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I’ve noticed over the past few weeks an increase in inappropriate comments concerning religious beliefs being made by certain individuals. This will not be tolerated. Refrain from posting such comments in the future. A continuation of said comments will result in a temporary ban.

Please remember that if we, truth seekers, are united in our quest for truth we stand a better chance of educating more people. Once again, put your differences aside.

A Concerned K-POP Fan.

  1. Guest said:

    They don’t appear to be truth seekers.
    They appear to be people who are upset that these Illuminati might be worshiping a different evil imaginary being than the one they worship.
    They have already decided that what is taught in their laughably ridiculous man-made religious books is the truth.

    • My post addresses comments like your own.

      We can have respectful conversations about the topic at hand without becoming insultive and unpleasant.

      Anyone of any religion is free to express their thoughts on this blog without fear of judgment.

      • Guest said:

        What was wrong with what I just posted?

  2. Your comment was in error because you were not being respectful to other people’s religion.

  3. Guest said:

    I was just being honest.
    Also, there are very few religions one should be respectful to.
    Buddhism and Pastafarianism might be the only two religions that shouldn’t be cast from the face of the Earth.
    And Christianity (the religion of most of these brainwashing victims who are posting here) is just as bad as (if not worse than) Satanism.

    Anyway… as long as they don’t mention God any more, I’ll keep my mouth shut (because I love your posts and the investigating you’re doing).

    • Naomi said:

      @Guest you can be honest without being rude and disrespectful at all. Its the words and tone you choose to use that are very disrespectful. I don’t agree with your opinions but I’m not about to to be rude and disrespectful because I was brought up to respect everyone not only those who agree with me or I agree with.

      Unless KPOPinfiltrated asks us not to mention God on here, you can’t shut anyone’s mouth if they mention Him. I Love KPOPinfiltrated’s posts and I’ll be coming here from time to time to read what they say and I have mentioned and will always mention God in my posts because I worship and believe in Him and in my opinion knows the beginning from the end and warns us of what is going to happen in these end times.

      I personally won’t be shutting up my mouth about God because I don’t want to. I don’t mind having healthy arguments and a healthy exchange of ideas as long as they are respectful. For you to say that christianity is worse than satanism when you know christians abhor anything satanist, shows that you really wanted to insult and be rude which is really sad because I don’t see the point of it. Let me ask you what do you aim to gain from being disrespectful and rude towards other people’s beliefs? Do you feel happy afterwards? Or do you just do it willy nilly because you are anonymous on here and feel good manners and respect don’t cross over to the internet?

      • Lania said:

        I’ve been reading your comments on here and have to say, with no offense intended, that you are definitely brainwashed and you scare me more than these Illuminati folks do. I’m only telling you this because I’d want someone to tell me if I were brainwashed. For your own good, please try to free yourself of this brainwashing. Good luck to you.

  4. Some visitor said:

    That “Guest” comment indeed is NOT RESPECTFUL, actually it is very disrespectful. And I would like to say to that person: so then what are you? I suppose you must be an expert, I suppose you must be beyond ALL KNOWLEDGE to be so sure about what religion is worst than other and so forth. I suppose you are not human, since you possess THE TRUTH, right?
    Are you that sure of what you are saying? Can you prove it? And mainly: did you already DIED and see what is beyond death? Did you already spoke directly with God/Christ?

    I hope you are aware of the fact anybody is brainwashed. Since you did born you have been brainwashed. Why do you write in english? Is that your main language? Why don’t you speak all the other languages in the world? Why don’t you express yourself without language.
    All of us, not counting religion, are somehow and at some level BRAINWASHED.

    You are no exception, my dear.

    Atheists, hinduists, whatever, you name it. Somehow and at some level they are brainwashed too.

    So please get things straight.

    If you don’t like religions, especially Christianity, fine, no one can force you to accept, to believe, etc. etc., obviously; it is your choice, it is your soul; BUT PLEASE don’t just go anywhere expressing your thoughtless and private opinions, spreading hate and nonsense, ESPECIALLY if you do it so rudely and disrespectfully.

    If you have something hateful and rude to say, better keep it yourself or post it on your personal blog, your personal diary, or whatever (or in hate forums, hate blogs, with people who share your opinion).
    But not in public places like this.

    Don’t act as if you were the holder of truth, because guess what? YOU ARE NOT.

    No matter what you may think or say: you are NOT the holder of truth.

    Not you, not me (not anybody? or at least the most biggest majority of human beings, but who knows?),
    neither of us know the entire truth, the ultimate truth.

