Exo M and K are SM’s newest artists meant to target the Chinese and the Korean market respectively. They are the most anticipated rookies of the first half of the year with already a legion of super supportive fangirls. EXO’s primary purpose is to target the Chinese market which is both extremely lucrative and difficult for foreign artists to break into. EXO, specifically EXO-M, is SM’s first foray into truly conquering the heart of Chinese fangirls. And that’s all fine and dandy. The problem lies in the disturbingly obvious symbolism found in their teasers (23 in total!!!) and in their recently revealed music video for their debut single, “MAMA”. Watch the video here.

In this post, we will further explore the symbolism.


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I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been able to devote time to articles. Plus there is so much material to be covered. Occult themes are absolutely everywhere in KPOP these days.

I’ll try to post more short posts in the future and I’ll try and devote time to long analysis articles in the coming week.

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A Concerned K-POP Fan.

There’s isn’t a young female soloist today with more popularity and commercial appeal than IU (real name: Lee Ji-Eun) in Korea. She’s known as the Nation’s Little Sister – a title that is only bestowed on those with nationwide popularity (Like SNSD – Nation’s Girl Group, Lee Seunggi – Nation’s Little Brother, Yoo Jaesuk – Nation’s MC, Choi Jin-Sil [deceased] – Nation’s Actress).

As expected of her position, there are many references to occult themes. We’ll explore some of them here.

Interesting fact: IU’s company, LOEN entertainment, is the same one 4minute + Cube, 2PM + JYP and Pledis Entertainment are under. If you’ve read most of the posts on this site you’ll understand the connection.

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Here is Donghae wearing a t-shirt with overt occult imagery. This is as obvious as night and day.  Why is he wearing the shirt? Did he buy it himself or as fans will probably say “the stylist just told him to wear it”? This appears to be an informal gathering with no photographers around.  Why would he chose to wear this shirt? Why did he chose to buy that shirt?

What's really ironic about this photo is that he's standing beside a supposedly very conservative, very devout Christian.

There's no need for an explanation.

I already briefly commented on JYJ in the SNSD starvation post. They terminated their contracts with SM in order to find a company that would provide better wages and more humane treatment but unfortunately their current situation is not an improvement. Perhaps it pays better and they have more control of their schedules but…yeah, I’ll stop here.

JYJ covering their other eye. Seems like they were instructed to cover their eye rather than it being a natural pose for them.

Interesting mirror imagery


That concludes JYJ’s quick post!

SNSD on a checkered board floor.

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Please anticipate this week’s posts!