We’re BACK!

In our absence, there’s been a dramatic influx of occult symbols, motifs and themes in KPOP. We plan on delivering more articles in the near future in order to properly inform fans from all of the world on the dark side of KPOP. 

Please anticipate. 

-KPOP Infiltrated

  1. Aisyah said:

    Can’t wait! When it comes to the reality of entertainment industry, this site complements the info I obtained from Vigilant Citizen.

  2. concerned said:

    I’m happy you’re back. You raised a lot of questions about what really happens in the music industry.

    Could you write posts on replacements/clones? I’ve been researching that lately. Seems true.

    Also, I viewed the Nine Muses documentary a few months ago, and I started to get curious about abuse. I read that ritual abuse is prominent in the occult. I read an article on Koreaboo that claims that former members were sexually harassed by their CEO.

  3. Roya said:

    I pity you , people like you will do anything for attention . if you want you can make the world dark and scary but do it in your mind and stop spreading bullshits . who are you to judge people ? are you God ? do you live with those whom you had judged ?
    what you are doing is a Sin and in other world you will be questioned by God , if those whom you judge don’t forgive you this simple act will make you go to hell .

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