In our absence, there’s been a dramatic influx of occult symbols, motifs and themes in KPOP. We plan on delivering more articles in the near future in order to properly inform fans from all of the world on the dark side of KPOP. 

Please anticipate. 

-KPOP Infiltrated



Actress Kang Sora hiding one eye with a butterfly (doesn’t get more obvious than this folks).


Secret’s promotional image for their latest comeback.

Secret has taken a much sexier avatar for their newest venture and more notably, taking on themes and images usually worn by ‘sexy’ artists. Notice the red and black and the leopard print. Red and black are occult symbols especially when put together and the leopard print is symbol reserved for sex kitten mind control victims. 



Hello Venus is group that I’ve been keeping my eye (no pun intended) on for the last little while as I’ve notice that they tend to sneak one or two occult symbols. They often do the ‘hide one eye’ pose a lot in their photoshoot, more than usual. KPOP idols tend to do more cutesy poses rather than hiding their one eye especially if they’re rookies.


Pretty self-explanatory.

I’m certain that very few people have caught this. Even I almost didn’t catch it. On the poster for the mega-popular Korean talent competition “K-POP STAR”, there is a sign that is familiar with those who have eyes to see:

"Devil Horns"

This symbol is what is commonly referred to as “Devil Horns”. They are mostly associated with rock groups and rock concerts but their meaning is far more sinister than that.

“Devil Horns” is a salute used in satanic occult circles to worship Lucifer.

 The producers of this poster and of the show understand it’s meaning and implications and yet have no problem placing the symbol on their poster. Leading one to believe that the symbol is intentionally placed for a certain purpose.

I have not followed the show closely up till now but if any readers have spotted symbols and signs that are occult in nature, please comment below with your findings.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks an increase in inappropriate comments concerning religious beliefs being made by certain individuals. This will not be tolerated. Refrain from posting such comments in the future. A continuation of said comments will result in a temporary ban.

Please remember that if we, truth seekers, are united in our quest for truth we stand a better chance of educating more people. Once again, put your differences aside.

A Concerned K-POP Fan.

I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been able to devote time to articles. Plus there is so much material to be covered. Occult themes are absolutely everywhere in KPOP these days.

I’ll try to post more short posts in the future and I’ll try and devote time to long analysis articles in the coming week.

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A Concerned K-POP Fan.

There’s isn’t a young female soloist today with more popularity and commercial appeal than IU (real name: Lee Ji-Eun) in Korea. She’s known as the Nation’s Little Sister – a title that is only bestowed on those with nationwide popularity (Like SNSD – Nation’s Girl Group, Lee Seunggi – Nation’s Little Brother, Yoo Jaesuk – Nation’s MC, Choi Jin-Sil [deceased] – Nation’s Actress).

As expected of her position, there are many references to occult themes. We’ll explore some of them here.

Interesting fact: IU’s company, LOEN entertainment, is the same one 4minute + Cube, 2PM + JYP and Pledis Entertainment are under. If you’ve read most of the posts on this site you’ll understand the connection.

Let’s begin IU’s analysis: Read More