wonderful (rolls eyes). guess im gonna go burn in hell, meet lucifer/satan yeah yeah yeah. by the way i’m apathesis, so yeah definitely burning in a place i think is non-existent geniuses.

    • Chill said:

      Don’t think that this one person posting this stuff knows everything. I respect your opinions and all but do you have to do this on the internet and corrupt the little kids who know of kpop with your theories on kpop relation to illuminati or that nonsense. You want to make a point? Write a book if you are so convinced that this is what kpop really is. Please channel your thoughts into something productive. I, as a 13 year old, despise those who openly display their so called theories to make themselves seem smart. Why would anyone research so much about illuminati. That is a large amount of time spent just hovering over kpop news to try to spot any similarities to prove a point.

  3. starchild said:

    I agree that there is a ton of occult symbolism being used in the videos this group is in, and I am noticing it in a number of other kpop video’s.

  4. Jessica said:

    Since you didn’t accept my comments in Youtube I’m going to give you my point of view from here..

    I hope you to accept this comment as something constructive and not something insulting. I’m a very realistic person, I don’t have a religion since I believe in GOD ONLY and nothing else. So…

    1.- The first thing i have to say is that i’m not a native english speaker and if you don’ understand something just say it and I will try to explain you again.

    2.- The beast number is actually not 666 but 616. This is misundertood while people was translating the Bible, i guess, just to let you know.

    3.- The whole video is about some guys that lived in an outer space planet called EXO and their MAMA send them to Earth to teach them a lesson for them to see how bad planet Earth is. So bassically they adore mama because in EXO planet doesn’t exist Jesus or Satan since they are humans born in Earth.

    4.- The lyrics in english doesn’t makes any sense because they don’t speak english, they’re korean and their company: SM, doesn’t care about what it says while it hears ok enough. This can be proved in SHINee’s Sherlock which in their NewYork’s newspaper is a ridiculous article written in “Engrish”. In music everything is possible as long as it rhymes.

    5.- The powers of these EXO guys are the basics of superheroes. SuperHero 101. That is nothing new and it existed before the illuminati. The elements of earth like fire, water, wind and things made up by human like telekinesis and time control.

    6.- These demons you say they’re conjuring, are mythologycal creatures which are a phoenix and a dragon. Both related to fire.

    7.- You have to respect others people religion (Buddhism & Hinduism) because I can bet that you get mad when someone tells you that being Christian, Catholic, whatever is not the best thing in the world.

    8.- I can’t say anything about the butterflies because I guess it’s part of the video and they want to everyone look at these boys like Bold persons so they can be succesful in music industry. It’s a marketing strategy.

    9.- The unicorn is also a symbol of healing which is Lay superpower.

    10.- I guess that when they say “a new world (I Don’t Know)” it’s that they will rescue their own (EXO planet).. and make it better, after they comeback from Earth.

    11.- Your quite silent music of your video in Youtube creeps me out.

    12.- And last but not least, I’m not satan, I’m not a witch, I’m just a realistic person… I guess i will expect some feedback from you too..

    • yuki90 said:

      Lol.. true.. i’m christian, but i really like this MV.. i mean, it’s cool and all that..
      and it’s not like if we’re watching this video means we’re going to serve Illuminati or what (if anyone does believe tho)..
      i mean, man, this is music.. it’s for entertaining, not being served like religious or other spiritual belief..
      and I doubt SM wants to spread illuminati, SM aims for money dude..

      • Gabrielle said:

        Sm aims for money.. totally agree XD I don’t think they would bother on illuminati stuff anymore.. most of the world only cares for money XD

    • Please understand that the writer and maintainer of this website is not the Youtube user ‘AprilandWayneShow’. We are not affiliated in any manner.

      On the content of your message: There are hundreds of viewpoints/interpretations to any scenario. In this case you have chosen the superficial viewpoint. I suggest you look beneath the surface and investigate why SM Entertainment would choose the symbols that they have.

      • Jessica said:

        Then, I apologize… but talking seriously.. Yes, SM aims for money, it’s a music industry and if they’re doing these things for Illumnati stuffs and blah blah blue they’re not good at all becaue they’re not making any effect in me.. all i want is to listen some music.

    • 成功 said:

      NOTHING IN THIS WORLD , NOT EVEN MUSIC HAPPENS JUST TO BE “LIKE THAT” , each and every little thing Lee soo man OR PEOPLE ABOVE HIM DO (for whom HE WORKS!), THEY DO IT FOR A GOOOD REASON, reasons you’ll never think of , because for them (and in comparision to them) you and I are just A BUNCH OF ORDINARY/stupid PEOPLE who can be controlled IN THE EASIEST WAY that is ~

      • SONE said:

        I was waiting for that comment! Thanks 😀

    • yess you are right .. I think they don’t even know what ILLUMINATI is .. and also the lyrics .. if you’ll read the English translation of this song.. It doesn’t refer to any ILLUMINATI stuffs..

    • vanillageex said:

      thanks for this. i was starting to get worried.

    • vlad said:

      The devils number is 666. It says it directly
      in the Bible.

      • devil number???? LOL then give him a call 😛

    • Stacy said:

      Something about butterflies….Know its long but please read.
      There are many symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly.

      The Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is “hu-tieh”. “Tieh” means “70 years”, therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. In this culture butterflies have also become representative of young men in love.
      In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. Many Japanese families use the butterfly in the family crest design.

      Germany has a very unique belief about butterflies. As butterflies can often be found hovering about milk pails or butter churns, they have become associated with witches trying to steal the cream. The German word for butterfly is “Schmetterling”, which is actually derived for the Czech word “Smetana” which means “cream”.
      There are many links with butterflies in mythology from all over the world, many of which, in particular Greek mythology, link butterflies to the human soul. The Ancient Greeks also considered butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away.

      There is also an Irish saying that refers to the symbolic meaning of butterflies. This saying is: “Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory” Butterflies also symbolize: Resurrection, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, Time, Soul. There is a small town in Mexico that also associate butterflies with souls. It is to this town that Monarch Butterflies migrate every year, around the holiday known as the Day of the Dead. The people of this town see these butterflies as the returning souls of the deceased.

      We are all small and appear to be the same (like the caterpillar), but as we grow older our true beauty shows (like the butterfly). Like a butterfly, we are all different, and beautiful in our own way. In the Christian religion, the metamorphosis a butterfly undergoes is symbolic of the spiritual evolution all Christians go through. Butterflies represent rebirth and a new beginning. For Christians, it is considered a soulful symbol. In ancient mythology, the butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge.

      In some cultures the butterfly is also considered to bring luck.
      By a well established convention in literature and art, butterflies (usually) symbolize transitoriness, as they don’t live long.

      There is a Native American legend that says, ” If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit, who alone knows the thoughts of butterflies. By setting the butterfly free, you are helping to restore the balance of nature, and your wish will surely be granted.”

      I found all this at http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_symbolic_meaning_of_a_butterfly so click if you wish to read more

      So a butterfly, monarch or otherwise is not a bad symbol. And the eclipse people get so worked up about is suppose to represent the two groups becoming one again. I’m not going to stop listening to EXO at all. I love the music and guys are cute/hot/sexy. Music is music, it only has a meaning if you choose to give it one, that is the way the world works. So go and get worked up over nothing if you wish too but I shall sit here and enjoy music that makes me happy.

      • allysajerlyn said:

        That’s True. and you know, GOD is the one who made all the living things including butterfly. He-he so i think He will not make a butterfly if it’s meaning is that ‘illuminati’

    • Chill said:

      Oh my goodness. Seriously high-five, I just don’t know why people spend so much time hovering over this and nursing these theories. Kpop mv’s and these costumes are purely for entertainment purposes right. Seriously high-five someone who understands me

      • Tang said:

        THANKYOU one of the few normal people….don’t even know how i got onto this stupid post

      • Maria said:

        *hi-fives you* lol.

  5. Ash said:

    Basically SM wants to be unique and somewhat different from other artists that are debuting these days maybe that explains those symbols and cheap fiction story line (well it isn’t cheap because they wasted tons of money for that engrish story) but think on the bright side

    • ordinary kpopers said:

      Ok, we can assume that SM would like to be unique and different from the others, but, whether to use occult symbols? and we can see from other agencies such as YG which also slipped the occult symbols in the MVs. So, what we can still say that SM just wanted to be different and unique?

      • Ash said:

        Maybe they’re just Masons? i’m really trying to look in the bright side of this xD ’cause every time i listen to the song in my iPod i get the chills this is so creepy i feel like i’m dis obeying the Lord i think i really need serious counseling or something i don’t know…

  6. onlyGOD said:

    my FAITH is not and will never be shaken by these kind of things. actually..its really up to the person to believe..as for me…my faith is intact and only in God i believe…these type of things or this illuminati is crazy talk. this would only make people think twice and believe that there could be satan when there is NO satan and only God. if people keep pushing other people to believe in this kind of stuff is just like introducing them to the devil…they would be like ” ohhh..look at this illuminati thing…they are worshiping the devil…blah blah blah..” and you would be like “they are worshiping the devil..so it means that there really is a devil??” if people tend to dig deeper into the so called “symbols” or the lyrics…there are just wanting to prove that there is a satan and you would be famous if you believe in him…and if they say that these things would make your faith stronger…why? was your faith in God not strong and solid enough because if you had a stand and chose not to believe and stayed strong, then nothing could ever tear it apart…not even the man made beliefs..

    • Jake said:

      so your saying that it’s all good if we listen to any k-pop video right? cause since we only know God then we know that illuminati shit in k-pop videos and just illuminati itself isn’t real right?

      • onlyGOD said:

        yes. it would be more enjoyable watching KPOP videos knowing that there is NO HIDDEN MEANING TO IT. and even though we know what it means based on the lyrics…we don’t over analyze things and think differently.

    • cindyj said:

      You may not believe in the devil but he believes in you, and that’s silly to say you only believe in God,God created the devil, you yourself sound stupid, if you’re going to preach about God, at least read the bible,

      • onlyGOD said:

        i don’t even care if the “devil” believes in me..and i choose not to believe because i would rather enjoy the life that God has given to me than to dwell on something that could make me think twice about my faith.

    • Totoro504 said:

      Take offense to this, but you’re a complete idiot. YES, there is a God. YES, our faith in him is a strong. But if there is good, there is always a bad. So if there’s God, there MUST be Satan. Are you trying to blind yourself by saying there’s no such thing as Satan when there’s so many crimes out there in the world being committed? People dying left and right, murder, racism, rape! You think GOD would let that happen? You think that’s GOD’S work? NO. It’s NOT. It’s SATAN.

      • onlyGOD said:

        no..i am not trying to blind myself..yes i see, hear and read crimes happening…death of someone, racism…and i know that God isn’t the one causing those happenings…and why blame it on “satan” when it is the peoples actions? people choose to do those actions…well..as for accidents..accidents happen…and for other crimes…it is the person who is doing those crimes..they thought about it…they have brains and thinking of doing those things.yes, we learn everyday about things…including murder and all those crimes from media, papers and even in our history…and the person is capable of judgement, critical thinking that would lead them to a decision…they have a reason to do those things..a reason for their actions..and satan is one of the excuses that the people put in their minds when they would do something bad when actually they are the ones who decides for themselves.

    • passerBy said:

      the Bible mentions Satan a lot of times… Satan is real… please read your Bible.. if you claim you know God then you should read His Word because it is only through His Word that you will truly know Him…

    • MarilyGerman said:

      It seems you haven’t read the Bible because it clearly says that satan exists. We are close to the Apocalipsis said in the Bible. You’ll get what I mean if you focus on all the wars that are happening, the people turning homosexual, people disobeying God, the signs in the skys, the number of kills in the world in a day, the huge amount of witchcraft and much more. Read the Bible in Apocalipsis before saying opposite things to the word of God.

      • child of God said:

        I greet you all in the name of Jesus…Yes thank you!!! Someone who is not blind to all of you who are standing up for the Lord may he Bless you… To the person who created this website may God bless you and give you more knowledge,wisdom,strength and understanding…To all of the others may God open up your eyes may the holy spirit be your teacher so that you will know we are living in the end of times. this is long but please #READ.. To some who say the devil is not real you need Jesus.. God is the creator he is king and he reigns he came to die for our sins rose again and went to prepare a place for us and he said if it was not so he would not have told us so… The devil Lucifer is real he knows his time is short for the hour of judgment is near he is trying to deceive as much of you as he can so, that you can burn in hell with him…when you read in revelation before you read ask the Lord to give you a spiritual mind ask the holy spirit to open up your eyes, ask him to be your translator so that you will understand there is no more time to play around.. witchcraft,crime homosexuality,racism,hate,jealousy,disobedient, people are doing just about anything for fame and money this is a revelation to you all WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE…… these music industries are no different the Illuminati or whatever its called is a work of the devil the fashion these days the music everything is a sign of the end….. its all about the latest dress, phone, music etc… what the devil is doing is corrupting your mind believing all is well while the church is sleeping no one to wake this world up to know the Savior is coming… these symbolism if you read your bible and research you will know its all work of the devil remember the devil is there to deceive,steal,kill,manipulate.. o.k Jesus loves you all and wish for all to be saved HELL is no joke if there is no hell and no devil then there is no God… But my God lives and this is the prophecy read your bible and wake up PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE>>> and if you have not given Christ your life please do so allow him to be your personal savior…I love you all and may God guide,forgive,bless all of you who have read this…. and if you have a radio please listen to 102.3 Fm…. and i will be posing videos that can help you all soon….. be bless…..

  7. onlyme said:

    honestly, I’m not good at English..
    I really love this MV and the song.. I’m not Christian, Catolic, but I’m Moslem..
    maybe some people think that I’m crazy or anything.. but I think SM SM didn’t mean to told us about the Jews here. Yet here in telling how the EXO derived from the planet EXO intends to restore the state of their planet. 12 is a symbol of the strength of each member EXO, is not intended to equate with the symbols of the teachings described above. Perhaps the best was asked to BC what makes them wearing symbols. But the artist certainly had nothing to do, they just work. And many of them must also have faith and believe in their God. What they don’t realize what ​SM made to them? So, just see how the future ..

    sorry, my english so bad..

    • I’m a Moslem too .. I know want you feel.. the artists have nothing to do with this ILLUMINATI thingy.. they’re just doing their work as an artist .

      • Alex said:

        They’re not really artists. They’re trained performers. The artists are the people who create the songs & dances they perform.

  8. Minho said:

    Lol, it seems your posts are attracting a bunch of brainwashed religious people & sheeple instead of fellow investigators.
    I’ll try to make time to share my findings with you this month.

  9. Nerissa said:

    Annyeong. This post really intrigued me a lot. I wanna voice out my thoughts just like what you did with yours.

    First of all, YES, I’m a fan. I can say that what you said above is most likely true, especially with those robes, which actually scared me. Another fact is that MAMA actually refers to other goddesses in mythology. But apparently, EXO are definitely not Illuminatis.

    I read this on Wiki. This is the meaning of their video.

    “The two videos begin with the same animation and English voice over illustrating the birth of twelve legendary powers that break into two separate forces in order to “keep alive the heart of the tree of life,” which is being conquered by an evil force. The two legends divide the tree of life in half, and carries each piece to their own lands. The narration then declares that the two legends will “reunite into one perfect root” on the day the evil force purifies. After the introduction, all twelve members of EXO appear wearing robes as they walk to the center of a darkly lit circular room. The song begins with a Gregorian chant, and the members look up to a bright light in the sky in unison. Throughout the videos, there are close-up shots of the members performing their own celestial powers with intercut sequences of choreographed dancing, choreographed by Lyle Beniga.The videos end with each group finishing their dance, and they both close with the logo of EXO.”

    The meaning was for a good cause, but somehow, the video seems Illuminati with the dark forces and blahblah. But I can guarantee you that the EXO members are not Illuminatis.

    I deeply appreciated this video, but I wanna save my boys from shame. This post is giving them negative feedbacks. Just so you know.

    Thanks. =D

    • Wikipedia articles are written by users — their fans would have been able write the analysis you’ve provided for us. You cannot expect to find anything that doesn’t correspond with what SM wants to project to their fanbase.

      Most artists are not aware of their role in the NWO. It’s safe to say that EXO and their labels mates have no inkling to what is going on. They do have a role but it’s passive at this point.

      • yuki90 said:

        right, but hv u ever tried to write?? I’ve tried before and erased immediately in 2 days time..
        u need to b quite credible for writing that stuff..
        I can assure that many people attracted to kpop bcoz of the music..
        I’m kpopers, but I will criticize the band if they can only dance (or only hv face, etc), what attracts me first (and many other people around the world) is not the video..
        Will u actually watch MV if the music was a crap?? I won’t tho..
        They won’t gain any international fans if it was a crap anyway, most of european fans weren’t able to speak korean rite..
        and we’re supposed to reach the age where we can differentiate between belief/religious stuff with entertainment.. if u can’t, that’s ur problem dude..