    Neither of us have the complete / definitive / ultimate truth.

    (I hope you can understand this, as I am not an english speaker).

    • Li said:

      Some visitor,

      The lack of intelligence in your post is very scary. Next time you feel like saying such ridiculous things, please scribble them in the back of your bible instead of posting them here.

      Thank you

      • Naomi said:

        @ Li just like you have the right to “scribble” your post on here which in my opinion lacks any intelligence at all and is just an insult really because you did not disprove anything @ some visitor wrote, so does anyone else who wants to make a post on here. It is called freedom of speech and as long as we still have it, anyone can post comments with their opinions at any time. Insulting people and disrespecting their beliefs, weren’t you taught any manners at all?!!!

  5. Naomi said:

    Here here @Some visitor. We can disagree with people’s beliefs but to be disrespectful and rude shows what kind of person they are. They don’t have manners and that is something most religions teach including Buddhism. The way they comment is indeed like they have higher powers and are better than everyone when they are just like the rest of us(human). It is just their opinion and and they should respect other peoples opinions too. I hope in the future any disrespectful and rude posts of people’s beliefs are taken off. In posts like this about the Illuminati religion is bound to be brought up a lot and whether we agree with people beliefs or not respect is very important.

  6. Sandra said:

    Wow this is really god stuff I hate how I really never knew about this’s things intill you told me hey I have flet that T-ARA is also becoming one of them can you please look at them and tell me for your self and well there new music video I feel like in it mat be clues in there ( coming July 3

  7. Katie said:

    Okay okay okay. I am completely not religious and i enjoy kpop for the music. To be honest, and i dont want to offend people because i understand that those who worship ‘god’ and hate ‘the devil & satanism etc etc’ maybe take offence to it…but i think this is all just someones ideas and opinions blown up and evolved over time and all the people that believe this is true are just, just too gullible. Thats the nicest way i can put it without being too rude :L
    Really, MOST of the kpop idols AND producers AND company managers and everyone in korea pretty much are raised in good christian families. If they arent christian then theyre aethiest, which is perfectly fine too. Are you trying to say that they arent respecting their OWN practised religion? Or that those who arent part of a religion believe in satan and the illuminati? Because im one of those people and if thats what you think then thats offensive to every non-religious personin the world. If we dont follow a religion it means we dont believe in Satan so how could we be on his side? How could you say that any idol is on his side?
    Now, i have read your responding comments to very realistic people who just have opinions and you just suggest that they are wrong and they arent looking deeply into the situation.. Well no. just No. I know some people are gonna get offended but thats their problem okay,- the people that truly believe that kpop is just a way to ‘brainwash’ people and get the illuminati to ‘rule the world’ are the delusional ones. You.. you dont think if someone walks out of the hairdresser with a haircut and some is covering One of their eyes, you wouldnt say theyre part of/supporting the illuminati right? Nor would you blame the hairdresser, its not their fault either, they arent brainwashing people because their hair is covering an eye. You’d just think its a normal thing… then all of a sudden, you say that an idol, and among all of the worlds idols you pick the Kpop ones, who does that is part of/supporting the illuminati? Stupidity.

    Also, you think theres so much symbolism in the videos, what..what are you thinking? Thats just completely irrelevent to the MUSIC. even if they are trying to subliminally message people and ‘brainwash’ them, sont you think the companies would have picked people that arent compeltely against Satanism and illuminati… Geez you all need to wake up and realise that these companies dont work THAT hard to stick in tiny little things in MV’s you think are linked to the illuminati and everything evil to get people to follow their ‘cult’ or group or whatever.
    If i was to become an idol does that automatically make me a part of this ? Does that automatically make me evil?
    And to all those people out there who think that when the songs are played backwards there are hidden messages and relations to satan, you have got to be joking. ITS KOREAN. ITS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. You’ve heard the english in songs which everyone can admit doesnt always(usually) make sense, so how can you say when a KOREAN song is played backwards and crazy people say they heard what SOUNDS like satan-summoning chants and illiminati references that its all true? Even if it was meant for that, i dont think theyre going to sit there, think of lyrics, record them backwards and listen to them and make sure theres a satan/illuminati reference in there in ENGLISH, you know that language that theyre bad at, then use it in their song and find more and more lines that do the same AND rhyme.

    IM not attacking religions, these are my opinions on the idiotic and gullible people who think that the world we live in is trying to bring down everything they believe in and that they are the superior group because they arent falling for it. No, god dammit no. Its not smart or cool or amazing to THINK a kpop group or groups or the whole industry is trying to brainwash the world. And you DEFINITELY cannot say thatyou are a kpop fan if you make these assumptions because you clearly didnt know that they are a strongly religious country and would never have anything to do with this.

