B.A.P Illuminati Inspired Concept

It’s late April and we are beginning to see a boy group rush similar to the girl group version we experienced last fall. Returning to the scene is one of the most successful rookies of the first half of the year, B.A.P. I’ve always been suspicious of them since their debut because of these pictures:

The Eye of Horus

The super rookies have returned with a concept darker and more sinister. Here’s one of the concept images:

Do you notice how it is always the same member for covering his eye? Is he the 'sacrifice'?

This post is the introduction to the analysis I will be doing on their new MV ‘Power’. There a lot of material to cover and I have my finals soon so it might be a little while before the post materializes.


  1. Some visitor said:

    In the picture with the red jacket there are many weird symbols: a diamond? something like an eye-globe (blue colored), and more things I can’t see (and in the shirt too). In the second picture with the yellow jacket the same story: more weird symbols and somewhere it says: Sex Pistols in cubes. But I doubt it has something to do with the rock band, or it does?. The third picture with the grey jacket he has some stars in his body (pentagrams? I suppose they are pentagrams and not just random “black stars”), and the fourth picture also in grey he has some tatoo of an angel or something (why an angel, what this particular angel is supposed to be or to mean?).
    In the two grey pictures he looks sad, like abandoned, and with the broken clothing he looks kind of a homeless or something.
    I don’t know this group at all (only I had seen it on “thumbails” in the channels of some Youtube users). I completely left “K-pop” in 2010 when I began to know about all this stuff.
    I find “K-pop” very disgusting, and it is very upsetting to see how many BRAINLESS people like it.
    I don’t know if you already sent the pictures you are exposing here in your site to Vigilant Citizen, but if you haven’t, please send them, I think they would be useful.

    Thank you for doing this site (this is my first time here) and PLEASE continue. I think is important.
    It is very good to know of more people who are aware of this, and also willing to expose, analyze, etc.

    There are many brainless people outthere, unfortunately. I really hope they come across your website and all the others sites that are speaking up about this too, and begin to THINK and stop idolizing and stop being brainwashed by this plastic crappy music, etc.

    -Sorry for bad english, by the way. I’m not an english speaker.

    • rümeysa memiş said:

      I think B.A.P is some different than the other bands.. why they inspired from illuminati if they want to do they do this directly. For example their music clips include skull or their dance include illuminati actions but end of the clip who controls this dance, other boys killed him(part of automoton dance). skull too, in the back ground skull has a whitewash. Songs’ mean like antiilluminati. i dont know maybe not but i hope. we thought about that lyrics are so hard clips too they say we got the power maybe this power for illimunati or antiilluminati.. And they want to make revalt for something i hope this is not for illuminati. i want to learn this breach of the peace for what… if i wrote wrong im sorry about that -english. continue this projects please…

    • notta said:

      Personnellement, je ne pence pas que les BAP sont illuminati … Si l’ont s’arrête a leurs clip, photo, mise en scène …
      Leurs originalité est par d’autre personne professionnellement ! Des metteur en scène, des scénariste, des couturier et il n’ont pas d’autre choix que de suivre ce que leurs agence donne . Après chacun son avis mais je travail moi aussi dans ses quelques domaine .

    • angel marie said:

      i guess i’m brainless then, ‘i find “kpop” very disgusting’ BITCH go look in the mirror and you will see something even more disgusting, you fuckin bitch ass cunt.

  2. Naomi said:

    Its really sad that kpop is now fully steeped in occultism. Everywhere you look they are symbols and signs to show who they are really affiliated with.

  3. JoyceKelly said:

    I don’t think they are like that. I agree with rümeysa memiş when she said about the “control part” and then if you watch the music video you can see one of them who hits a car which has an eye drawn on it. Their songs are about fighting against corruption inside the music industry or the injustice of the current society. Poses like covering an eye are not always something related to Illuminati, sometimes people do it just because it’s cool or even because they want to tease you (people who know about Illuminati). The other things you said I think are just coincidence. It’s ok to be aware of this stuff but then you have to know that not every single symbol is related to Illuminati. Actually you can see some weird symbols everywhere around you and people can say that is something like occultism, but it’s not. First you have to do some more accurate research to be sure of it, photos where people cover their eye aren’t enough to say it.