      • Katie said:

        Yeah, Wikipedia articles cannot be changed by anyone, you have to be credible and have extensive knowledge, sources and even there are very high standards of how the articles are written. So next time youre going to use the “articles are written by users” excuse, youre wrong and its invalid. Which means you are speading wrong information to your “followers” and everyone else… you need to get your facts right first. Its a think called RESEARCH.

      • sin said:

        I’m agree with yuki90 you can’t judge them just by seeing their MV. It has a deep meaning. It talks about people who being so careless about their own world and judge people just by their appereances. You made me insulted you know. A lot of Kpop Idols don’t have any skills of singing. But their voices are great, and they have such an unique and amazing concept of songs. So please, don’t make bullshits here, you’re trying to attract religious people to hate this group,right? I pray everyday, go to church every week but I don’t think it’s annoying my relationship with God. And if you said that it’s similar with ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ film, look at your picture carefully, they used masks. And EXO didn’t

      • mytestimony said:

        I agree with you. They might not now what or where they are into. Like Siwon, he’s a Christian and that is proven but he doesn’t know the meaning of what SM ent is telling them to do or sing.

      • Tsumne said:

        What you said is true, most K-pop groups may not know what they are doing and what their roles are in NWO that’s why we need to pray for them and people, and ask GOD to help, forgive and ask HIM to watch over them like he does with us and protect them from whatever the the devil is sending towards.

    • NonReligous said:

      Okay to be honest, i don’t really care if SM is a part of the illuminati, i love the music it produces and such and I’m trying out for SM next year. Music is music and i like it whether it’s supposed to be evil or not.

  10. shinraichu22 said:

    SM is too brave to use the 12 symbols. Everything creeps me out :/

    “Most artists are not aware of their role in the NWO”
    ^ THIS. From what I know Siwon, Tiffany and Sooyoung are all devout christians.

    • nabilauriel said:

      also Eunhyuk and Donghae. Eventough they might not seem to be

    • cindyj said:

      exactly, I don’t blame the artists, it’s their company that uses them :[

      • ainiS said:

        me too , cindyj .

  11. Aki said:

    Wow, okay… I’d like to share my point of view here. Maybe It’ll help a bit. First of all, I want to say I belive strongly in GOD. I have a strong faith but it doesn’t make me blind to reality neither tells me that Satan doesn’t exist… Because if he didn’t then humans wouldn’t be living in such a crappy society. And if it’s just lack of goodness…then, where does this lack comes from? Anyways this is more of religious talks but anyways in general, if you don’t believe there’s satan and evil, that’s becaue you’re too scared of being sucked to the other side.

    I have been following Kpop quite strongly since 5 years now. And probably you guys have been in it since several years more than I did. I have to say I am someone who analyzes everything I see, hear or experience.

    Honestly speaking there has been a great switch in kpop since 2/3 years ago. Probably this went along with their increasing success. I can still recall all the video clips showing cute korean idols with colourful clothes and natural-looking skin. Pure faces, etc… But at one point things started to change.. Probably you guys will have different opinions upon which group ignited that change but for me, that’s when DBSK released their “MIROTIC” very electronical-sounding album. For me that was really weird, plus the video clip was way to sensual and dark looking for DBSK, even if they had done Tri-Angle before.
    Since then, and even in american rnb and pop, the electronic type of songs ( I mean for exemple electronic modified voices songs)started to increase much more than before.

    I didn’t trust all that stuff about illuminatis since around last year. That’s when a strong muslim friend started making me reflect about it.

    For those who think that illuminati stuff is some great BS, then please reflect upon why there’s so much problems in this world, why there are things that don’t make sense, why are there so few people having most of the wealth and the rest dwells in poverty or low income status( and I am not communist, just so you know). Why, when there is a problem you can never get an answer because you’re always told , I am not responsible, it’s someone above me who is… If you don’t question your self about what’s going on in this world you’ll never even think of how life SHOULD be in this world.But maybe some people feel too comfortable to think about these questions.

    Anyways, EXO is one of the groups I am fearing the most. I really like their style ( clothes and haircut) but as of the video clip and the song, they give some chills in the back. I am not really aware of all the stuff about jews, but i believe that since Jews were able to worship a golden cow when Moses was on the mountain receiving the 10 commandments, they could have easily created some kind of evil beliefs.
    I think that to understand this video clip we need to get out of the video context and examine the world. Why are we talking about 2012 and the End of the world, etc,… Personally speaking I don’t believe in a world collapsing apart but I do beleive that there are going to be great changes in 2013. Mayan calendar says that this old world is coming to an end.
    Seriously, can anyone say that this world is doing good? Can anyone see a lot of goodness arising in this world? No! Why not? Because Medias don’t show it to you. What is shown is only the crap going on as if they wanted us all to get depressed. When you ask them why do you do that, they tell you first ,” that’s not me, that’s my job”. Going further ‘that’s not me I was told by…” and when you get at the top ” well that’s not me, that’s the society, if I don’t do that then we’ll go bankrupt”…. Can you think about that for a moment?…pretty much everywhere is like this….the problem is people stopped caring about cuz they feel they can’t do anything.

    My religion isn’t a religion because it aims at bringing all religions together. It doesn’t give another sacred book as the Bible or the Coran but it gives a clear understanding of God, how the world is supposed to be, how it collapsed and how it’s going to be restored. Anyways, what we say is that God’s plan WILL ultimatly be achieved even if it takes a long time and that evil WILL be shattered even it takes a long time. The “Last Days” is a period when Good forces will arise and Evil forces will collapse, but there is one specific point when the 2 forces will be equal. THAT very moment is called the Last Days. As seen in the Coran, it is a period of strong confusion and problems in the world. A moment in which if you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to make the difference between good and evil. Everything will be messed up.

    I strongly believe that nothing is done without a purpouse, There is a reason in everything. And a big company like SM Entertainment is gone way too far in fame to be able to shoot clip scenes without any purpouse, or just for the sake of it.
    In this video clip, honestly speaking you can’t really tell weither it has a good purpous or an evil one, it’s mixed up. As the previous post showed it, it seems like they’re coming form another planet, etc…

    Well I think that to understand this video clip you’ll need to be a religious person or at least you’ll need to read the genesis in the Bible.
    The beginning of the video clip doesn’t refer at all at some alien planet or whatever. It actually refers to the Fall of Man. There’s one image you can see, where there’s a piece of smoke going around the branch of the tree… Do you think this is randomness?? That’s the serpent which tempted Eve and which became Satan afterwards. Also, you can hear at the beginning the voice saying as there’s black smoke coming all over the scene “…but I, the red force, created the evil”. who created evil?…Now I want to talk about something important to know. During the Fall of Man, the serpent, knew the plans of God because he knew that what he did would turn everything upside down. In this world ,there are basically 2 masters. God and Satan, as crude as it may sound there is no middle position, you’re either with one or with the other. Hence you can unerstand that both know God’s plan basically. Both know…. This means Satan and evil forces know exactly as God does, God’s plans…but satan has a different desire…A selfish based one.
    So it shouldn’t be surprising to see that this video shows a lot of truth, but from the evil side.

    Now, about the Tree of Life. From our point of view, the Tree of Life has a special meaning, it’s much more than just a tree. Now I would have to give you a whole lecture about it but as I can’t I will ask you to just consider it and then if you have some more questions I can answer you afterwards. So the Tree of Life basically shows the perfected man. The one who reaches perfection centered on God. Here we see that the tree of Life was seperated into 2( plus weirdly enough there a blood shots when it gets ripped…when you cut a tree, do you see blood coming out of it?? This is a reference to the act of the original sin. hint: The original sin isn’t just eating an apple^^).

    What does it mean???
    Well basically, when Adam and Eve fell, they came under the dominion of satan. They left God. But the possibility to return to God’s side still remained. This means in both case, human beings could reach oneness with their master. So there are basically at the moment 2 trees.The problem is that one is doomed to perish and one will prevail. (Hint: In the clip it says that a new world will appear when evil purifies, basically when it will be overwhelmed by goodness, when the tree of LIfe under the dominion of satan will come back to the side of God, in other words when human kind will come back under God’s dominion, Satan knows God’s plans and he knows he will eventually fail but he still clings on).

    When you study religion, you learn as well that at the Fall of Man, There were lots of Angels and a few Archangels. When satan( originally Lucifer, the closest archangel to God) left God’s side, a whole bunch of angels tagged along and went down with him. Hence this stuff about the 12 forces who divided into 2 to be in the 2 worlds created. This could be the good angels and the evil ones. They are represented by EXO members… Do you know what is particular to angels??? They’re very good looking… weird or not? Also, you see throughout the clip the members having different supernatural powers, and at one point one of them has fire angel wings coming out….

    Why are they talking so much about 2 worlds made on the same pattern and which are coming to a point where they will unite???

    This video clip is basically telling the truth but it said by evil forces. Why is that? Because throughout the whole clip you can’t see one single thing that makes you feel good or comfortable, it’s just dark scenes and weird ones.

    This is the meaning I understand of this clip, in this world, this year 2012 we are at the point when the good part and the evil one are being at the same level, the evil one is going down and the good one is going up. The problem is, the evil one is going to try it’s best to knock the good down as muc has it can.

    That’s why I was really shocked as well by BIG BANG group with “Fantastic baby” which was really provocative and scary at the same time. Evil is going to hit harder and harder, trying to bring as much people down as possible throwing out all its hooks. It’s like if Evil was putting all its tricks of violence, sexuality, disorder in action to atttract as much people as possible with it. EXO members probably don’t know at all all of this and they are just following blinded by fame and coolness. I find it a pity cuz they’re really good. So In clear, SM IS going after money, that’s correct, but the way they’re are taking could probably not be their own choice but some other people behind putting pressure on ways to use. If you don’t believe all this it’s fine, I’m just wondering why provocative and sexual related MVs have so much success among younger generations, and why the maturity and level of the youth in this world is getting limited to sex, party, alcohol, and studies….

    As for the use of the signs, I would say that nowadays, when you say something that everyone thinks it’s weird, it could be in fact very true… When you bring the illuminati subject up, you’re taken for a fool. Illuminatis probably are just having some fun because they know no one will stand up top anymore because they have created a society where no one can move, everyone feels pressured and hopeless because it seems that to become someone in this world it’s impossible, …when actually you could…. but only a few people know that….

    This video is extremely significative. and those who don’t have an analytical mind will surely fall in the trap as tons and tons of people are doing nowadays. Of course I am not saying to not listening to Kpop, because I believe it is something that God is developping but that satan is using at the moment. One day, Kpop’s influence will be used by God and it will blossoms even moreand in the right direction.

    Oh I was going to forget. We believe that the Messiah is already on earth since 1920’s, and that God’s homeland will be made in Korea….Probably some of you will make internet researches….you’ll find tons of bullshit about us but if you’ve been thinking about illuminatis, I guess you’re different and I hope you won’t fall into the same trap as many who just believe whatever they find on the internet or in the newspapers.

    Isn’t it weird? Korea is the country which has the most faithfull christians….but It is also the only country in the world who has the worst dictatorship in the country, which totally denies God….It is probably the last country which has a division within itself but that the people in it ( well not the younger generation) really want to reunite.
    It’s the only country with Isreal which developped the fastest in less than 50 years. The one who has got an enormous potential in influencing the world through culture, music, arts, technology. Isn’t it weird? Why illuminatis are trying so badly to get a hold of this influence and infiltrated it?

    Think about it….and one stuff learn korean, cuz the next world is going to be centered on that country….

    OMG This post was like frikkin long, I’m sorry anyways hopefully it was understandable > <!
    Good day to everyone!

    • Guest said:

      I’m going to hold my tongue on this one because I love you.
      But If I see any more of this insane shit (referring to Aki’s comment), I’m going to have no choice but to counter it. Someone has to.

      • aki said:

        Hey man! Why do you need to hold back, just say what you believe in.^^ I don’t really care if you destroy all my arguments, it’s cool, we’re here to reflect^^ Love you too!

    • This is really a detailed thought and being around in Kpop from the same period like you, I do agree. The main problem of why many fans refuse to consider this is because they are so into the group and choose to turn a blind eye over this matter. Even if they do not want to believe it, I think they should somehow see how it does make sense in some way and stop accuse those who believe as a fool. I mean, for real, we have these genius like Einstein and Stephen Hawking making formulae but it sounds stupid once it’s not related to human logic? /smh

      • Venny said:

        I agree. In my opinion, I think many K-Pop fans turn a blind eye on this since they’re literally /worshipping/ these idols, believing that they’re just pure innocents and such. Meh.

    • SM said:

      I was looking for this kind of analysis about EXO’s mv and there I found kpopinfiltrated website and Aki’s reflexion.
      Sorry if this is a bit sudden Aki but… I get the feeling that I may/might know you. Like does ‘hare dantai’ rings a bell to you (I don’t mean to sound stalkerish, just want to make sure I’m thinking right so sorryyy)

      • aki said:

        haha jokes, yes that’s me… c’est toi safia? Anyways yup that’s correct.

      • saf said:

        Hi Kpop infiltrated,
        May I bother you with a request? I wish, if possible of course, that you could delete the post I signed with “SM” as my username (and this one post at the same time). I hope you would be kind enough to do that for me, if possible again. Thankyou~

    • Saf' said:

      Oui c’est moi. Eeee no joke ahah je m’y attendais pas non plus ! xo
      Well thank you for sharing your knowledge, it helped indeed especially concerning the Tree of Life (the smoke and so on) The most convincing reasoning I’ve read so far, I think even if someone does not believe in the concept of the original sin he should admit at least that in MAMA’s intro it is clear that it is what is being introduced.
      Keep it up then =)

    • Anon said:

      I honestly think that you have way to much time on your hands with this very long post…KPOP has changed over the years as technology and trends change.
      I do not see anything wrong with these videos and quite enjoy their music.They are just kids trying to make something out of themselves . You and most people are influenced by internet and television ,that is a pure sign of weakness…if your faith is strong and you believe in your Higher power this this kind of music videos shouldn’t bother as you should know where your faith lies.
      Every new artist that is coming now are suddenly illuminati? come on really?
      You yourself brand these people that shows how evil your thoughts are that you only see negativity in people that succeed instead of actually being proud of how far they have come.
      Listening to their music does not make me a non believer of my Higher power and does not make me lose my faith as my faith is strong..
      I enjoy their music they good to look at ,why cant I admire beautiful things after all God created all things beautiful including Exo.

      So seriously practise what you preach,give these boys a break!


      • Venny said:

        I believe that aki is trying to explain the symbolism in the video, and I also believe that EXO (and probably most of the new K-Pop bands out there) have no other choice but to follow what the superior asked them to do.

    • ' said:

  12. okay, i love EXO and other KPOP entertainers. i’ve heard a lot of things similar with this. But, let’s think clearly that this maybe true, but, why should think this seriously. we just love EXO as a boyband and that’s it.

    • A said:

      They use these entertainers & this music to keep you stupid.
      They use it to keep you in a primitive, non-thinking, pleasure-seeking state of mind.
      They use it to keep you preoccupied with thoughts of things such as boyfriends/girlfriends, marriage, sex and reproduction.
      You may not think much of this because you’ve been trained to believe it’s normal to be preoccupied with such things, but it actually isn’t.
      Humans in this day & age quickly grow beyond any preoccupation with such things and they become much more intelligent and much less driven by selfish desires.
      Things such as pop music are used to keep you from growing beyond this preoccupation.
      You are part of what is regarded as the cattle of the human population and there are advanced humans who believe that they need to keep you in a cattle-like state of mind.
      There are two groups of advanced humans currently at war with each other. The evil ones who want to keep the majority of the world’s population fairly stupid so that they can be easily controlled, and the good ones who believe that no humans should have power over other humans and that all humans should advance to the higher, non-primitive states.
      The evil group is currently more powerful and they are winning the war.

      That’s all I know about this.
      I don’t know about the signals & symbols being described on this site and I don’t know who would be putting them in these videos or why. I could only guess.
      Though I can say that the evil people in power do not believe in, or worship, Satan or any other deity.

  13. A logical person who also believes in God said:

    First of all, you are grossly misinterpreting the definition of “illuminati”. It was a group of Enlightenment thinkers who founded a secret society, much like the Freemasons (who, in fact, were the rivals of the Illuminati). Second of all, I think you’re looking too deeply into things. I believe in God, but I have no religion because let’s face it, religion is just a group of people who tell you to believe in what they think is right, and if you don’t you’re persecuted for it. True faith, I think, is an individual’s connection to God. All you’re doing here, is grossly abusing God’s name to fit your own agenda. If I’m to be quite honest, in my opinion it’s all you psychotic fundamentalist Christians who are striving for a new world order, one that fits your super conservative and superstitious decrees. God gave us free will for a reason, and you’d do well to remember that. Last but not least, what ever happened to believing in the golden rule? Treat others as you want to be treated? How would you like it if someone picked apart every fiber of your being and accused every bit of it as pointing to evil? Honestly I think it’s sad how you all think you’re ranting and raving, turning something that’s supposed to bring happiness to the fans and subjecting it to your twisted reality. Get a grip.

