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Taeyeon's Eye of Horus

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon recently completed promotions for her first solo venture through her mini album, “I”. Featured throughout the music video and teaser images were subtle references to occult themes, specifically duality and the eye of Horus.

The eye of Horus or the one eye hidden element should be familiar to even the most light reader of Illuminati so I won’t spend much time on that.

Taeyeon-verbal-jint_1443662474_af_orgHowever, the duality element cannot be ignored. Taeyeon begins the music video with two versions of herself or two alters. One alter is “free”, roaming green pastures, wearing light colors and generally seems happier. The other alter wears darker colors and is seen in a restrictive working environment. The plot of the music video is for the “dark” alter and the “light” alter to finally meet and merge together.

20151007_kfashionista_snsd_taeyeonWe don’t see the merger take place but it obvious that this is the culmination of the entire music video. What does it mean and why was this motif used in Taeyeon’s first solo venture?

Of course, it might not mean anything at all but given SM’s past that is highly unlikely.

-KPOP Infiltrated


In our absence, there’s been a dramatic influx of occult symbols, motifs and themes in KPOP. We plan on delivering more articles in the near future in order to properly inform fans from all of the world on the dark side of KPOP. 

Please anticipate. 

-KPOP Infiltrated