  4. Ayşedemir said:

    I think too, this boy band is different. If you look at their WARRİOR video clip you see they hit a car and car’s window has an eye… I mean they hit an eye (look at 3.37th minute please).So we can understand something right. Everyone must listen their music and be fun of them for motivation.Because we don’ want to live again MJ’s death story – Michael Jackson etc. …They can do everyting. If I wrote wrong I’m sorry about that -english

  5. 100 dango said:

    i dont dissagree with you but if you look at the meaning of warrior its actually not that dark sooo in my opinion there not really illuminaty

  6. karasu said:

    whoa really nice. i understand that if u are a follower of the illuminati then you would notice these things. So keep on with your worshipping of the illuminati. 🙂

  7. Curiouser and Curiouser said:

    My belief is that they are fairly if not completely anti-illuminati. The song/MV “Warrior” talks about fighting back, and yes, one member smashes a car windshield with an eye on it, and in the end, they band together/break free, and shoot Zelo, the controller/puppeteer, in the head. Happy fun times. Their newest title track/MV “Power” talks about rising up, saying “we got the power” to fight, and that we “hate you”, assuming the hate is directed at the illuminati. I haven’t read all the lyrics for the new mini, but with titles like “Fight for Freedom” it makes you wonder if they are anti. But this is just my opinion, I ain’t no crazy stan running to defend their honour no matter what they do, just a curious fan. Anyways, I think they are talented, and if they are anti, I wish them luck in this illuminati cesspool known as k-pop. Hopefully they are, like Tablo and his strong stance against them. I enjoy Tablo. //Irrelevant but true. /brick’d//
    Hope there are minimal spelling errors… typed this up on the wii. OTL

    Peace Out. 😡

  8. shut up said:

    i honestly don’t think they’re illuminatis…their song warrior is about fighting and the song power is telling us that we have rights and we’re supposed to fight back.
    the signs your finding for illuminati is just their outfit and pictures! we don’t know if that proof is a or is the correct proof!

  9. shut up said:

    and he’s covering his forehead or should i say that he is touching his forehead, it just looks like his covering his eye because of the angle.

  10. hope said:

    honestly,i love B.A.P, i have to agree with the majority comments in favour that bap is not illuminati,
    -if they were illuminati they would be super popular like exo
    -their songs always talk about fighting back against an oppressing force (the illuminati)

  11. you all should read the lyrics for power……….

    • Who? said:


  12. fgfg said:


  13. VigilantSeeker said:

    KPOP Infiltrated:

    There is indeed a powerful secretive organization which, at this point, has obtained control of most of the planet.

    Whether or not this organization is (or ever was) called the Illuminati is uncertain.
    Many of the top researchers just refer to them as the “powers- that-be” since it is uncertain what they currently call themselves.

    I had heard about symbols in K-Pop videos but didn’t really pay any attention until I saw a couple myself while watching random videos.

    In the video for GD & T.O.P’s “Don’t Go Home”, the pyramid symbol used by the powers-that-be can be found on the door of one of the shops.

    In the video for Narsha’s “Mamma Mia” there is a man with a Ra tattoo on his shoulder, and Narsha has an Egyptian themed look in the video.

    This is interesting because the belief system of the powers-that-be appears to be based on the belief system of the ancient Egyptians.

    The fictional biblical character Jesus Christ is based primarily on the Egyptian god Horus.
    We know that the powers-that-be use Christianity to produce people who are easily controlled.
    Narsha herself is member of an organization which seeks to use K-Pop artists to spread Christianity in South East Asia.
    The K-Pop artists themselves appear to just be victims who actually believe the Jesus story but the people at the very top of the organization are well aware that he is a fictional character.
    Many K-Pop artists are being used by this organization, including nearly all members of SNSD.