    • aki said:

      Okay, the golden rule, right…sorry, what was the whole point of your message? ohhh yeah don’t point the finger at people….yeeeiii 🙂 You certainly had a bad experience with religion and never wanted to hear of it anymore I guess…. Well that won’t help you cuz if you want to find God on your own you’ll manage it…but if you want to understand Him, then you won’t get that far. The fact is, I am not Christian but I believe that all religions have 80% similiar or identical teachings and only 20% differences.Which means, don’t study only your religion but go study others as well. That’s what I do. Don’t point your finger to religious people if it’s because you got hatred against them.
      You know what in my case,I’d be persecuted for believing in God. If you’re persecuted for not believing in God you don’t know how lucky you are…
      But if it’s just that you don’t to change yourself and you’re fine with todays society. If so, then…. have a good life, welcome in Teletubiz land…where everything is pink and nice…sorry…

      • Nikoru said:

        I’m sorry but.. if it wasnt for religion we wouldnt have as much war and hatred in the world. Just saying, take a look at Israel… Im not saying that religion is bad but, people dont have to be in a religion to understand or be connected with god.
        Because churches and religon back then was used to gain power over the people and for money.. People have to realize that religion isnt for everybody… but just because they arent in a religion or the same religion as you doesnt mean they should be looked down upon.

  14. Thomas said:

    Hi KpopInfiltrated,
    I’m very happy to have found your website. I have something I want to share with you. Never have I been so convinced of a sinister force behind K-pop until I read the English translation of EXO-K’s “Angel.” Here they are:

    This moment feels like I was born as a child who knew nothing
    I closed my eyes again in case it would be a dream
    You were standing in front of my desperate self and praying
    Just once, I want to walk side by side with you

    Taken by the soft wind to your world
    You asked me brightly where I came from to your side
    And I told you that It was a secret
    Wherever we walk together
    Will be paradise

    You are an eye-blinding entity compared to Michael
    Who would remember you, I will not forgive it
    Like the beginning when stepping into Eden
    Believing you every day from the bottom of my heart

    I alway want to protect you
    So that even the small things won’t tire you out, I’m eternally in love

    As your guardian, I will block the stiff wind
    Even though people turn their backs to you
    If I could become the person
    Who can wipe your tears on a tiring day
    It will be paradise

    I, who has fallen in love with no other place to
    Go back, my wings have been taken away (oh no)
    Even though I lost my everlasting life, the reason to my happiness
    You are my eternity Eternally Love

    _ _ _ _ _

    I am convinced that these lyrics are referring to Lucifer, the fallen angel. It seems obvious. “You are an eye-blinding entity compared to Michael.” This line pokes fun at Michael, a good angel, and references a blinding light. Lucifer is symbolized by light as the light bringer. “stepping into Eden/Believing you every day.” I don’t know what else to say, it seems so clear to me, and frankly scary.

    Please let me know what you think.


    • Thank you for sharing your findings, Thomas.

      This the most obvious display of occultism I’ve seen from SM and it points in a negative direction for all other SM artists and KPOP as a whole. Anticipate an analysis in the coming week.

      • Thomas said:

        I’m so happy to hear your response! Regarding the lyrics, someone on YouTube said it is supposed to be “Who would oppose you” instead of “Who would remember you”. The consensus on the YouTube video seems to be that the song is about an angel (probably an EXO member) gave up heaven to be with a girl from Earth. This doesn’t seem to fit really. The reference to Michael is still unwarranted, and I don’t see how calling a girl “eye-blinding” is a compliment.

        I knew from the beginning that there was something fishy about EXO, but honestly, I’m really sad about it. “Angel” sounds like such a beautiful song, and the group and their story is so cool… Why does it have to be steeped in evil? Why isn’t anyone in the mass media on the good side? It’s sad and frustrating… I don’t know what to believe anymore! However, I’m looking forward to your analysis as there is currently nothing on this topic online. I will continue to keep my eyes on the look out let you know what I find!


    • Jen said:

      Just wanting to make a note here about the whole “blinding light” thing….Things get lost in translation, and I see you have taken the English translation in a very literal sense.
      This line: “You are an eye-blinding entity…” Whoever it was on the net that translated these lyrics had translated the korean word 눈부신 VERY LITERALLY into English. And I mean, VERY. A more appropriate English equivalent would be something along the lines of “dazzling”.

      p.s. Girls’ Generation – Gee in the first line of the chorus:
      너무 반짝반짝 눈이 부셔 no no no no
      english: He twinkles brightly, my eyes are dazzled no no no no

      눈이 부셔 (nuni busyeo) is the same as 눈부신 (nunbusin).

      Not all kpop fans who translate lyrics into English are lyrical geniuses, and a large number have varying degrees of fluency in English and/or Korean. One must take these points into consideration before diving in and analysing these translated lyrics of Korean songs.

      • Thomas said:

        It does seem to be really difficult sometimes to translate from Korean to English. Thanks for your note. What do you make of the reference to Michael?

    • Naomi said:

      I believe the lyrics refer to Lucifer and Satan too. The Arch angel Michael in the book of Revelation is actually Jesus Christ Himself heading the army fighting the Devil and his minions. It’s one of His many titles.
      It appears even the song writers and producers in Sm are involved in occultism as well. How else would they know what lyrics to write.
      Those are some of the worst lyrics I’ve read in kpop and they give me goosebumps. Its pure Luciferian worship. Along time ago they wouldn’t be so obvious but now they don’t even bother to hide. Most people don’t have a clue to the downright evil that is going on because their eyes are closed even when the signs are right before their faces.

      • Thomas said:

        OK, wow. So reading the comments on this video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bewParlnTQ) no one, and I mean NO ONE, seems to care about the reference to Michael OR the losing of the wings, OR the fact that he gave up heaven and eternal life. LIKE HELLO? I can’t help but be SO annoyed by this. People are gushing, thinking the song is so romantic, that the reference to Michael just means that the song is dedicated to a girl who is more beautiful than an angel. I have no words for how ignorant people are. I’m thankful there are at least three of us on this entire planet who care about this.

    • mytestimony said:

      My wings are already gone
      My eternal life has been taken away, oh no

      Part from EXO – M’s Angel.
      After reading your comment, now I know the real meaning of this song. 😦 It is really referring to Lucifer’s story. And you know, SHINee’s Lucifer? Who in the world will entitle your song as Lucifer? SM ent is so obvious! But I feel sad for the boys’ innocence? Im not sure if they really know nothing about this. 😦

      • Septia said:

        I think that’s true. Because, the dance of Shinee Lucifer is having a dance like they are the toy of something. ‘Something’, i think you know what i mean here ..

        In J-pop, there is a song with title Illuminati by Malice Mizer
        Yeah, i think illuminati has been spread out in this world
        Western, Korean, Japan, Indonesian, and what song again that has illuminati sign?
        This is really suck, what pop song that doesn’t have illuminati sign?
        I really feel sad to know that i’m a fan of a toy of illuminati …

      • SM is just too much hw can do tht to them 😦

      • Tang said:

        that’s not the meaning of the song you idiot. i speak fluent mandarin and english, i asked my PARENTS to translate some of the harder parts for me once. it doesnt mean that

      • angel said:

        It’s true! Why dont you use your brain and think about it people.. You can admire k-pop artists or listen on their songs but do not freaking idolize or make them as your obsession because they are some illuminati puppets. They use exo members to worship satan and they doesnt even know about it. And I think SM entertainment is responsibe for this.

    • OMG dude u are so ryt IM SO SHOCKED WHY EXO????why are these ppl like tht?why bring religion into songs…SM how could they do tht to those cute boys….well it says beauty is only skin deep but seriously???when i saw mama MV ididnt though of anything i though those were just powers or something i mean they have movies made with those powers and when they wear those hoods i knew they were saying careless carelss blah blah but ever since my sis told me ppl have been saying stuffs i decided to see i been reading a few other links …. although im a muslim i didnt knw but the tree is kinda u knw it even have some fruits when satan tell adam to eat the fruit from the tree which god (allah) forbidden adam eats and falls from the sky to the earth so im kinda SHOCKED :\ oh why EXO??? 😦

    • Venny said:

      You know SM. They will do anything just to get more money. Years ago, SM is still ‘innocent’ about it, but ever since EXO appeared, and SHINee’s song ‘Lucifer’, they didn’t held back and just unleash the darker side of them, and yes, illuminati involved. Just have a look at EXO’s new MV, ‘Wolf’. Even more obvious signs of illuminati and Satan are present.
      The world just doesn’t get any better each day, really.

  15. Heavenlylight said:

    You don’t wake up one day and say I am going to become a good or bad person.
    Everything around you whether its the media, school, or your family, slowly changes you into who you are.
    The same goes with watching music videos, reading, movies, and being friends with the wrong people. Your subconscious mind takes in everything around you, if you are seeing people respecting their elders, then you will do the same as you grow up, if you see a bunch of half dressed boys and girls not respecting each other on t.v. then what makes you think you won’t start doing the same. what really blows my mind is that when a girl is
    wearing butty shorts or a mini dress and then gets pissed off at guys treating her like a sex object.
    That is what happens when you jump on the bandwagon…and before anyone bashes my comment, I am a girl.

  16. It’s just too obvious… There’s no point denying. It has too much ‘that’ elements even just from their logo. Too much triangle shape, if you understand what I mean. Don’t get it? Just forget my bluff… ^.^

    But whatever. It’s not anymore a new thing in showbiz. Not only Kpop, but also other genre. It’s a common thing if you insert some illuminati/satanism/blah blah blah and then you got famous.(−_−;) Whether it just a trick to make EXO more famous even before they debuted or at the beginning of their career, or Kpop (SM, in this context) really intentionally insert the elements to spread their belief, that’s not my concern. (^-^;

    I just hope that my crazyness over those boys won’t influence my belief, my religion practice in ALL aspects. (-人-) I’ll just try to enjoy their music, their dance, their ‘alien’ concept and *cough* their gorgeous and eye-refreshing visuals (esp my baby Lulu) (o⌒.⌒o)

    You always can enjoy the music, even the looked-so-obvious lyrics from different points of view anyway. You can try to seek another point of view to enjoy the song without being distractred with “the real meaning behind” the lyrics… Shoot anonymous..anonymous… (I interpret that as a soldier involved in a war that anonymously, randomly shoot whoever citizen pass in front of his eyes :-P) <( ̄∇ ̄)

    • Thomas said:

      It really almost seems like a fad over there, doesn’t it? I wonder if in South Korea they have a name for the symbolism and everything, leaving us Westerners to interpret it with our own filter. I remember in an episode of Dream High 2, the one guy who is nervous repeats to himself, “I am not myself and myself is not me” or something like that, and his friend asks him what he’s doing, he replies, “Mind Control.” Going by this, I think perhaps this whole issue is actually a overt one in South Korea.

  17. careless said:

    I feel really bad for people believe in the illuminati. 😦

  18. boy3star said:

    thanks ^____^

  19. Refrain from posting messages with derogatory insults to other commenters’ religions. Such comments WILL be deleted.

    • Real Truth said:

      Looks like you’ve got a lot of deleting to do then then, because there are a lot of derogatory comments here about the religion of the Illuminati.
      You can’t bash one evil religion and defend another my friend.

      • Only the Illuminati is not a religion so much as it is an organization, a network of people who share the same vision for the world — a future that looks bleak for the majority of us. Satanism would be their religion of choice and if that is what you subscribe to, Real Truth, then you are not welcome to dictate how I run this blog.

  20. Real Truth said:


    All I ask is that you not censor the comments of people who are trying to awaken these brainwashed Christians.
    Christianity is extremely dangerous and we cannot just sit back and continue to watch it spread.
    If you’re going to allow Christians to spew their insanity here, you should also allow non-Christians to counter it with sanity, otherwise you’re supporting the insanity and the spread of Christianity.

    • I do not prohibit respectful discussions in line with the subject of this blog. Any other comments, derogatory in nature, will be removed.

  21. Saf said:

    Let me add my 2 cents..
    Like a lot of people I also wondered (because I’m a bit ignorant to begin with) whether the symbolism is to take seriously or whether it is simply that sm ent. is following one ”trend” without feeling concerned or being aware that it signifies more than a trend in western music industries (I don’t have a clue what kind of relationship Kpop entertainments and western’s have.) Nevertheless since sm ent. is slowly trying make it worldwide ‘symbolism trend’ could be a way to appeal to western market. BUT, I took some time reading comments on exo’s videos and it seems to me now that all the symbolism and stuff has absolutely nothing to do with the band’s success and that on the contrary it seems to be what caused some people consider that it totally messed up exo’s debut. In fact how many people (fans included) claimed they just didn’t bother themselves and purely skipped the intro. Complained they had no idea what story the mv wants to convey. One compared the intro with avatar… another with kung fu panda.. the storyteller’s voice was also sarcastically compared to dumbledore’s. Might sound funny to us but is sm ent. laughing along? I don’t think they want to be laughed at, they rather seem to be seriously into their whole concept. I am aware of all that illuminati thing but I must say I find it quite complex since it involves so many different aspects of life and I would agree if one said there is no way SMent. would want their fans, young people to understand and master it all…that there is no point in it..but then why take the risk to introduce all these mysterious things to them and make it sooo big?? It did not even attract people, it repulsed them. And it is not the test for a new stylish trend because since the group is actually called ‘EXO from exoplanet yada yada’ they have no choice but to keep on with this identity concept even in case of commercial failure of the mama album. They perfectly know what they are doing, I believe everything is taken into consideration, as precise and detailed as the dance moves or the hair’s clean cut.

    I think the same goes for artists providing symbolism like gaga. ‘judas’ is (from what I heard) the least successful single of her carreer? But knowing it is also the most religious-oriented (in term of symbolism of course) mv she’s promoted and the most booed one (not only by religious people) it just makes sens to me: fan communities and most teens in general only expect to dance,enjoy,forget or cry over a song and certainly not to overthink abt some of its hidden meaning or esoteric aspect, do they. Having fun, dressing a certain way, letting everything go and all is what matters to the audience. Symbolism? Nah, they don’t care! They don’t wanna sit and study, correct me if I’m wrong ><' …so.. whyyyy jayZ&cie just keep going on with a trend that never figured out to be one successful after all? Yes these people are still selling well but the whole 'symbolism part' doesn't seem to overly excite the crowd not to say that it bores it. The persistance and perseverance of these businessmen to blow symbolism despite this is smthing to think about.

    To get back to exo, I think SMent. providing the supernatural concept isn't a business strategy aiming for money. SMent is no beginner, the company knows that a wiser marketwise solution to increase 'fangirling' for exemple would have been to give each member equal screening time lol (bcause that seem to matter so much to exo fangirls, " I don't give a **** about superpowers, just give *name* a chance!! " type of comments are so plenty lol). Will they change their method and lessen the symbols, only time will tell~

    If I dare drawing my own conclusions already I would say that symbolism is no commercial thing (does not help increase anything) but rather something some are forced to forcing its implant into people's mind whether they like it or not ..a kind of subliminal message thing? Like people could come to like it in an unconscious way just because it is related to their favorite artists or their hobby. They would unconsciously register the symbols as smthing they agree with, something they would recognize as good. (does all of this make sens v.v)

    Oh and like others I also thought Kpop really digged the pure/cute style, it has proven to be really popular during the days of superjunior debut for exemple (also 'puritism' in most of korean dramas is well known and I may be wrong but I think it is an important and popular part of korea's culture in a way). Well they did swing between dark and light concepts ever since their very debut but nowadays it just seem to be dark everywhere anytime. Feels like they want us thinking innocence/purity is not so 'in' anymore. I mean B2ST is pronounced beast, you know what it is. Recently Xia and his brother's 'tarentallegra' production, the whole package is just you just know what I mean. B.A.P's lyrics are quite strong too. In no time it is becoming common to be that dark in kpop exactly like it has become in US pop music (not that it had always been perfectly clean and such but anyway..). Moreover I know I should not judge anyone but I can't help but feel disturbed when I see what some of kpop artists are doing while saying openly they are christian o_o Like Xiah is christian but his music is turning evil, devilish? And Suju's Siwon who claims to be one devouted christian but nonetheless still strikes a pose in panties splashed with blood for 'superman' promotional shooting. I know he's under contract but still for me that was the last straw that broke the camel's back eh.. (also reminds me of britney spears' virginity big lie heh)

    I don't know, told you that was just my 2cents.

    please forgive me if my english is broken ,

    • Naomi said:

      Your right there a lot of celebrities who say they are christian but their actions are completely against what the Bible teaches.
      I was very shocked at Junsu’s tarantallegra pictures. I decided not to watch the video because it seemed so dark for me to view judging from the pictures. I honestly thought jyj left Sm and tvxq because of what they were being asked to get initiated in occultism to progress further. However like KPOPinfiltrated wrote jyj’s situation is not an improvement except they have different agency and better pay. Perhaps jyj tried to fight it until they couldn’t anymore for whatever reasons. Something about the whole break up doesn’t add up.

