RoundUp (Hello Venus, Kang Sora, Secret, Miss A )


Actress Kang Sora hiding one eye with a butterfly (doesn’t get more obvious than this folks).


Secret’s promotional image for their latest comeback.

Secret has taken a much sexier avatar for their newest venture and more notably, taking on themes and images usually worn by ‘sexy’ artists. Notice the red and black and the leopard print. Red and black are occult symbols especially when put together and the leopard print is symbol reserved for sex kitten mind control victims. 



Hello Venus is group that I’ve been keeping my eye (no pun intended) on for the last little while as I’ve notice that they tend to sneak one or two occult symbols. They often do the ‘hide one eye’ pose a lot in their photoshoot, more than usual. KPOP idols tend to do more cutesy poses rather than hiding their one eye especially if they’re rookies.


Pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Paula said:

    Can someone explain the butterfly symbol for me?

  2. eux said:

    The butterfly is purportedly a symbol of disassociation. The idea is, that performers are not themselves when they are performing, and are trained to exhibit different personalities (called alters), sort of like multiple personality disorder. Occultists believe that the butterfly in advertisements is a symbol of a company having control over the idol, as if the idol were their personal puppet (presumably for financial gain).

    The origin of this idea revolves around the Monarch Programming theory, which is allegedly related to the MKUltra project conducted by the CIA in the 1950s. A simple Google search will pull up many relevant articles.

  3. R_SM said:

    illuminati signs everywhere in kpop idols, specially 2011 till now!

  4. angie said:

    I have a question about the one eye symbol: I know that in some events/ pictures this can be an illuminati symbol.
    But what if you do that unintentionally when taking pictures and stuffs??
    Because I know that I’ve done this before I even really know kpop and these illuminati signs…

  5. hana said:

    please come to my weblog and write the comment

  6. kens said:

    Ah yeah…. i think most people may have overlooked this, but I noticed the girl is making a hidden horns symbol with her hand in the group pic above. Its common to display hidden horns as well. For example, Michelle obama had hidden horns on the cover of vogue.

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