    • VigilantSeeker said:

      tinyurl [dot] com [slash] 9tpneu3
      tinyurl [dot] com [slash] 8mrcq8u
      tinyurl [dot] com [slash] 8ovmf6r

      • VigilantSeeker said:

        Better links:
        i47 [dot] tinypic [dot] com [slash] 2rx86mf [dot] png
        i45 [dot] tinypic [dot] com [slash] 4rt7hh [dot] png
        i47 [dot] tinypic [dot] com [slash] 2zs20s1 [dot] png

  14. asdfghjkl said:

    As long as you believe in God, it doesn’t matter to be a fan. You can’t judge them like that y’ know. This is the same thing you did to EXO -,-

    • Hyun said:

      Which god?
      Humans have concocted thousands of false gods.
      Which would you prefer I believe in?
      The ridiculously psychotic biblical god perhaps?

  15. Dani said:

    Hey, watch yourself, Hyun. It’s people like you who are very ignorant and careless about other people’s religion
    If you don’t follow God, then just say that! Be aware that people with many different backgrounds come to read these comments and it would not be great to see your comment like this one. When saying stuff like “the ridiculously psychotic biblical God” you can hurt/offend many people.
    And if you’re so confused on who to believe in, then why don’t you try a little of every religion and see which god would answer you….
    And also be open minded – that really helps (close-minded people are the most ignorant)

    • . said:

      Actually, you should watch yourself Dani.
      The bibles are behind the majority of the problems we have today. People can believe whatever they want as long as their beliefs cause no harm to others, and as long as they do not try to spread beliefs which are likely to cause the harm of others.
      Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to biblically religious people. Their beliefs (that they feel obligated to spread) are a core cause of most of the pain and suffering experienced in the world today.
      Also, refraining from telling the truth out of fear of offending other people is a terrible thing. There wouldn’t be so many brainwashed religious people in the world if the un-brainwashed people would more frequently speak the truth about these insane man-made religions and religious texts.

      • 888 said:

        LOL God bless your lost and wandering soul. If you can only hear yourself. It’s because of your choices of words that SOMEBODY out there was scourged & crucified to death. Like what HE said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Let HIM be the judge of that. Poor you.

      • 888 said:

        The world suffers because of people like you exists. END OF STORY. You’re the that should be watched. How cruel of you to call us brainwashed you athiest-ungrateful-heartless creature. If faith does not exist in your heart, then just keep silent because no matter how you rant, nobody will ever listen to except for those atheists & anti-Christs out there like you do. YOUR ARGUMENT IS DENIED & INVALID. CASE CLOSED.

  16. asdfghjkl said:

    Actually, we live with illuminati symbols everyday. Just look around you. Maybe you don’t notice it, but it does happen. And, why don’t you make a review about rock bands? I think they show it clearly. Yea, you know. From their hands, their songs. I don’t think closing one of my eye is an illuminati symbol. Because illuminati symbol has a triangle near the one-seeing-eye. I’m sorry, but how much do you know that Illuminati that you can write this far?
    Sorry for the bad english.

  17. Light bearer said:

    Hmmmm i used to believe in religion…..not untill i studied the whole bible itself…including “the gospel according to judas”…..you religious people should really study first before you say/type anything….the bible has many flaws trust me with that…….if you don’t try understanding it page by page

    • 888 said:


  18. KpopGirl1993 said:

    No, they are not. Yongguk smashed a one-eyed car at 2:38, and Zelo is blocking the stupid one eye car window at 1:47 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tLooPlf2Sw. Plus their lyrics are not illuminati. Also, BAP is really unpopular in South Korea compared to real illuminati bands like Big Bang and SNSD.

    • Who? said:

      I agree with you

  19. Who? said:

    Who are you? are you an Anti-Kpoper?