      It seems to me these people are Christians when it suits them and when it doesn’t they turn to occultism. They say one thing but act in contradiction to what they say. That’s why we can’t put our trust in human beings. So many people idolize them and believe every word that comes out of their mouths and twitter but a lot of them are not being honest at all.
      I realize its easy for me to say they should get out and save their souls but these celebrities have to walk away from everything they’ve worked hard for since they were young teenagers. That’s why very few people ever manage to walk away and start afresh and it takes guts and complete trust in God to do that. Having said that I hope some of them will be able to leave kpop behind and get out of the entertainment industry completely.

      When some of them try to alert the public to what is really going on bad things start to happen to them and some of them end up dead. They must have a lot of pressure and fear in their everyday lives. They probably can’t tell their families and some close friends about it unless they are in the same industry with them and initiated. I can’t imagine living like that. All that fame and fortune really does come at a very high price. I know they made the choice to get involved but I really don’t think they knew just how bad it would be. I still believe very few in kpop know and are initiated in occultism. I think bigbang, tvxq, jyj and super junior are involved. I’m not to sure about the girl groups maybe snsd, brown eyed girls and wonder girls could be involved too.

      • Saf said:

        Naomi I get what you mean.
        I could also feel compassionate if those who became celebrities were in fact turned against their original belief due to overwhelming work or else that causes blindness/indifference to them being controlled and pulled away from God.

        But those celebs could also never have been God believers in the first place. I imagine it could be a lie the “leaders” require them to propagate to better crush God down when the celeb has enough recognition. Dunno. I think I believe this because foremost I find it weird and unnecessary to have one celeb specify his spiritual belief. Might be that they talk sh#t to better refute afterwards.
        I know their lives is none of our business nor do they have direct repercussion on our lives either but the fact there could be lies, as insignifiant as they could be just speaks so much for the way medias treat people. Just this fact is such a turn-off.

        We seem to be few to realise amoung “kpop lovers” , I even came across an acquaintance on this website, not that it is a bad thing on itself But sadly it prouves how few we are, I mean this is WORLD WIDE Web right >< (So, hey so few people I am no one to tell but, why do you feel the urge to apology when posting a long text? ^^)

  22. eyoung said:

    Okay guys, don’t take this too long. This is only entertaiment, if we have our own religion, so just keep strong it. And I’m also have a religion, I’m a moslem, but I still like exo. I know if there is an “illuminati think” in their video, yea whatever, something like that -___-
    So, i think if you like exo, so yea just love them, but keep your religion strong, and don’t take the iluminati side I guess. That’s all, it’s only my opinion.
    Keep love exo, but keep your own religion also

    • Saf said:

      I am a god believer also and I like kpop too, even “dark” songs. One of my favorite part in mama is when they go georgian choirs sang in korean about the devil, how bad is that ;- {
      I think I allow myself listening to it because I ain’t fluent in korean. Also I might’ve been overreacting in my previous post : I, just like Eyoung, still enjoy it as not only I hope but I believe music is not harmful enough to encroach on our strong faiths and also bcause I find kpop still being trivial… but my reaction partly comes from the fact that I would be kinda disappointed if I had to “quit” kpop and that wouldn’t be because there’s the risk of being brainwashed but just because it’ll become simply unwatchable like it has become elsewhere (let’s not call it hypersensitivity, it is just smthg else here).

      In fact I like kpop<3 Hopefully it'll remain OK but let's be glad we are aware at least. I also don't wanna become paranoiac (would be sad to see triangles when they actually are squares xp)
      Still there's a trap we should avoid falling into and I don't want to feel ashamed of it anymore.

    • Ifa said:

      Assalamualaikum Eyoung!
      We are the same, moslem. Allah and Rasulullah SAW reminds us to not follow a group who bring pleasure-oriented life. they dont care about life after death but moslems do. do you forget it? rereading your Qur’an every day can be best filter. the more you listening their song (hollywood, k-pop and other songs which are full of sex, love, sorrow content), the more you get stubborn, being blind on how society get worse day by day on one power controls the world. we lose our criticism. be careful about how much time we waste afterall, to surfing, download, watch and get dazzled by their music performance. Be aware on how bad entertainment industry is fooling people around just to keep us in stupidity and they came out as the most wealthy and intelligent society in the world.

      In my past, I underestimated the effect of listening them until it get worse. I kept loving their music and dance even though I knew the messages. I thought the messages was not my concern. many years living with them, I couldn’t understand other’s feeling included my family’s, not aware about social norm,become not sociable, not responsible on my life role while my environment is quite good to protect their member to maintain cohesiveness in social and religion norms. when did I realize all the way happened is related to music? when I get addicted by using tens of hours per week just want to know more about their update songs or their daily lives. I lost my focus, didnt concentrate on many task, always expect for their upcoming music, become lazy and not move to go outside doing positive activities to my society, I was not confidence on my capabilities because I didn’t use time to exercise my skills, no desires to participated in self-improvement training. I often imagined all good events will happen to me, and I knew I lied to my self to cover my anxiety to future. whenever I get frustrated facing life, I ran away and listened to them. and guess what, I had bad stress management. I couldn’t handle problem. only became envy on my other youths who have achievement in academic and society area. I just had the guts to quit after my life ruined. I’m 22 now and so shock that I lost so many years to do useful things. how many achievement I reached? What did I to my community? Regretfully, so little hardly nothing!

      I quit from my habit to listen to hollywood and another song full of wasteful messages after many things is difficult to resolved. now, I make my move. I quit! Bad news, sometimes I miss them, and I download again till I get fever just to hold my hand back from tuts. visiting this website help me so much to endure and get back to ‘recovery’. believe me eyoung and all my friends here, compared to other addiction, it’s really biggest thing. they change our thoughts, perspective, lifestyle and our faith step by step to make them keeping tight as part of ours. all in one package!

      Especially for eyoung and other moslems in the world, to know that you get involved deeply in their song and their lifestyle you can check your prayer and feeling. do you still do it five times a day? do it on time after adzan? could you do it with khusyu’ (focus to Allah, our Rahman and Rahim)? do you still read Qur’an regularly? Do you easily get distracted and anger of small things? And, once more. you can’t memorize Quran well although it’s just Juz 30. I proved it. I left all above while I was in my peak addiction. I really regret. hope Allah forgive me. and I’m sure He will. I won’t fall down to the same hole twice.
      Now, my life gets better. I can’t miss my second chance. who knows when I die.

      If you keep denying it and enjoying the music after the truth is opened up in front of your eyes, it mean your heart can’t accept any advices. not because you don’t know, but you don’t want to admit it. Back to Qur’an and Hadits, Allah and Rasul has given us solution, the way of life to glorify our humanity.
      Hope Allah will bless your step to walk in right path.

      and you guys, all of you have your own faith source to lean on, keep the faith on the way of life God ask you. May God save us from satan sweet persuasion.

      Hey, admin. Thank you very much for info. You and other illuminati-concern people participate in helping me to change and keep consistent. thank you!

  23. Naomi said:

    I don’t think exo know at this point what they are truly involved with. If they become really successful after a few years, they will tell them the big secret and they will have a choice whether to get out or get in and get even bigger. Right now they are just doing whatever Sm wants. Obviously the top people at Sm know and are involved in occultism and provide the concepts of these videos with all the signs and symbols sending a certain message to the the whole music industry who they truly worship and which side they are on. Its good for business but they are not thinking about the long term repercussions especially to do with their souls when they willingly and intentionally get involved with the evil side of the world. Of course in occultism they twist it around and call it the light instead of the dark side.

    @ eyoung I don’t think as people we are that strong to keep our beliefs strong while continuing to watch and listen to satanic and luciferian music and lyrics. We are so brainwashed because we have been hearing this kind of music since we were babies still in diapers. Its actually very hard to cut it out completely out of our lives because its everywhere. I found out that in the American and British music industries, before their music released to the public, they pray(if you can call it that) and do rituals over the albums so they can sell well but also entice people with their messages and indoctrinate or brainwash them.

    We have to be alert, we have to watch ourselves, we have to watch out for our brothers and sisters, we have to watch what going on in the world, we have to watch what the enemy is doing and we have to be prayerful and faithful. We can’t do that while listening and watching to all the stuff that is meant to be brainwashing us. We are all gullible and vulnerable especially if we keep listening and watching these videos for so many years.
    We should ask ourselves why we listen and watch these videos. What do we really gain from them. What do the lyrics mean and what message are they conveying. Is it true, is it admirable, is it noble, is it pure. We have to be careful what we let in our minds because there is the subconscious part of our brain that lets in everything we hear and watch whether we are aware of it or not. We should cut that type of music out of our lives, its not easy and I struggle with it personally but with God’s help I know I can do it. I have never listened to exo or any of the new groups nor do I know their names but I struggle with other groups especially the old ones from 2004 lets say, although I’m trying to cut down.

    Sorry about the long essays, I always have too much to say. Thanks KPOPinfiltrated for opening our eyes yet again.

  24. Naomi said:

    Nikoru, there have always been wars and trouble in this world before there was any organized religion. As long there is sin in this world there will always be problems in this world religion or not.
    I agree that you don’t have to belong to any religion to understand God.

  25. I myself have been doing research on EXO(although for different, but similar, reasons). I have notice that there is definitely something…I’ll say..something special about EXO. I strongly believe in god(and even other religions) and I’m not taken from my belief in my religion at all, and I don’t understand how this could be brainwashing for people to worship satan or anything.. Yes, I agree that EXO DOES have SOME KIND of connection to the Illuminati, but I don’t think its in a way to try and get people to worship satan, but more in a way…to inform/warn people about whats to come? I can’t really explain it in depth(maybe when it gets closer to.. the right time? I will).
    Most people really wouldn’t notice these types of things about EXO because they are too busy fan-girling over them, and so I’m really glad that you(and some others) have been more aware that…they aren’t normal.

    • gvyfcgfl Cala_ said:

      I guess you’re probably right saying illuminatis don’t really want average people getting into prayer, ritual or something of the sort worshipping satan. But I believe maybe they do kind of “brainwash”, just more subtly than that.

      Thing is you think Sment. rather warn/signal than endoctrinate. I think they do both (but depends on what signal you think they want to convey?) because from my POV as a muslim there will come a time of increase of evil that we will stop forbidding and that we should consider as a minor sign of the last day. So I thought, coming from a very likely infiltrated company such as Sm, the “endoctrination” goes along with the “signaling” because that is the way it would make their warning actually take place? But then again it depends on what signal you think they convey

      Still, Bre you got me wondering about your EXO research’s purpose. You seem to see things in EXO that inform you on sthg you are expecting to happen in a near future. I suppose I have a small idea… I can be patient out of curiosity til the “right time” comes when you have the will to extend your comment. ∩_∩

    • shut up said:

      what kind of ‘god’ do you believe in? gods and godesses or God as in God?
      your spelling is wrong, and your theory is wrong too.

  26. Quench said:

    I really thank you for your hard work, people need to know this! And exo’s members are probably victims just like all of us, it’s the upper hand that’s in control.. I disliked the video from the very first moment, people who defend this issue saying its a trend or even a coincidence are definitely brain washed. It’s their duty to intrigue people in order to start the brain wash.. They are being more obvious than ever because they want this new world order to happen ASAP and with people still being stubborn and ignorant to the issue I say they will succeed. This is only the beginning !

    • shut up said:


  27. karasu said:

    did u ever think that all they want to do is to produce music with catchy lyrics and entertaining videos to people. think about, i do not even saw illuminati references until u pointed them out. i think that u are just making it difficult for others to enjoy their music. So there are signs (as u say) of illuminati refernce in the videos, what, do u think that the viewers will immediately see those signs nd start illuminati stuff? it is just people making music and a video that it entertaining to watch. re-think your facts before u point them out to someone.

  28. Shafa BlackJack said:

    are you didn’t saw a pyramid there? i saw it

    • shut up said:

      so what if there’s a pyramid?! it doesn’t make them illuminatis.

  29. Not Convinced said:

    i came, i read every comment. I listened to every point of view and watched every video on the subject yet i still say. This. Is just. a music video.
    No more than that
    and if anybody wants to prove me wrong or attempt to convince me otherwise they can comment, hate on me, i dont care. but i am going to go and listen to some TVXQ and EXO and dance in my kitchen while making my friends dinner.
    But this analysation must have taken a lot of work and if this is what you believe in, that all power to you, we are all entitled to our own opinion.
    hope you all have a nice day 🙂

  30. shut up said:

    they are not illuminatis! just because of the signs shown in the mv doesn’t mean they are one of the illuminatis! please stop bashing or making rumours like this!!! this is just full of nonesense. you don’t know what they are or who they are in person so please don’t start making this stupid commments!!! since you know so much abou illuminati people, you must be one of them? if your gonna say that i’m saying you are one of the illuminatis you’re wrong! i’m just asking!!! why bother them so much?!!! you can destroy their stardom! they even allow lady gaga to do her concert in korea because of her illuminati-nity, now they’re the one being it?! ha!ha!ha! what a brain!!!THIS.IS JUST.A MUSIC VIDEO! these signs that you think are signs for illuminatis are just for show! after all, this is a world of showbiz. so stop making your stupid rumours and mind your own bussiness!

    • shut up said:

      i meant they DON’T even allow lady gaga to do her concert in korea because of her illuminati-nity.,.

      • Tang said:

        they don’t allow lady gaga cause she’d probably get censored you idiot. i believe tv shows have been banned because they were too “sexy” and so have songs because they had slight “sexual meaning”. look at GTOP’s song, Knock Out (something like that)–its censored/banned because it “hints at sexual meanings”

  31. ZONUNI EXO said:

    The concept in mama is very interesting..it represents the Chinese and Korean culture..like in the mv we could see a dragon and a phoenix. In Chinese myth dragon are considered the mightiest creature and are often used to describe their king,and in Korea phoenix represents their queen,so If we look at their teaser we see an eclipse. In olden days in korea their king and queen are put in a separate bedrooms and only durings eclipse they could be together so..when we see the eclipse in the teaser it meant that exo m and exo k unite as ONE..as they olways shout..We are one….its a little confusing right…will explain in more details later…so please show exo’s much much love..p.s HEY ARE NOT ILLUMINATI….IF YOU EVER SAID THAT AGAIN…CHHUGO…ARACHI…

    • shut up said:

      i love your reply!!!

  32. greyshya said:

    you guys are really debating under “two suns”

    you stand up above two different world :
    from a side you see b side as evil ,
    but from b side you see a side as evil

    you won’t be able to make the difference between good and evil

  33. hope said:

    i also want to say in the begining of the song if Exo mama….after the whole tree of life thing,they started sayng nonesense like shoot anonymous and heartless…………..
    #creeped out.

    • shut up said:

      it’s part of the concept, like…the word UNIQUE!!!!!!!
      you guys are taking this whole illuminati thing too seriously!

      • Totoro504 said:

        Part of the concept to trick people into listening to it and helping them lose their souls. Idiot.

  34. 1234_ said:

    @totoro504- how?! your just basing it on the signs that are showed on the mv you dumbhead!!! signs don’t always tell the truth!

    • Totoro504 said:

      Are you kidding me? First of all, don’t even call me a dumb head if you can’t even use correct English grammar you little fuck. You’re trying to tell me that signs don’t always tell the truth? Okay then, look through all of SMENT music videos they posted on youtube. Or just all of K-pop music videos in general. They ALL have a connection one way or another. And then go look up American hip-hop artists music videos like Rihanna or Jay-Z. Same stuff you see. But okay, go ahead. Keep on being an arrogant “dumbhead”. Lol

  35. Nia said:

    I’ll be very simple here 🙂 Illuminati or not (which I’m sure is not) , as long as you still believe in God( in my case, Allah) and you know your limits , you’ll be just fine. I’ve been a KPOP fan for more than 10 years. I’ve heard all this illuminati stuff , I still listen to their music and watch their videos. But at the same time , I believe in Allah and do what he says . As long as you still love God , He’s your number 1, you would totally dont give a shit about these illuminati stuffs.

