K-POP Star Reality Show is Illuminati?

I’m certain that very few people have caught this. Even I almost didn’t catch it. On the poster for the mega-popular Korean talent competition “K-POP STAR”, there is a sign that is familiar with those who have eyes to see:

"Devil Horns"

This symbol is what is commonly referred to as “Devil Horns”. They are mostly associated with rock groups and rock concerts but their meaning is far more sinister than that.

“Devil Horns” is a salute used in satanic occult circles to worship Lucifer.

 The producers of this poster and of the show understand it’s meaning and implications and yet have no problem placing the symbol on their poster. Leading one to believe that the symbol is intentionally placed for a certain purpose.

I have not followed the show closely up till now but if any readers have spotted symbols and signs that are occult in nature, please comment below with your findings.

  1. Brant said:

    Unbeknowest to both contestants and producers, the show indeed has many occultic symbolisms. Masonic floors, pyramids and all seeing eye. Good catch on the Satanic hand gesture.

  2. AKnightAtPeace said:

    When someone flashes the devil horn it doesn’t mean they are of ‘Illuminati’. I am a Metal fan and the devil horn to the metal underground scene represents ‘freedom’ and sure it may be referencing ‘Satan’ though many different people have different beliefs on Satan.

    When someone says ‘I don’t think Satan is a bad guy’ don’t automatically say they are ‘posessed’ when simply they are researching behind the so-called ‘evil’.

    What I don’t agree with Satanism is about ‘curses’ considering it is a selfish religion but what I do agree with it is the ‘freedom’ and living your life ‘how you want’. Now THIS may come as a shock to Christians for instance – since God of the Bible has commanded us to live by ‘certain’ rules.

    Yes Satan as a character is very ‘selfish’ and I DO agree we need more people like Jesus Christ to come into this world.

    Still, kpop artists like SNSD and Shinee have given thousands of dollars to the poor/heped out charities. This shows that they do have a ‘caring mind’ and that they are not ‘demon posessed’ as most believe…

    • amethyst said:

      i completely agree!

    • Ji said:

      Hello AKnightAtPeace

      Here are some thoughts I had while reading your post. They’re not disagreements; just thoughts I feel like sharing with everyone.

      1. More than anything else, the devil horns — in modern music culture, at this point in time, regardless of original purpose — mean various harmless things such as “rock” or “let’s rock” or “rock on” or “f**k yeah”.

      2. In the biblical texts, God does much more evil than Satan does (if you happen to be a biblically religious person and disagree with this, try reading your own bible from start to finish sometime). The biblical god, without a doubt, qualifies as evil.

      3. As long as you don’t cause unnecessary non-consensual harm to others (this includes animals) you can live your life the way you want.
      If the things you do cause the unnecessary non-consensual pain, suffering or death of others, you need to stop doing those things, or kindly remove yourself from the planet.
      We don’t need a god to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. Empathy and compassion tells us what we should and shouldn’t do.

      4. Jesus Christ is a fictional deity who was concocted using various traits of other fictional deities of the past. This isn’t a personal belief. This is simply a fact well known by people who actually study the bibles and their history with an open, intelligent mind rather than being influenced by the teachings/interpretations of a religion, or members of a religion.

      5. It is SM Entertainment’s policy to involve its performers in charities for image purposes. SME provides the money for them to donate; it doesn’t come from their personal earnings. There are a few SME performers who do some donating with their personal earnings, as well as some community volunteering. However, this really tells us nothing for certain about whether or not they actually have a ‘caring mind’. The reason being that these few SME performers happen to belong to an extension of a U.S. Christian organization that promotes donating and community service. More often than not, the members of this organization do these things to please Jesus (for heavenly or earthly rewards) and/or other members of the organization. In other words, you will usually see the members of this organization donating a bit of time & money regardless of whether they actually have a ‘caring mind’ or not.

  3. Yes! Finally something about blogi modowe.

  4. I don’t know if anybody noticed this; I was suspicious about that ‘kpop’ word, especially ‘o’ letter. Now that I see, it isn’t even ‘o’ it’s 666! Look at those three pointy ends! I’ve been listening to kpop for a year and few months, not even year and a half, but now that I noticed what it actually is, I’m disgused. I try not to listen to it anymore. Well, it’s not hard not to listen, but I keep on searching for non-illuminati kpop songs because I really do like kpop romantic songs. Smth like Huh Gak, K.Will, Beak A Yeon…

  5. wazzup said:

    LOL! Don’t exaggerate it. It just means “rock n roll” >> to party, have fun, freedom. It’s also a sign for “i love you”. It’s the “Metal” sign start by a band of dio. It’s also an unofficial sign for bullsh*t in american language.

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