  20. Simona said:

    “New World Order” is written on the bridge of YoungJae’s nose in the BADMAN MV (1:58). I think that this is too much. This isn’t even a coincidence. It can’t be mistaken. NEW WORLD ORDER. Seriously?
    Again. They’re always saying that they want teenagers to be more aware of the criminality, but if you take a look at their MVs there is a lot of shooting and they make the so called criminals look cool. The whole “criminality awareness” message their spreading is just to fool the korean conservative viewers. I’m not saying I believe in B.A.P. being illuminati puppets, but this made me think a lot. I’m also a fan.

  21. zarra said:

    So…bap in illumination is real?? Please answer.

  22. Jesse said:

    when they say im a badman they are washing there sins away

  23. Rose said:

    In the beginning I was really surprised because they seemed pretty much anti-illuminati in their videos when I first found about about them, but when I saw Badman I was just a little sad. I thought that it made sense, they are in the kpop industry and any rebellious songs/behaviour would have to be neutralized at some point with some typical mind control music.
    But then when I listened through the second time, I became a bit confused by their message.
    In Badman they look darker and more evil, and are also in very obvious clothes and symbols used by the illuminati, which makes it look like they are setting up the perfect scene for a pretty little illuminati mind control music video to control all the loving fans with.
    But then, the lyrics are REINFORCING that they are bad men (while they are dressed up in illuminati garb, so basically saying that the illuminati are bad men), that we should be scared and run away or they will never leave us basically. To me it sort of sounds like a warning, as if they are warning us about them, about their industry, and that their group is no different. Even though they are against all the bad stuff going on they are just as powerless and controlled as all the other kpop groups. And with whatever power they do have they are trying to warn us.
    Did anyone else think the same thing? Or am I reading too much into this?

  24. not your business said:

    I think they are ANTI-illuminati, if anything. Just listen to “What the hell”. I’ve never heard such powerful anti-system song in kpop. They are basically telling you to wake up and see what’s really going on in the world.
    Yongguk knows this shit. He knows about the lies of the government, he knows 9/11 was an inside job. He writes his knowledge into their lyrics and all the illuminati symbolism in their vids is more like ANTI-illuminati.
    The NWO in “Badman” is that they’re PROTESTING against NWO.

  25. Assia said:

    Anyway it is not they who choose their choreography, their theme and decor then this is a good thing, maybe it is their label are illuminati force to work with the U.S., sorry for my English x)

  26. a follower of Jesus said:

    You know what really disappoints me? KPop has some goal probably like uniting large group of teenagers or even at their twenties & go against what is supposed to be right. For example, we, the ones who are wide awake & capable of seeing the truth, says something disagree-ing with regards to KPop and some fans would rant and be like, “i guess i’m brainless then, ‘i find “kpop” very disgusting’ BITCH go look in the mirror and you will see something even more disgusting, you fuckin bitch ass cunt.” See what KPop has done to you. You’ve become such an immoral-swearing-obsessed kind of person. Which is definitely unpleasant & wrong. Is this what KPop taught you? To become overly protective & blind & addicted. THIS PROOF ALONE IS A CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT KPOP DO POISONS TODAY’S YOUTH. HELP US STOP THIS AS EARLY AS NOW.

    “Dear children, keep yourselves away from idols.” -1 John 5:21

    • siola said:

      ‘If a man rapes a virgin girl and is discovered, he must marry the girl for life and give the girl’s father fifty shekel’s of silver.’ — Deuteronomy 22:28-29

      Please stop pretending your bible is a good source of wisdom and moral guidance.

  27. Lina said:

    Honestly Kpop is very fun to watch just because I watch it, or am a fan of any group, does not mean I will go and start doing satanic things. And if people do these stuff is their own stupid fault for interpreting music that way.

    • siola said:

      The purpose of the messages isn’t to make you go out and do satanic things. The messages aren’t even satanic.
      They insert the messages to signal their friends; to let their friends know that they have successfully infiltrated this industry, are profiting from its sales and are now in a position to mold the youth culture by directing the K-Pop performers to look, act and speak in a particular manner.
      Interestingly, their primary goal at the moment is actually to spread Christianity in South Korea, because it’s been proven to be one of the best programming tools in existence for producing a population that’s easily manipulated and controlled.

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