  36. ime said:

    well, i suggest you to read the last symbol novel about free mason and masonic by dan brown. in my opinion, it’s only symbol, j-u-s-t symbol or fashion, not more. it depends your faith 🙂 what you believe, that’s what become your faith. don’ over think about it and let it go. if you don’t wanna see their symbol, you can start only listening their music. i think their lyrics have no anything to curious about. take it easy guys.

  37. exotic baby said:

    wait, if a dragon in Asian culture is supposed to be a sign of mightiness, longevity, etc. why did they (SM) use a western-styled dragon?
    P.S. No one knows whether EXO or SM are illuminatis unless they actually join SM Entertainment.

  38. -- said:

    This is so ridiculous. You can’t honestly believe that these things mean that it’s a sign of Illuminati. How would you feel if someone accused you of not being Christian and worshiping Satan? Many of those artists are Christian. It’s just a video. Quit trying to look deep into it for reasons to accuse people of worshiping Satan/being against God/whatever. You’re taking a simple music video and trying to find reasons to accuse. As a Christian, I still enjoy listening to K-Pop. It’s not like listening to a song is suddenly going to make me turn away from God and worship Satan. Most people (K-pop artists included) probably wouldn’t even know that some of this stuff can be considered Illuminati unless it was pointed out to them, like you’re doing. Can’t you just leave them alone and let people enjoy the songs? You’re turning people away from K-pop for things that you can’t even be sure about.

    • LAZLO said:

      PPl just pointing out their opinions BRAH ~ And opinions that does really make sense . , , BRAH . . .regain your senses BRAH . . . and read your bible BRAH I can tell that UR struggling . . . and no more shakin like dat . BRAH.

  39. yoonggun said:

    i’m so happy to found this site since i’m curious abt this stuff.

    well, i kinda disappointed why they did it on the exo (simbols). bec as you can see, it was obvious on the video and the song it contain the Illuminati. and you can see that they are different from the others. in a case, the concept and the song.
    the symbol, or what they call the ‘power’ what’s that for? these all is the symbol of illuminate.

    I’m sure there must be purpose behind all this. the illuminati.
    I liked the exo. a lot! i often spazzing about them.
    but, still. I think we should stay focused (ourself) to keep straight. (in our way)
    and who knows maybe the song (as described / translate) contains other meaning that we do not know.
    you must be aware of the word “control”
    know what i mean?
    and according to me, I’m sure that EXO members/SM members is not a illuminates. they have a religion. so, it’s just a concept and demands from SM itself.
    i keep wondering too, Their music is damn awesome. (+ baekhyun, luhan and chanyeol heavy voice, shiettt <3333)btw my fav song is machine. its unique. but, after i c the lyric translation, i kinda get scared.

    you also know the word, "deploy, control, mind" and they do it through music. who knows?

    I think, the point we have to stay focused. I also believe if Illuminati did exist and they have a mission. in this case, for people who has religion, should keep focus.

    so guys, let just loves uri oppa kekeke but still, focus.

    sorry for bad english. sigh.

    peace love and gaul.

    • gthkmdzs Cala_ said:

      I agree with what you wrote and I also used to really like the song machine among all ! But I haven’t noticed smthing especially scary in the lyrics…I wonder what is it. There’s just the first sentence of the song that I don’t think I understand.

  40. exotic baby said:

    actually, i never knew any illuminati symbols before ‘AprilandWayneShow’ made that dumb fucking video about kpop illuminati exposed on youtube.

  41. BeeExotic4Evar said:

    I seriously feel like you’re making too much of a deal with this, lol. I didn’t even know what Illumati, or what ever was until this. LOL.
    But, dude just let people enjoy the music. Most of them are Christian. And just because I listened to this, doesn’t mean I’m going to go to hell. I will always believe in god.

    • LAZLO said:

      Freakin bee , I think UR the deal . . . Seriously , you never think bout the others . . . And although most of them are Christian but they are Asian BRAH . . . think about it . . . every lil sht you know bout Asian( cultures , SAMSUNG , SONY , CNY , etc ) . . . Even without those tight-ass busy schedules , I don’t even think their mind have this lil thought of just to know more bout their Lord , well I mean our Lord . Which means , Christian that is not Christian or unsafe . . . and let these dots be your thoughts . . . . . . .

  42. melati said:

    I want to tell you something, if you say all that artist dont know about illuminati they do (lyric,simbols, etc) ITS WRONG. Before i think like that too. But when i googling about culture and a lot artists, i found totally SURE that they know it. But i dont think all of them is illuminati’s believer. BUT THEY KNOW about their lyric and simbols is illuminati things.
    And why they still do it? MONEY, its bussiness for them not about religion.
    Iam kpopers, and before i tell every one that the artist doesnt know illuminati and just uses. BUT know i grow up enough to realize that ALL THAT ARTIST KNOWS.
    Why i can say this? If you are 18,26,35 and can googling and come in to this topic and read. Why do you think them its stupid enough to NOT KNOW a single think what they do every day in performance and rumours?

    We grow up enough to realize this:
    -Almost all agency in korea makes illuminati mv, simbols, lyric. So its about money (if u read about illuminati you can just search and googling with EVERY languages (so ALL THAT ARTIST that lives in korea-techology city more than me more usually googling, sns with their samsung galaxi s3 or i phone that i dreaming to buy^^)
    They usually search about them self so again THEY KNOW IT ABOUT THIS RUMOUR and what means.

    -If you have korean friends like me its better to know that NOT ALL KOREAN are christian, they basically in modern state is have mix culture. Some not have religion, some have tradition religion, some chatolic and christiant, a lot jehova, and the other have another paradigm believer. Similiar when you go to china for 2years and realize a lot of them isnt budhist but mix and some atheis and money thinker.

    -And i think why the artist still doing it, they use -their brain- not us. So its about their perseption, and i assumsed they think its JUST BUSSINESS.

    -Dont say, “but this artist christian, that artist budha, bla bla bla”, “oh no,they impossible doing it if they know it”, etc.
    I tell u once again, they use their brain not us. Bcos in every country always have REALLY christian thats mean born again and truthfull one, or just the christian’s identity card and never going to church. Or Truly budha or just budha identity card, and another religion.
    So its DEPEND their own faith scale. So dont say that reason again.
    And maybe they all think its not a sin bcoz its just A JOB and BUSSINESS.

    The conclusion that i make its= i dont want to blind fold.
    Yes its illuminati bussiness everywhere (KPOP,EUROPE,and now spread everywhere), yes all that artist not stupid and KNOW it, and yes they have another religion too, yes some them think it just a businness but…
    No, I dont think all of them is illuminati believer but i assumed they have a little-much illuminati paradigm about money bcoz they still young when training day and debut and everyday must doing it so can be a habbit thinking)

    So, i enjoy d music…dance but listen to my realigion music too (bcoz i study that brain its know about means d song feeling that singer perform even we dont know the languages) and yes for film im not watching its nonstop bcoz it sale a dream not a reality (not good for my mind too)^^.
    About the artist? Once again, they use their brain not mine. So let them choose and live as they believe.
    And thanks to entertain me, even i pay for that ^_^

    • LAZLO said:

      Precisely BRAH !

  43. Nicole S. said:

    I, personally, would believe this whole thing is NOT about converting people to some religion. I think this whole thing is just a “face” placed upon a group to make them popular. I only just in the past couple weeks started listening to KPop (I’m more of an American rocker myself), and I have enjoyed the beats and how the music sounds (even though I have no clue on the language and I do not trust goole translations). Because of this, I do not know a thing about the “change” in KPop that people keep mentioning. Though I do want to make one simple observation as an outsider. People were questioning the link between Korea & the West? Maybe SM is trying to feed upon the recent teen obsession with vampire & fallen angel lore in my region (I’ll admit I’m into that kind of story too, but just as an entertaining story!) If you’re from say the USA or England and don’t know about “Twilight”, you’ve probably lived under a rock. That series has made this kind of lore the new “hip” thing in our culture, and I think that’s what SM is getting at. They want a group with an “image” that will be popular and interesting, and I’ll admit I’m impressed at how much thought they have put into it.

    *shrug* That’s just my opinion. We’re talking about the entertainment industry (may they be based in the USA or Korea), and being entertaining is their business. That means following teeny bopper trends however crazy they may be. If making 2 groups of “fallen angels” that will one day restore their world makes them money, by gosh they will do it!

    Just an example: It was the reverse for the American movie industry some years back. Hollywood was at a loss for good horror flicks, so what do they do? They took popular Japanese and other Asian horror scrips and did them in English with minor changes for American society. (The Ring, Pulse, The Grudge are three of the movies I am referring to). Hollywood just assumed that because the movies were popular in say Japan meant they could be popular in America (and most of the movies that were done this way were popular even if most of the public didn’t know they were watching a movie from Asia. Though, a good bit of the “fright factor” was lost because Americans don’t have the same superstitions as other Asian cultures). That’s my main point. SM has probably noticed that this kind of “Story” gets teens in the west all giddy and willing to pay so much money to see a movie about a vampire and/or angel, so maybe the same is possible in Korea for music. It’s business, and they’re here to make money.

    Though to the blog’s creator, thank you for your input. I never would have looked THAT much into a single video. It was quite an interesting read.

  44. melati said:

    I dont want to fight ur analysis about this, but as i know kpop is started before twilight etc (i start liking it when 2004, maybe another people before that). But just NOW famous for all d world.
    But true that all of agency doing this for money (Illuminatus power will pay big deal for everything that promoted them), and yes korean agency copied this style from west like lady gaga-madonna-etc.
    Why? Becoz that illuminati link on it, from person or organization that have power and money and spread this link to west agency-korean agency-another country agency-media-politics-etc.
    And just for you now, the conspiration is now start among us everyday no matter what country u live.

    Just for information so we can ‘get it’ why this topic-kpop illuminatic puppet started (i dont know who started, but its reasonable):

    Illuminati isnt religion, they are organisation that have a goal is to unity all d nation to make the a ‘new world’.
    Basically this paradigm is a idealism, i think similiar and linked with comunis. Illuminaty role is to take control with money, so at least you have money and economic power, u can role this world with any tools like media,music,anything that make all people to be unity in to this paradigm.

    It start with some ‘lost’ pastor name Adam Weishaupt that have another idealism and got dump from church bcoz his ‘different paradigm’ about one world government. Than Illuminaty member called ‘the enLIGHTened’.
    And..Rothchild family (banker dinasty untill now) support him and match well with Weishaupt idealism, Meyer Amschel Rotchcild said,’give me control over a nations economic, and I don’t care who writes its laws’

    Adam Weishaupt write a book, The Novus Ordo Seclorum contains concepts, doctrin, teoritic about one world goverment. This book very famous because no matter what religion that he have, in liberal opinion this book is about great idealism and thinker to role d world that make sense enough with economic strategy.
    Maybe just like Sun tzu strategy book in china that every one can use now but the different is Sun tzu isnt organization and he doesnt have a goal to role this world right?
    And guess? The book name-The Novus Ordo Seclorum- is on American Dollar. So its linked, whoever choose that design, apreciate about this role include the book contain. And for economic industry(it means all that earn money: music,food,transportation,etc) this book are the role to make modern world like chip, europe global money, etc that now started come up one by one
    Adam Weishaupt strategy that he write is:
    1.Monetary and sex bribery was to used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments and other field of endeavor
    2. The Illuminati who were on the faculty of colleges and universities were to cultivate students processing exceptional mental ability and who belong to well-bred families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in internationalism
    3.All influential people who were trapped to come under the control of Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialist
    4.They were to obtain absolute control of the press so that all news and information could be slanted to convince the masses that a one word government is the only solution to our many and varied problems. They were also to own and control all the national radio and TV channels

    In my country i think the number 1 is the problem, for number 2-3-4 i think kpop can be include.
    And maybe they think is a COOL idealism, so not make a big deal even they have another religion. Bcoz that they proud to use ‘illuminaty’ tatoos, symbols, etc that used by their idol (kpop idol have passion with madonna-lady gaga that mention about illuminaty). So they copied, and be pay.

    Warning. It doesnt just ‘some’ idealism. They goal its make a new world. At the end (no matter they said, to let you have religion and let you to believe in God), they goal is erase all the monarchy and religion in this world to be unity goverment. Illuminaty goverment.
    And yes, this symbol and word about a new world they spread to get in into people mind.

    So i like kpop. But i stay in d line what i use to be, and pick what mv and know the meaning so i can refuse the word. If you dont know-it can get in. So i thanksfull to kpop but actually korean reality show that entertain me more. And just pray for them to not be illuminaty puppet. Sentences that i usually say when listen kpop is -their talent is from God-………… and no matter who uses them for ‘another’ goal will be ‘pay’ by Who give it.
    Its called…sow-reap.

  45. miyu84 said:

    I think that you are right. I have heard about Illuminati for quite sometime and literally anyone who has even a little knowledge about them would notice the symbolics used in Kpop and other kinds of music (note that not all music is bad but we are talking here about the kind of market that is used to target us, usually the widely popular American music and the kind of music that is becoming more and more popular around the world). There are symbolics hidden everywhere, you just have to know what you are looking at/for and know the meaning of symbols.
    Ever since I research about the Illuminati symbolics I have been noticing it very clear, before I didn’t pay attentions but now I see that there is more or less of it practically everywhere and EXO is absolutely swamped by them. Take a look at Kai’s clothes and accessorise… (and I really do admire Kai, he is a very good dancer and very handsome guy) but the fact is that his rings and zippers from the jacket as well as belt are all Illuminati occult symbols…. I cannot do anything about it, neither other fans can. It puts a person down when you like something that you know has an evil hidden behind it.

    @melati – you mentioned in your post that “their talent is from God” – true our talents come from God and all are special however never forget that Satan was once an angel who also had musical talents and in God’s garden he played on lute. So since he had the musical talents and knows about music he also know how to “make it”. And there are people in this world that want to be famous and achieve success in music industry but have no talents, so where do you think they get their talent from?…. also there are very talented people who release only one song or album and then they disappear form the scene forever, ever wondered why that is?

  46. melati said:

    What i mean about the talent is…i believe that all talent in this world is from God but the man or evil refuse to use that talent for good purpose.
    Because i think God make us with freewill.
    satan was once an angel but he choose to use his talent and ability to attack God.
    But he not made his own talent (its still God’s gift when he is an angel).
    Becoz of that i said, “their talent is from God-………… and no matter who uses them for ‘another’ goal will be ‘pay’ by Who give it.”
    I dont say about who create and make the song-dance or where d music comefrom, etc. I said about Who give their talent (include that fallen angel talent).

    miyu….why u write satan with big ‘S’? i hope its just accident. ^ ^

    • miyu84 said:

      Satan as a name of that fallen angel is written with a capital letter but when written satan with first small letter it’s a word that refers to any fallen angel in overall… xP

    • LAZLO said:

      Oh heavenly Father , truly there are still Christians with conscience . . . thank Thee Lord for the guidance that Thou lead us to be more like Thee as Christ’s mission is our mission . Definitely one measure of our likeness to Christ is our sensitivity to the suffering of others . Yet , it is not always words galore nor brilliancy of speech , that opens wide the gospel door within the sinner’s reach … it is Love . Once again in his worthy name Lord Jesus Christ , amen .

  47. miku said:

    is wanting to join the k-pop industry is a bad thing?

  48. melati said:

    My self is curious to get the audition and see what happen if became idol (are they ask me to do a weird thing or song? so i can know the truth).
    1. i think my age is expired haha (they training kids when they teens….hm…for 6-7years and separate with their parent)
    2. My voice just good not increadible
    3. how about if i being one of them if ‘its’ true (im be blind bcoz money, hypnotis, mind control)

    BUT maybe its became another reality, and ‘not’ all of agency doing, or bla bla bla

    Who knows???
    For now im just happy to be the audience ^_^ (i will watch SM Town, Bigbang concert, etc this year)

  49. sin said:

    I don’t think so. Well, I’m Catholic, but I like this group sooo much. I’ve never loved Kpop Idols this much,I think they have a great concept which the other groups don’t have it. It’s an unique trick from SM. They debuted as “12 superheroes” that sent from the other planet called EXO to ‘fix’ the world because people are being selfish, careless, heartless and mindless just like their lyrics:
    Careless, careless, shoot anonymous anonymous, heartless, mindless, no one who cares about me
    i Just went to church when I write this, so I’m trying to keep it cool.if I didn’t go to church, I’m sure I’ll yell at you because your nonsense words.