  8. amethyst said:

    i’m being careful to not be rude, i am a Christian and i respect kpop. but please, before you post these kinds of issues. please confirm that they are facts.
    cause you only base your knowledge due to the signs you see and signs doesn’t actually reveal the truth.
    yes i understand that you’re seeking for the truth but please don’t easily make these kinds of posts. i’m not attacking religions i’m just saying my opinion but saying that kpop is spreading darkness to the world is just wrong!
    if you’re gonna look at the meanings behind their songs, it doesn’t have anything to do with being illuminatis!!!
    and what about the hair-covering-the-eye-thing, it’s their style!
    and of course you also like that style (i guess.) side bangs are the “in” right now!
    the mickey mouse ears…is it wrong to wear those ears? my cousins has those kinds of hairbands does that mean they’re illuminati?
    i don’t think so.

    and they’re korean! how would you even know the meanings behind their songs (without subtitles)?
    the devil-hand-gesture-thingy…its a rock and roll sign.
    and donghae’s shirt, what? don’t we have the freedom to pick a shirt or clothing now?
    when i shop do i need to look at the designs carefully just to see if there’s an illuminati sign?
    cuz i, for one loved donghae’s shirt and i am not brainwashed by illuminatis!
    it’s fashion!

    and the music videos…your thinking that they are illuminatis because of the signs?!
    gosh!they’re MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!!!!
    FOR ENTERTAINMENT! what— what is wrong with your minds?!
    the companies work hard to make their music videos unique or different from other groups! they don’t even think about the illuminati signs!

    it would be lame and mean if they’d plagiarize other people’s work! and i don’t believe that kpop gained a lot of popularity by brainwashing people by their illuminati-niness. they gain fame because the people adore them!
    people love and appreciate their hardwork! and you just say that they gained fame because they brainwashed people with their illuminati-niness?! in case you haven’t noticed…you’re the one who disrespecting them! they worked their butts off to get into the kpop industry! and this is how you give to them?! this is what you write and show the world?!

    • KORGOGO said:


      1. This site is making observations, not pointing out definite facts about anything.

      2. Dismissing these findings because they’re ‘just music videos’ or ‘just for entertainment’ is exactly what these people would want you to do if they were adding subliminal messages to these videos.

      3. The vast majority of the K-Pop fans do no love the K-Pop idols for their hard work. They love them because they are physically appealing and because the impression has been given that many other people are (or will be) interested in them. This is why the fans will love a group’s music even if the group completely changes their musical style and even if the music they’re releasing becomes flat-out bad This is why they love every little thing they do on variety shows … their minor accomplishments being praised and their unintelligent words or actions being dismissed at ‘cute’. It’s a form of infatuation. This is also why virtually all idols have to undergo plastic surgery procedures and why you see virtually no physically unappealing idols. The K-Pop industry targets superficial young people with raging hormones who will be drawn to the idols whether they really want to be or not. You need only look at the history of pop idols (especially group idols) to see what happens if the idols become physically unappealing or too unpopular. Even their hard-core fans begin to dump them, even if the idols are still producing the same sort of music, or even better music, they are dumped by virtually all of their fans. It’s almost entirely about physical appeal and perceived popularity, whether the fans want to admit it or not.

      4. ‘Working your butt off’ to get a job position isn’t an innately admirable or respectable thing. The effort that a person puts into getting a job position should not be respected or admired unless that job position happens to be one deserving of respect or admiration, such as a human or animal rights job position. There is nothing about working your butt off to be a pop idol that deserves respect or admiration. It’s a selfish endeavor and pop idols usually do more harm to the world than good by making young people less intelligent & more superficial, and by endorsing harmful products and heartless corporations that deserve to be shutdown rather than endorsed.

  9. Melissa said:

    What makes the “eye of horus” a Satanic symbol exactly? I’ll explain. It’s the defamation of all religions by Christianity. Christianity is notorius for taking on small parts of religions of the people they force to convert and then turning the rest of the religion into “evil”.

    I will say that I loved the comment about Bhuddists and Pastafarians being the only religion that shouldn’t be wiped off the face of the earth.

    It’s obvious that the FSM is caressing that previous guest with his noodly loins.

  10. Jaejoong's Princess said:

    I just saw this post after I posted my comment about JYJ and the whole Illuminati from a Christian point of view. I don’t know if my comment was inappropriate or not. I hope not. If I broke any rules, I am really sorry. I didn’t know.

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