  50. Xavier said:

    i love exo xD simple.-

  51. Justine said:

    Your “truth” is different from the “truth”. A lot of the symbolism that you see, may not necessarily be intended. Black and white checkered floors equal illuminati? In that case, my whole family is a part of the illuminati because we have those in our kitchen. I guess all superhero’s are illuminati based, too. Oh and the Kris and Suho’s symbols – the dragon and the pheonix – actually stem from Chinese and Korean culture and history. Dragons play an important part of Chinese culture…so I guess the whole country is going to hell then? And the same of the pheonix. Here’s something about the mystical pheonix. The mythology of that creature is that the tears of the pheonix have healing powers. Not only that, but when the pheonix gets old, it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes. The pheonix is often a source of inspiration for many because it’s mythology basically implies that it’s important to not let your failures and mistakes stop you from becoming successful. I guess anyone who believes that is a member or puppet of the illuminati? The sun and the moon are actually directly from Korean history. The king represented the sun while the queen represented the moon. Since the moon and sun cannot live in the same sky, the king and queen had separate living quarters…except for when there was a full moon. Outside of that, they were allowed to meet only for reproductional purposes…but they couldn’t live in the same room. Hence, when both symbols meet, the two groups are united again = “we are one”. The term MAMA means “your highness” in reference to a female monarch.

    While the English of the song is pretty senseless, it still makes some amount of sense when fitted into the Korean lyrics. The song is about how the world has become loveless; it’s about how people only care for themselves. As I said earlier, the term Mama was used to address female royalty…in this case, it was used the same way we say “Mother Nature”.

    Now, you can continue to see what you want to see. What I stated is what I saw as well as how more than one Asian has explained it to me. This stupid illuminati conspiracy theory is extremely annoying. Get a life and stop looking to bring down people, especially when they work hard to become successful. One will always see what they want to see.

  52. Avery Torres said:

    What shallow people. Are you that afraid of the ILLUMINATI to control your minds? If there’s one thing that I’m sure in my entire life, then it is this fact: when fear is in your mind, you see what you want to see.

    Ignorant people who judged on the music video’s appearance, seeing that its all dark and gloomy, already ends up a conclusion that a rookie K-Pop group is ILLUMINATI. seriously? “The setting quickly changes to a dark and ominous secret place, where all 12 members of EXO unite to chant and worship an unknown ‘god’” What.The.F*CK. For god’s sake, the chanting means “careless, careless shoot anonymous, anonymous heartless mindless no one who care about me”. black and white checkered floor as a symbol of ILLUMINATI? i have black and white checkered shoes from Vans. I guess that makes me and Vans Illuminati then. Monarch Butterfly? seriously, its just a butterfly. One Eye symbols? even our church has that. Opposite forces is always used in satanic references? same goes to superhero movies.

    you know what’s really happening now? ignorant people give meaning to things they don’t even know that much to a K-pop group with unique concepts whose aim is to perform (and earn money). they don’t trust in their faith enough that it frightens them to see one music video because they might be brainwashed.

    I’ve been a kpop enthusiast for how many years already and im still not worshiping Satan. so are many kpop fans. so shut the $&*^ up and push that @#$% back up your $%^, you dumb $*^&

    oopsie. sorry for the bad language

    • Tiffany said:

      You go to church and you think you can tell the creator of this page that he’s wrong?? You’re in no position to judge these things! Your view of reality is based a book of make believe! You pray to an imaginary psychopathic god!

  53. keep enjoying their music and personality. they’re very talented.

    • Pahp said:

      no and no

  54. Agreed I often find illuminati symbols all over kpop videos such as bap’s in warrior they were dancing atop a car with the all seeing eye,bang smashed it as if to deny the illuminati but so have many other artist in america who try to seem as “Christians” shinee are main contenders for selling their souls come on who makes a song called “lucifer” of all things and do the symbol as is above so is below personally shinee sold out since ring ding dong ding probably their most symbolic video of fallen angels who have lost their way and let’s not speak of narsha and boa many kpop stars have sold out even Homin its sad but so is reality and the reality is these artists care nothing about you fans just your souls and the more u sing and support them especially calling them gods and idols (TVXQ/DBSK) the more your soul is walking further into hell..the scary but heart aching truth..I’m sure in the Bible the Lord God said not to worship any idols,not to worship any other god but He..and as we all know Jesus is the only who saves now Buddha not Mary not whoever others praise only Jesus and I do wish people would see that but as said your relegion is your own preference but I for one know who I am praising…

    • Pahp said:

      Jesus isn’t real my friend. He’s a human-concocted character, just like Santa Claus The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can join us in searching for the real truth about this world.

      • Fishyfish said:

        don’t jugde it. Oh my, you sound like an atheist version of Aprilandwayneshow. They are saying that other religions which isn’t christanity is fake and they also tell the other people with those religions that. what is wrong with them? the bible says that they must not jugde and what do they do? they jugde other religions.
        i’m christian and i rescect other religions. i would never say to someone with another religion: “your god is fake and you are going to hell.” and if i was like aprilandwayneshow, i guess that so wouldn’t listen to kpop, because someone is buddist and someone is atheist.
        BTW Christanity is a religion, it is not a child belief.

      • blahbla said:

        you can not search for the real truth. only God knows it, if you don’t believe that then you are an atheist. poor you.

  55. fuckallthis said:

    to those who disagree are mostly their fans. im a casual fan but i do believe theh are illuminati puppeta but one thing i know is that they actually dont know they are. they are just following what they are supposed to do when they are asked. so let me say yes they are puppets but they dont know they are its just those people who manages them.

    • Soohyun said:

      아오 뒷골 땡겨 진짜 답답해 죽겄내…..일루마니티든 뭐든간애 작작건드리라고!

  56. Fishyfish said:

    i search tree of life on wikipedia and found this.

    See also: Tree of life (biblical) and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil#Christianity
    In addition to the Hebrew Bible verses, the tree of life is symbolically described in the Book of Revelation as having curing properties: “the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit (in EXO there are 12 members), yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:1-2)
    In Catholic Christianity, the Tree of Life represents the immaculate state of humanity free from corruption and Original Sin before the Fall.
    In Eastern Christianity the tree of life is the love of God.[6]

    what does that mean?

    • Fishyfish said:

      it means that tree of life isn’t satanic at all. It is a symbol of the love of God.(Jesus)

      • Maco said:

        rofl, no … though that may true for this particular tree of life definition that you found, you have no idea what tree of life they’re referring to in this video
        and, if anything, based on what’s shown in this video, I would say that they are not referring to anything biblical in this video

    • @Maco Really don’t want to be here any more because this blog gives me angry feels, but DUDE. They call it ‘TREE OF LIFE’. TREE OF LIFE. There is only ONE tree of life.
      Imma lay it down for you-

      MAMA is about internet bullying. Read the lyrics with this context.
      The video, MAMA, is an introduction to EXO and their magical back story /ooohhhh ahhhhh/
      The dudes are aliens. ALIENS HO. Their MAMA kicks them of their planet because Chanyeol (the one who summons a Phoenix) burn down the Tree of Life accidentally while play with his fire power (#reckless). Tree of Life (not THE Tree of Life but Tree of Life) is kind of important to her.
      They end up on earth, split into EXO-K and EXO-M, where they decide to practise their singing and dancing skills and become a super adorable Korean/Chinese boy band.

      That is actually it. SM isn’t that smart, and EXO is just a bunch of good looking, adorable derps. /OUT/

      • yessm said:

        well, I tried to post a nice reply but it wouldn’t post because it’s too long or something, so i’ll summarize … internet “bullying” is a term created by people who are looking to regulate the internet (remove anonymity) and it is primary bolstered by people who are ignorant enough to create internet profiles using real information (real name, real photo, real location, etc) … as far as the intelligence of SM goes .. SM is actually very smart and they are working with at least one other organization in an effort to covertly spread political and religious beliefs … pop artists have tremendous influence and this is very valuable to various organizations who have an interest in manipulating the minds of the youth … they will either approach the pop artist, or the pop artist’s company to work out a deal, or they’ll just start up their own company … either way, pop music is never simply pop music .. one organization or another is always tapping it for its power of influence

    • @Yessm
      Actually, internet bullying is an umbrella term used when a person is harassed over the internet. Sure, some people want to regulate the internet but that’s not the point here. Remember, this is a Korean artist and within the Korean experience. On large portal sites like Nate, you already have to comment with your real information. But the thing is, netizens (those on the internet) are coming up with more inventive ways of attacking each other: look at Tablo and his Tanjo Cafe scandal. This is mirrored in the lyrics (Kill, fight, shout, is this a war?)
      And hey, if it really is based on the issue of being anonymous, the lyrics still fit nicely so I don’t see what the issue is.

      SM? This is SM we’re talking about right? Fantastic-Elastic-Don’t Take it In the Butt-Shoot Anonymous SM? Don’t mind me while I hold in my sadistic laughter. TBH, they should hire a translator beofre they take over the known world.
      But, hey, I’ll bite the proverbial bullet. Sure, they are secretly trying to covert me with stupid symbols… why do I care? NO seriously, why? They are not hurting me, they are just making some hip beats after all bro. They can use all the butterflies and pillers they want, I ain’t hurtin.

      Tell me, have they ever tried to suck out your soul personally? If they have, that might sway me a little bit. Bad SM bad!!1

      • Yessm said:


        it doesn’t matter what you think the term internet “bullying” means … it was intentionally injected into the media and made popular by powerful people who seek to regulate the internet by eliminating anonymity, because they’ve decided that the internet gives way to much power to the people … this upcoming generation is being taught to believe that they should all use their real identity online, and that internet “bullying” is an act worthy of fines or criminal punishment … and, yes, i’m aware of the lack of anonymity when it comes to Korean sites … however, Koreans do not only use Korean sites and they see the greater anonymity enjoyed by other countries, and they may therefore push for greater internet anonymity in their country, unless, of course, the ‘powers that be’ can convince them (the upcoming generations) that internet anonymity isn’t a good thing … just as they have to keep the people believing that compulsory military service is a good thing in order to keep the people from wanting to do away with it

        you have a very naive, though not uncommon, image of SM entertainment … are you aware of how many people SM has, just inside their building, who speak fluent English?… if the English in their songs is poor or silly, it’s completely intentional
        no, i don’t think they’re trying to convert you with any symbols (like butterflies or covered eyes for example)
        SM, specifically, is involved in (1) spreading Christianity in South Korea (because Christianity has been proven to be one of the most effective tools when it comes to creating citizens who are easily manipulated & controlled)… (2) glamorizing the military and military service … (3) making things comfortable for the incoming corporations by creating the sort of people who are inclined to consume more (ie, eat more and purchase more material items & services that they don’t really need, or even really want for that matter) … (4) helping to increase the population in South Korea by getting people more interested in marriage and reproduction
        that’s just a few of the things SM is involved (examples), and, of course, they’re not the only pop music company involved in these things … the real question is whether or not SM is one of the companies created primarily to push such things via celebrity influence … or did SM become involved in these things at a later date as a result of outside requests & compensation, or even as a result of Sooman’s personal beliefs?
        anyway … like i said before: pop music is never simply pop music .. one organization or another is always tapping it for its power of celebrity influence

    • LAZLO said:

      BRAH , search on the only inspired book which is the KJV bible ~

  57. anon said:

    I believe these EXO boys aren’t Illuminati. They are told to do so. The MV is a result of a genius infiltration of those Illuminati. Do not hate or bash them. Just be aware of those symbols and the implications to our real life.

  58. su myat said:

    I am very like exotic.k and m.In exo.k,I like Baekhyun.In exo.m,I like Luhan.I like all exo’s songs.

  59. Someone needs to tell me why the illuminati are bad. Like, all they ever seem to be doing in making great music videos and songs, and dats cool man. They can infiltrate my music all they want and have fun with their secrety secretish meetings, I don’t care, and why should I? Dudes have nice beats.
    It’s not like half way through MAMA I suddenly thought ‘damn, I wanna be a member of a secret cult and play with butterflies and wear cloaks and have a house made out of pillars FTW’ or ‘wow, I like me some mind control.’

    EXO can sell their souls to the illuminati, sure thing man. Not sure how the illuminati suck souls to be exact, like, do they have a soul sucking machine? Do they have a designated soul sucker? He’s probably like a plumber, like, ‘whoops sorry bros I see you want fame Imma attach my soul plunger right here AWABAM you are now the sons of the devil.’

    Oh yeah, kudos to SM for spending all that time researching. I never would have guessed that pillars (*cough* invented by the Romans *cough*) were actually a sign of the devil. Two gold stars! And cloaks (traditionally used in England/ around the world as warm weather clothing) also double as illuminati fashionable initiation wear. Is there some sort of illuminati welcome site I don’t know about? /facepalm/
    Has anyone here studied history, at all?

    And, um, MAMA is about…. /drumroll/ internet bullying. O_O
    Look, I don’t actually care if you believe in this far-fetched fantasy. That’s cool bro, and hey, maybe it is real, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm what so ever. The thing that irritates me is when sites like this make impressions on the impressible, know what I’m sayin? This is kind of harmful stuff you’re insinuating. How about representing the FACTS with an argument for and against?

    TL;DR: Guise, guise. Seriously guise? Have fun living in fear. PEACE OUT SON.

  60. masegner said:

    hahah .. again .. things like this a lot in the entertainment world …., well that is considered as a trivial form of simbol2 illuminati was uncovered thousands of times … (symbol had been planted long ago, and has become a sort of trademark that people consciously or unconsciously will apply) … Now we need to ask is what pointnya for us? we are choosing something and would also have to know the pros and cons.

  61. Muji said:

    Okay, so let me get this through the point and will never repeat it again. (I wont reply any of your replies).

    Illuminati? Satanism? Ohgosh. Your giving me more headaches. English is not my language but I will try to speak out my opinion. Such things like this are really stupid. I dont want to be rude or mean or dont want to cause a fight here but let me say that YOUR WAY TO MUCH FOCUS IN THINGS LIKE THIS. Posing came into illuminati? Well, what posing will they do? Clothes, bangs, concepts, everything. And for MAMA. MAMA means Your Highness/Your Majesty guys. If your guilty or disrespectful in the lyrics, your world is different from ours. The lyrics generally want to state that the world is being different and want to gain love from now on. WAR is not a GAME.

    KPOP isn’t Satanism dear. Most of all, if they didn’t know the word ILLUMINATI. They act free, they spoke and move but some people here kept on complaining on how evil and dirty this is. I have saw many KPOP artists doing illuminating in MVs but its their act.

    I believe in GOD and I’m a CATHOLIC. Illuminating is just a piece of nothing. You’re just making yourselves confuse to this things. I felt bad. Innocence isn’t a word. May your soul be in peace.

    Always keep the faith ❤ SMent had a way.

    • Joon said:

      Nobody cares if you believe in a god or if you’re catholic. Keep your personal ailments to yourself.

    • LAZLO said:

      Pathetic …

  62. ordinary_kpoper said:

    well, well it seems like there ARE lots of misunderstandings here..

    first of all, how could we know that those who keeps saying ‘exo and other sm artists are illuminatis’ and such,are the people who REALLY believe in God? And how could they know if exo and other artists are illuminatis? no one will really knows about the truth unless they join the companies.. so, for those who are just ‘making’ stories, just shut up..

    don’t mean to offense you, but please just keep quiet if you don’t really know ALL the truth.


  63. muchluv4honeylee said:

    I can’t believe the level of idiocy in so many of these Christard comments. WTF is wrong with them?? Did the religious brainwashing completely impair their ability to think intelligently? I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m just seriously concerned.

    • LAZLO said:

      It is not the job of Christian to dig out these stuff , it is Atheist you Pork Chop !

  64. Jungeun said:

    Well, thanks a lot. It’s really important that all of us, either Christians or not, shall know about this terrible issue. But peeps, EXO and the artists are not the ones who write the songs, they were fooled. Lee Sooman started this ‘Illuminati’ business like from 2008. The whole world of KPOP is contaminated, yes there are some songs we can listen. Be careful. You shall believe in this. Listen and sing to this songs make you directly adore Satan with your own mouth. EXO, they’re super-talented. But you shall be careful. SNSD are also some kind of illuminati, and we ALL know that they’re Christian. I pitty them. *raises fist in front of LSM*

    • ... said:

      We all know SNSD is being used to spread Christianity but it’s debatable whether or not they’re actually Christian.

  65. ... said:

    The primary reason that Christianity still exists is that the ‘elites’ of the world use it to control people.
    Christianity creates people who are easily controlled & manipulated… people who have a false perception of reality… people who are far less likely to be able to identify and overthrow corrupt governments… people who believe that all of these terrible things that are happening in the world are supposed to happen because they were foretold in the bibles… people who do little-to-nothing to fix the world because they believe God/Jesus is coming to clean house soon.
    If you’re even somewhat intelligent, and you haven’t been raised (or duped) into Christianty, it only takes one read through any of the bibles to recognize it as human-concocted B.S.
    It may not have been so obvious to average folks living 1000+ years ago, because virtually all of them had much lower intelligence, but these days it’s easy for us to recognize that these books were conjured by humans without any sort of define influence. And, in both the old and new testament, we can see many entries which were blatantly added by people of power in an effort to keep the masses easily controlled.

    • LAZLO said:

      Reassurance comes as we doubt our doubts and believe our beliefs.To be found , you must first admit that you are lost . God can change our blunders into wonders .

      • Hermi said:

        ROFL, please grow a brain lazlo.

      • Actually, I think he has more brains than you do.

  66. mytestimony said:

    SAD TRUTH! Im a fan? I dont know if I still call myself their fan…. I love the boys but SM Ent making and pushing them to do these evil things made me think. I will still support the boys but not their songs which is made of evil. Yes, they are puppets. Many fans won’t believe. I switched to kpop because american songs is doomed by Illuminati and now they are trying to capture kpop which I hate! Since then, I know that they are Illuminati but still supported them, downloaded their songs, sang and danced to their music.They once poisoned my mind but not anymore now. The english trans of their songs is so dirty. They have claimed that they are now one with Illuminati. Im very thankful that I have God in my life which made my eyes open. One day, Im so inlove with EXO and everything about them then the other day I stopped supporting everything about them. Yes that’s my story. FANS, IT’S THE TRUTH, THE SAD TRUTH. YOU CANNOT ACCEPT IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I WISH YOU REALIZE IT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE.

    P.S. Fans, I’d like you think about this: If Illuminati is not true or is not existing then why people are talking about it and what are the meaning of the same actions and symbols we’ve been seeing? Open your eyes. There are other kpop artists who weren’t part of Illuminati, those are the one we should support.

    • Joseph said:

      The biblical character “God” is just as evil, if not more evil, than the biblical character “Satan”. Try reading your bible from start to finish some time rather than allowing someone to cherry-pick and interpret scriptures for you.

      • mytestimony said:

        I dont want to argue with this but you just said a foul word.

        You dont know anything about the bible and you dont know anything about God. Who are you to call Him evil? And what do you think about yourself and the topic here is about Exo and why are you putting up everything about the bible here? AS IF YOU’VE READ THE WHOLE BIBLE TO SAY SUCH THINGS. I bet you haven’t read a single verse. Stop messing up dude. Just shut up if you dont believe in God. You focused so much in my religiousness! How about the other things I said about Illuminati? Did you grew up in a family where only evil and shi**y things were taught? Poor you! If you want to argue with me with your meaningless thoughts then I can help you know and realize what you are talking about. Try attending a service in the church even just once and you’ll know why Im defending my side.


      • He is not evil. Have you even read the Bible? God is the Creator of mankind who made themeselves evil because of disobedience. I hope you know what you are saying and try to think about it again.

  67. PeaceForAllBeings said:

    ITT: Brainwashed Christians butthurt about people worshiping a different evil imaginary deity than the one they worship.

  68. Post writing is also a excitement, if you be familiar with
    afterward you can write or else it is complex to write.

  69. Soohyun said:

    재발 좀 그만 씹어 재끼리고 미친!아놔!!뒷골 땡겨!땡긴다고!그리고 안엑컴!!!

  70. Secret said:

    It May Look somewhat illuminati but in somewhat ways its not. You maybe asking why when the whole point is proved here….well as you can see in the MV there are some parts where its shows a phoenix(chanyeol) and Dragon (kris) .You may now be wondering how the hell this is connected here but, a Phoenix is a symbol of Korean queens. Phoenix also affected the royal hanboks of the Queen (hanbok: korean traditional dress). Their hanboks usually have phoenix design on it.Phoenix described as a beautiful creature, with even more beautiful cry. They can change their self into humans, and it was symbolized as the flexibility of the Korean queens. Phoenix also brings lucks, and they have a healing power. EXO-K got them.At this time, people who doesn’t know anything about Chinese ancient history will take this as one of the Illuminati symbol (Illuminati: an organization that refusing to believe God, they wanted to build a new world). But believe me or not, long time ago in China, the people symbolized their king as a dragon. They believe that the dragon is a sacred creature. Dragon symbolized prosperity, luck, power and is a majestic creature. And EXO-M got dragon.
    MEANING BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: When the eclipse occurs, the sun and the moon will be in the same position, on the one same sky. And it became a really amazing moment where the King and the Queen will finally be in the one palace.

    So? Starting to realized the meaning?

    Ok. Let me make it clearer for you.

    If the EXO-M got the dragon then..
    Dragon = King = EXO-M

    and for EXO-K is..

    Phoenix = Queen = EXO-K

    So the eclipse means the unity of the sun and the moon. The king and the queen will become one. And of course, EXO-M and EXO-K also will become one too. And our boys have amazingly clarified it again by their yelling, “We are ONE!”

  71. ElfXotic said:

    it’s not that i am refusing to believe all this and not also saying that i wholly believe it. but i guess it still ends up whether or not you’ll let all of this (Illuminati, satanism and occultism) get to you. this is not an argument about what your religion is. you have the proper mind to judge whether what you’re doing, listening and believing is good or not. we vary in judgement, views and points of perspective. and its really up to us to let all of this things to blind us or to control the way we live. i have nothing against the blog and the blogger or this article. its STILL up to the people\fans if they let this ‘evil things’ control they’re lives.

    i am a kpopper and i am open-minded enough to accept and dwell into the reality that there is something about the music industry (as a whole and not only K-pop) that people just tend to blindly follow. i do not know what that ‘something’ is and maybe none of us will never really know until we ourselves are a part of the industry. music is a part of everyone’s lives. we have different genres that can suit any music style a person may want. (don’t worry i’ll try my best to be casted to one, if they would even consider me)

    as for my case, i love music and i listen to kpop. but i am not blind enough to just listen to every crap a music company makes. i do not take on to the meaning of the song (yeah, i know, i’m full of bull crap). what matters to me is that..”what the song makes me feel” (bull crap again, right). if a certain song makes you feel uncomfortable and weird, why the hell bother listening to it. if a song makes you want to cut yourself, kill your sister, burn a house down, commit suicide and all the other bad stuff that’s where you’re suppose to stop. don’t let anything mess up your sanity, unless you’re genetically crazy as for schizo’s and psycho’s, which i doubt.

    there is something bad out there, making people sin and commit crime. yeah, it is Satan, as what most of the above comments have mentioned, its STILL up to us. all i know is that we have free-will. and its up to us on how we use it. we just have to have an open-mind. never indulge yourself in the material things on earth. remember the 7 deadly sins, the 10 commandments. And always, always have faith. it is after all the will that makes us want to wake up each morning – faith and hope.

    “If I don’t believe in God and He’s real i lose everything. If i believe in God and He’s real, i lose nothing.”

  72. youre an idiot said:

    if they really are illuminati then they would be trying to cover up this fact, not show all the illuminati symbols and basically “advertise” that they are illuminati, if you believe that the illuminati is in kpop, then you are a mental weirdo that needs to go outside, see the real world and not look for these symbols that are actually used for other reasons…maybe the butterfly is symbolism for elegance….grace…..fragility…..freedom……not your illuminati bullshit

    • ceee said:

      exo maybe is not the one who following illuminati but maybe their producer for the movie making. When it said EXO “Illuminati” it is related to their video. So the one who responsible maybe is the one who got an idea to make MAMA mv

  73. neutral said:

    Exo stans, chill.
    It doesn’t mean EXO members are part of illuminati.
    Enjoy their music, but don’t let their songs ‘control’ you.

    But I’m sure, like really sure, this damn company uses them.
    Just think about this, EXO got really famous in a short period. They got so many awards with just 1 mini album! And I don’t mean to compare between these two, but BAP have to make so many songs got the almost same number of awards with EXO . Yes, SM is a REAL BIG company so their artists can be really famous. But believe me, SM is not ‘clean’. At all.

    And their new MV? When I watch it, I was like damn, their new CEO has really big guts to show the illuminati things clearly.

    Such a that waste handsome boys like them are used as the puppets.

  74. Seriously guys? said:

    Some of you are ridiculous! Gosh if you’re this crazy about all this symbolism you might want to look maybe at EVERY SINGLE MUSIC VIDEO… EVER? Woop-de-do that some things may crazily have a double meaning but doesn’t mean that SM is purposely incorporating stupid symbols into their MV’s, stop being so superstitious and just enjoy the music and stop worrying about things that you’re obviously blowing way out of proportion. 🙂

  75. Chill said:

    You don’t have to start posting all this random coincidental facts to get people to start to hat kpop. If you think kpop is evil fine, good for you but you don’t have to start posting all this on the internet to make yourself look smart for having such a theory. It is very unlikely for someone to research all this illumati stuff and go through all the trouble of starting an entertainment company just to promote illuminati and mind control or whatever.

  76. Hello friend,
    i really came hear to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and protection came from this court.so i told him to let me be into the court but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the fatality of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can initiate you into the church of Illuminati they do not contact directly because they are fake Illuminati all over the world, this is my email jonnyblake6@gmail.com then i will tell you how to join, my number +2348066945589 or speak to one of the member in USA +17575827869. thanks for wanting to join us.

  77. Kris Phantomhive said:

    Some of the EXO members came from a Christian family 🙂 why would their parents let them to go to SM if they know that their sons are working to promote illuminati ?

  78. Suuugarr said:

    It’s sad that this blog isn’t running anymore, we really need more people like you who are actually open minded and objetive, because sadly all the comments here are just cries about how what YOU write on YOUR blog, doesn’t fit in their “own” (more like given) concept of what is life/world, and can’t even talk without being subjetive/biased and bringing their own religion here, and actually find this offensive, saying how this is just nonsense, wow way to be mature, finding something that your little mind don’t understand offensive or offending these thoughts

    • ceee said:

      Agreed. Kpop music these years are getting scarier. Ive been lliking big bang until they turn their image for fantastic baby. I know for the first time I saw the MV that big bang has already gotten too far for their concept. And I think the first problem for them is not to know what the symbol or may be the scene’s meaning. I know that those horrible symbol has been rooming around the world for the past three or two years, and maybe they only know it as a trend but not the meaning right ? Anyway, since then I started to stay away from big bang apart as my heart says so. And I guess the one who only can lead us to the Light is only God. He gives me a sign though such as when I see the picture of GD’s teaser of his new album out of the blue my heart beat so fast as if i look at something “scary”.

      Well, if you want to protect or support EXO or other artist that have been already sued for connected to the illuminati i think is not a bad idea, but if you protect the artist with his true character and only take the positive one from them. Supporting do not mean that your idol is always guilty and innocent. Sometimes you must accept what they did wrong. Idol is not a god that they must be perfect at anything. Remember the one and important thing in theworld is Jesus not your idol.

      Sincerely, Thank You. And this is only my opinion for being Jesus’ daughter.

  79. ilovejesus said:

    Man, thank you so much. I was getting addicted to this kind of music and I find it awful how they (SM) just take advantage of the boys to have what they want to: SM wants Money and Illuminatis want to spread their culture. I really like these twelve, they were the first boy group I ended up liking quite a lot (maybe the only?), but nothing should compare to my love towards God and Jesus. Those boys didn’t die in such a humiliating way as Jesus did die. So, I would like to share more of the illuminati amongst EXO’s songs, if you would mind. SM wants to promote the theme of animal-human using EXO and f(x). f(x), for Electric Shock, had animal masks and took pictures of eyes with no focus. Why to use animal masks? They also are promoting the ‘evil teddy bear’ concept. For EXO, their single WOLF screams all of it. They affirm they are wolves and have a single called Let Out the Beast. Growl doesn’t help much either. Why wolves? Why to let out the beast? Do we even have a beast? We are beasts, that’s it? God created us like that? This is horrible, mainly because both groups are following SM’s orders, thinking it is a trendy concept. They are taking advantage of them.
    Secondly, if you look carefully to the lyrics of ‘Angel/Into Your World’ there are clear signs of illuminati. They compare a girl to Michael, claiming she’s more beautiful than the archangel. You know what Michael is? YES, a representation of Jesus. They tell the girl is more beautiful than Jesus. That’s ridiculous, mainly the part where they affirm their wings were taken away and that they’re happy to lose eternal life just to be with a girl. That doesn’t just represent unbelief agaisnt God, but antagonism and mock. They’re not telling God doesn’t exist. Quite the opposite. They’re aknowledging God’s existence but mocking it. (they the composers of the song)
    Second, the butterfly isn’t just a mere illuminati symbol: it means unified forces, unified evil forces. And why the robes at the beginning? WHy black robes? That’s a trendy concept, huh? Those robes are frequently made caps for death spirits and also Satanic cults. And there’s a part in the dance after the scary rap, in which they sing ‘Mama’ desperately and start kneeling down. Just as if they were worshipping some kind of force. I first gor driven away by the posts of people who were denying it: I got really convinced by the talk of ‘the Dragon is the King and the Phoenix is the Queen’, ‘The King is the Sun and the Queen is the Moon’, because I LOVE Korean History and these beliefs are crazily interesting. But that part stated everything was not right. And why the Tree of Life? What is the Tree of Life? Oh yeah, some bossy tree which was born randomly and now there are twelve forces by some random reason and there’s evil out of the blue? And to divide? Why? Why do they have to split into two groups of six?
    Third, the lyrics of the song: Mama, answer me why did people change?. This is Baekhyun’s line, it is clearly said in a rather challenging tone (Baekhyun is my personal favorite, so this is totally not bashing). It looks like he’s challenging God and asking him why did he allow people to become horrible. That was clearly not God’s doing. It was Satan, who left God. God created people with full holliness, at his image. But he gave them the freedom of choosing, he loved them too much to use them as his robots. And they disobeyed his orders and ate to the fruit of the tree. It’s people’s fault, not God’s. So, I’m praying for this all to pass.

    • Carl Choi said:


  80. james said:

    hello i need help here

  81. Carl Choi said:

    “ITT: Brainwashed Christians butthurt about people worshiping a different evil imaginary deity than the one they worship”

    Exactly what I was thinking while reading the comments. *brofist*

  82. Mar Lan said:

    hello i want to comment about this video..i dont want to condemn exo but the way they act in their video shows that they are currently worshipping the leader of satan baphomet..it is very clear in this video with the illuminati signs, the robe, the signs on kai skin, the rapping part of kai and so much more,..,please guys,,,for your own religion faith,,stop suppporting exo songs that is illuminati such as wolf and mama…thanks…

    • Grace said:

      where is the baphomet sign ? Illuminati signs ? are you kidding ? that is Pagan symbol dude, why you don’t learn History well before put your comment here ? 🙂

  83. Do you desire Fame? Riches? Powers? Wealth, or do you want all your dreams to come to pass? Are you an upcoming artist? dancer? businessman? etc the Great Illuminati Society offers you a life time opportunity of making your desires come to accomplishment. If you are interested in being a member please contact us online, illuminatifreemercy60@gmail.com or call our temple keeper +2348169909204, if you dont have any telent please dont contact us.

  84. Grace said:

    I don’t know why i spent hours to read those comments above, interesting, LOL 😀
    What ? Illuminati ? I’m sorry but i don’t think so, they are not illuminati puppets or cult ….

    WHOOPS ! am i wrong to say that ? should i run to the hell ?
    okay, lets think realistically with an opened mind 🙂

    FYI, If you guys wanna know & learn more about Illuminati maybe you can read this as reference :
    It’s not in English its in Bahasa but i know you guys know how to use google translate well. And for my Moslem friends don’t worry it written by a Moslem.

    Nowadays, not only K-Pop use those fishy symbols in their artworks, American, Brit-Pop and many countries use it as well as K-Pop. I believe in my God, and when my church held an events for youth, as the graphic designer in some posters i added sort of …….. you called it Illuminati signs ! If you guys see them maybe you will judge my church as an Illuminati church 😛
    Am i try to destroy my church congregation by doing this ? Is it my secret mission ? Am I Illuminati member ? NO. I have never met one of them. My mission is to attract youth who passes by with the event by my poster design. Its just a marketing strategy. Why ? Since those signs are booming now especially in younger generation culture, they will simply think that it was cool. I want to give a ‘trendy impression’ to the youth about the event because some youth think that church thingy is outdated and boring. My pastors always check the poster before i publish them & it was really okay, since it’s just additional symbols. The main content is still about the event .. In the end we gain many youth that joining at the D-day ^^

    So, i think its just the same with those Pop celebs. All they want is money, money and money, right ? How about K-Pop ? They just imitate the West because West’s pop entertainment already use this earlier & gained tons of dollars ! example : Lady Gaga. In my opinion, there are many female soloist that have better voice & prettier face than her but why she became the new Queen of Pop ? Easy, just look into her MVs, dance performance, fashion style, her make-ups, etc., it use those kind of symbols too. [I’m not Lady Gaga fans i don’t like her song’s lyrics she is a monster]

    And to make it clearer, its not the Illuminati signs, its Pagan signs. How about ‘covering one eye’ gesture ? It should be the All Seeing Eye sign ! You can find it in USA’s One Dollar. Pop artist do it anywhere ! They are Illuminati ! Nooooo ! :O
    But sorry again, its also not an Illuminati sign since Illuminati is a church rebel community. The All Seeing Eye is used by Christians in Renaissance Era to representing The Trinity. That’s why at Europe you can find the All Seeing Eye symbols in church buildings. I guess all of you guys that call him/herself Christian in comments above know well about the Trinity God : Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The ‘one eye’ sign also appear in other Religions & Beliefs like Nordic Mythology, etc. If you want you can spend your precious time to google it. Or maybe you say it was the Eye of Horus from Egypt Mythology ? Mmh, should i also explain about Egyptian history ? Horus is an eagle-headed god and he has TWO EYES, but Egyptian draw his two eyes in two different picture. ‘Ra’ for the right eyes and ‘Thoth’ for the left eyes.

    – A new world shall open up .. –
    So you guys said that it refers to the NWO. I know what is NWO, 4 years ago there is a seminar to againts NWO conspiracy in my church but in my opinion EXO’s MV don’t have any relation with NWO that made by Masons. [Illuminati & Freemason are different, Freemason is a huge organization who found America. Catholic’s Pope officially forbid Vatican’s elite to join Freemason. Illuminati is a community who believe that knowledge, science, technology will enlighten their world from those who believe in God & live in darkness] Why ? Once again, it makes the MV sounds+looks EPIC ! Without Epic MV, i think MAMA is not a great composed song compared to another EXO’s songs like What is Love, or you can compare it with another rookie boy group songs without watching the MV itself [I’m a musician and i often throw some critics about pop artists songs]. Some of my friends pop their eye out when they watched the MV for the first time & says : COOL !! Its EPIC !! 😀 Hey, new world is not a new thing dude, many religions and/or beliefs also wishing for a new world but in much way better situation not like NWO goals. They called it Heaven, New Earth, Nirvana, etc. Example, in my religion there is 4 verse inside the Holy Bible that clearly says ‘new world’, refers to the new life after doomsday or after the last day on our earth.

    So my conclusion is, SM Entertainment or another K-Pop industry elite wants to gain tons of money like Western did. They are seeking for what is trending in Western Pop industry & how can they grabbed attention from billions youth all around the world. K-Pop artist also wondering that Western celebs gain more fans than they did. Thats why both management and the artist imitate Western style to boost their popularity, and automatically followed by lots of fans + high selling album + awards + concert anywhere = tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    In addition, i suggest all of you guys to learn more about History, Religion and/or Beliefs first before making any conclusion & judgement. Also, try to not see a case from one point of sight, it makes you looks ….. umm, funny ? Haha, its funny if you just read some blurry articles in internet & when you watch a pop artist’s MV you judge them as Illuminati puppets. And for my Christian fellows who comment above, please don’t use holy Lord Jesus name at random & carelessly as your shield just to strengthen your comment [Exodus 20:7]. Peace be with you guys ! 🙂

  85. ChanFany777 said:

    are you sure that exo is illuminati?

    • Juju said:

      I am not sure that people who use these symbols have to be Illuminati, but these symbols ARE occult symbols.

  86. Bruno said:

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  87. safiona said:

    The music industry is all about Illuminati….that’s the reason why Michael Jackson was murdered because he was against Illuminati propaganda….he was ‘forced’ to become a white man out of his will….because he was so popular and very famous worldwide, that’s why the Illuminati used him as a money making machine….in the end, he was prosecuted and persecuted….such a sad ending!

  88. James said:

    my name is james i really want to share my testimony on how i became an
    Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more
    than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me
    money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was
    frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he
    open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he
    have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and
    protection came from this court.so i told him to let me be into the court
    but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the
    devil church of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a
    month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my
    working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place
    to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this
    church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one
    that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the
    car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me
    i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world
    that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to
    become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will
    never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can
    initiate you into the church of illumination they do not contact directly
    because they are fake Illuminati all over the world, this is my email
    ilueminosenrealspell@gmail.com they will tell you how to join,


    It’s virtually impossible to recruit an intelligent, wise person into Christianity.
    Christianity thrives on idiocy, ignorance and naivety.
    That is the true reason heads of Christian organizations focus on children, adolescents and impoverished regions.
    As for the Illuminati:
    They no longer exist and even when they did exist, they weren’t evil.
    The Catholic Church didn’t like the existence of a powerful organization that wasn’t under its control so it began spreading disinformation about the Illuminati members being Satan worshipers.
    The organization most of you are thinking of isn’t the Illuminati; it’s an unnamed powerful organization that seeks global order under its control. Its members aren’t religious; they don’t worship fictional deities like Satan or Jesus Christ. They don’t worship anything in fact. They think they’re bringing order & peace to the world. Unfortunately, they can be trusted to do this because they believe murdering many innocent men, women, children & animals is acceptable for the ‘greater good’. People with such a mentality cannot be allowed to control the world.


    *can’t* be trusted

  91. jesse said:

    and from marketing and branding point of view, it’s just some strong branding from SM. remember that SM used the group as a brand and now EXO is one complete brand package with philosophy,symbol,logo,even fonts. the mv and all healing power and symbol are just part of marketing and branding strategy from SM. no illuminati involve here.

  92. Hi, guys. The ‘illuminati’ symbols you are talking about might not be really signifying illuminati. I mean, there are a lot of interpretations for those symbols like what that dude said about butterflies and stuff. We should not jump into conclusions easily.

    I agree with those dudes who said that it’s just a marketing strategy of SM. It’s Lee Soo Man, friend! 😀 He’s totally a marketing psycho! (just an exaggeration)

    Let’s just not make this a big issue. It’s not like we will be rewarded for discovering illuminati. Illuminati exists, they say, but there are no conspiracies. Just saying.

    Let’s just hope for the best! Peace ladies and gentlemen! ^__^v

  93. Cole said:

    This is not affiliated to illuminati.

    Look. If they promote illuminati, would the viewers still love them. Some may stick, but many fans will fly away. Would SM want that? SM loves money. They are smart. They know that if they promote satanic things, they’ll lose big money, so these symbols in the M/Vs have nothing to do with illuminati. Purely strategy and art.

    • It is actually true. SM wants money so they join the illuminati to become famous. What the New World Order does is to make people rich and famous. They do this by mind control–the Hollywood Elite and all those in the music industry all around the world. But one GOAL the illuminati has: To keep people drawn to Satan. I’m not saying these because I don’t understand but because I have recently been searching deeply the truths and facts about the illuminati.

      I just want to give an example:

      Michael Jackson- ” King of Pop”. He was first famous when he was a child, but after the “Thriller” music video of his came out, he became even more famous. The thriller music video was a ritual that made him enter the Secret Society (illuminati). He didn’t even know how he entered that Organization. But before he died, he kept telling his sister, “They are after me” ( They’re going to kill me ). It was not true that he died of intoxication of propofol, but because of illuminati. He found out that they were trying to control him and so he attempted to break free from their grasp. But the illuminati was much more stronger than him because they were a group and they ‘made him famous”. They killed him together with two more not-so-famous music artists to make people distracted about the case with Michael.

      If you are not going to believe me, search it on YouTube. Be careful people. You might be next. Pray always if so and avoid the things that attract the world. It might be an
      other illuminati thing.

  94. It’s really skeptical to say that the Illuminati even exists, or heck, has even survived! Sure there are many websites that claim that they are the Illuminati, but who is to say its a bunch of basement dwelling copycats who want to cause a rift? I’ll leave that to speculation

    Besides, why would such a secret group that wants to cause New World Order want with a bunch of singers when they should spend their time and energy on “recreuting” big political and economic players around the world? That’s where the power is, not some teeny boppers.


  95. justknowmyname said:

    As an K-POPPER and a fan of EXO, its true.. They keep deceiving people to follow them.. They convincing their fans that thats the trend.. but the truth is they are true illuminati. I noticed on their MVs, the theme, the way they put their clothes on, and their hand symbols, don’t tell me its their expressions… but accept the truth.. I’m not bashing here, I’m just telling the truth..

  96. silvermist-ique said:

    I’m a fan of EXO and other KPOP stars, but I’m not saying that they’re Illuminati or whatever. If you want to tell the ‘fans’ about the Illuminati symbols, look at the history of Korea first, then, you’ll understand why the Korean people didn’t react to their music videos. Yes, almost everything has a meaning but if you actually believe that KPOP stars are Illuminati, don’t blame it on them. Blame it on SM, YG or the others.

  97. Yea..i’m also a filipino fangirl of exo..i’m a k-poper too..a christian..and woah! What a relieve!!! U know what you make me feel better when i read your comment we feel the same way too..and and when i read the illuminate thing? I feel like i’m gonna smash my phone on my hand…i can’t take it!!!! I feel like crying..i can’t explain what i feel!! So thank you my friend for making my feelings better…. love ya. .hope i can meet you in personal..

  98. exoshidae said:

    Heu hey guissee i guess exo didntchereographed it it was the chero grapher nor smtowndid it.

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  100. ILLUMINATI said:

    we are looking for new recruit’s to spread the enlightenment of our organization. we do not represent evil nor do we worship devil. we do not advocate violence or harm against anyone.the Illuminati it a group of enlightened individuals whose focus is to spread truth, knowledge and enlightenment. we advocate peace and only exits for the betterment of mankind.we do not promise you riches or however we can advise you on how to obtain these things only if you truly desire them.if you TRULY seek to become member of the Illuminati then please follow the simple steps below for consideration into our organization. lifejourneyorganization@gmail.com or call +23481625885333

    • SONE said:

      Even if this would be real you are weighing your life on things that are temporally! Like money and fame. They won’t last forever. But one thing will and that is Jesus Christ! He says that if you accept him as your Lord and Saviour you will live an eternal life!! Forget about money and fame for maybe only 30 years of your life, when you can have an ETERNAL life forever (just try imagining that!!) in Heaven with Jesus! The ultimate creator of our world, our Lord and God!

      Jesus loves you sooooo much, you have no idea, that all he wants is for you to love him back and go away from your earthly doings.

      Will you get kinder and more considerate towards others if you become rich and famous? Just look at the idols around the world.. They don’t want to be friends with someone who isn’t famous, do they? (ofc maybe some, but most don’t) And they specially don’t consider you as good as themselves. Wouldn’t that happen to anyone if they got rich and famous? Do you want to end up so selfish? What in life have you gained then?

      Again, don’t weigh your life on such useless things that get used up so quickly. Believe in Jesus, your Lord and Saviour, and decide today that you want eternal life! Amen!

      God bless everyone, wish you a beautiful day! 🙂

  101. cb said:

    who are we to judge. Those who don’t look so religious sometimes make a greater effort to please their Maker than those who do. People can easily say I am from this religion and proud of it when in fact they are not even a practicing one. just saying…

  102. SONE said:

    To all people who are talking about the illuminate, and getting lots of money:

    Even if this would be real you are weighing your life on things that are temporally! Like money and fame. They won’t last forever. But one thing will and that is Jesus Christ! He says that if you accept him as your Lord and Saviour you will live an eternal life!! Forget about money and fame for maybe only 30 years of your life, when you can have an ETERNAL life forever (just try imagining that!!) in Heaven with Jesus! The ultimate creator of our world, our Lord and God!

    Jesus loves you sooooo much, you have no idea, that all he wants is for you to love him back and go away from your earthly doings.

    Will you get kinder and more considerate towards others if you become rich and famous? Just look at the idols around the world.. They don’t want to be friends with someone who isn’t famous, do they? (ofc maybe some, but most don’t) And they specially don’t consider you as good as themselves. Wouldn’t that happen to anyone if they got rich and famous? Do you want to end up so selfish? What in life have you gained then?

    Again, don’t weigh your life on such useless things that get used up so quickly. Believe in Jesus, your Lord and Saviour, and decide today that you want eternal life! Amen!

    God bless everyone, wish you a beautiful day! 🙂

  103. Yami said:

    My opinion about this “CONTROVERSIAL” matter:

    If it is Illuminati, then alright whatever.. it’s up to the person watching the video, or listening to the song to actually get influenced by it.

    Now if it isn’t Illuminati, then great, just enjoy the song/video and that’s it. Whatever it is, the person watching it has the power to do whatever they want with the information they just received and processed.

    Now, I know that I really like this video and yeah it’s a bit creepy at first but imagine; if it were Illuminati, I haven’t gone off to workship the devil and all that type of crap. I’m Christian, and an active member in church.

    So yeah, you can’t let every little thing that happens in the world affect you because you will never be in control of everything.

    There are far worse things out there, don’t let it influence you. Have a nice day.

  104. Min Qi said:

    Thanks a l0t friend f0r that inf0rmati0n . . And i never watch that mv again . . U have done a good job . .

  105. Jay said:

    Okay so I see some ppl say that they are apart of the illuminati but that is not the case, SM company THE COMPANY is apart of it not them , even the members said it themselves that they go to church and pray to God. Some members are Christian and some are catholic. So if u want to jump into comclusions get ur facts first before you start and not all celebrities are apart of it some are actually deep in the Christian faith , you can be Christian and still be a pop star or whatever. For example Demi lavato, Carrie underwood , and Steve Harvey . EXO is not apart of the illuminati, they don’t even know that the company is doing this to them. EXO does not make up there of dances, or pick out there clothes or make up the music video , I’m sure if they did it would be extremely different than what you see now and the mamma vid wouldn’t even be there so blame the company not exo

    • anon said:

      Eventually Exo are going to be initiated to whatever secret society they have to join to continue. No one is told at the beginning unless they come from that kind of background. They are famous and the satanic people who are in charge behind the scenes use popstars and actors to indoctrinate the fans who are many and young and impressionable through music and films. They know the fans idolise these artists and swallow everything they do and say without challenge and suspicion even when it goes against their beliefs and values they were brought up with. When we idolise people we let them get away with so much. I feel for the artists more because they will ave to go against their beliefs in many situations just to continue to entertain or for their careers to continue. They are going to and probably already have sacrificed a lot for their jobs. The entertainment industry is evil and filthy and asks too much of people’s souls and takes too much of their lives. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in although some are worse than others. Hollywood is far worse than k-entertainment but they are catching up fast as they get bigger. If one wants to live a clean life where they obey God’s word and God’s word alone they cannot be part of the entertainment industry no matter which country they are in. They can never be innocent forever, just remember that.
      The older groups and artists in SM and other agencies have already been initiated into whatever secret societies they belong to which are all part of illuminati.

      • anon said:

        And I forgot to add these artists have to choose to continue or not but they have to do some rituals once they get in. Nothing is free with the devil and in order to be rich and famous you have to give in order to take.

  106. Jay said:

    If u really look at South Korea , it’s Christianity faith has increased a lot more than other religions , Christianity is expanding more and more everyday ! I pray for them and I pray that God with be with them evryday and let them stay on the right path

    • anon said:

      Christianity as increased but so has materialism and greed. South Korea is a country that has developed at a very fast rate from being a third world country just 40, 30 years ago. Satanism has increased and it depends on how badly one wants to be rich, famous or both. What they are willing to do to achieve those things. Satanism/illuminati is in politics, business, education, food industry, medical industry, entertainment etc. These people want to have complete power and control over most people around the world. And for short while they will achieve this, the bible says so but then sudden destruction. This all because of Satan who wants to be like God but as a created being will never and can’t be. Only those who who keep God’s commandments and the faith of Jesus will withstand that time because they going to be persecuted. They will be in the minority and will stand out from the people of the world like sore thumb. The way they talk, their lifestyles, what they eat and the day they worship God will all be different. These evil people have plans for the whole world and if any country doesn’t do what they want, they get punished and guess who suffers? The citizens.

      Lets pray for all Christians around the world to find the truth in their daily walk with Christ and to make choices in their lives that involve Him and are about Him. His word is truth and is their to protect and save us everyday from the devil. We might suffer in this world and they might kill us physically but we will have the final victory when we see Jesus in the clouds and we will be with Him forever and ever.

  107. Noodle said:

    As a Catholic commenting on such an old post from recent 2016 comeback news, I see where you stand in this. However, Asian culture is different where they use animals to symbolize abilities or ‘powers’. The meaning behind EXO is that it’s an EXO Planet, as in a planet of it’s own. MAMA is supposed to be about all 12 elements coming together to create ‘EXO Planet’ and restoring it to it’s peace which is where “A new world shall open up” saying is relevant. However, they did not write the song so we never truly know the intention of SM. I don’t blame the guys, this was also their debut song introducing ‘Exo Planet’. Which makes sense when you put it together. The only thing I can say is don’t idolize them, they’re human just like us. You can love them, etc. but never make it into your life.

  108. fe said:

    do kpop sign a contract of selling their souls to satan ??? or it just in their mv?

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