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I’m certain that very few people have caught this. Even I almost didn’t catch it. On the poster for the mega-popular Korean talent competition “K-POP STAR”, there is a sign that is familiar with those who have eyes to see:

"Devil Horns"

This symbol is what is commonly referred to as “Devil Horns”. They are mostly associated with rock groups and rock concerts but their meaning is far more sinister than that.

“Devil Horns” is a salute used in satanic occult circles to worship Lucifer.

 The producers of this poster and of the show understand it’s meaning and implications and yet have no problem placing the symbol on their poster. Leading one to believe that the symbol is intentionally placed for a certain purpose.

I have not followed the show closely up till now but if any readers have spotted symbols and signs that are occult in nature, please comment below with your findings.


One eyed 2PM = How to make the Eye of Horus Sexy

Here’s a quick post on the occult symbols displayed by popular boy group 2PM. JYP is a company that extensively uses these symbols with his artists (Wonder Girls, Miss A and 2PM use it quite a lot).

Duality and the Eye of Horus

More Duality (jeez do they do anything else?)


Red and black

They never leave the red or the black very far behind.

Soloist NS Yoon G

The folks at KPOPILLUMINATI have written a brief analysis on NS Yoon G’s new video titled The Reason I Became a Witch.

Please visit this link for the full analysis.

Although the analysis is well done, I want to add a few things that were overlooked or missed.

This video is filled with symbolism. As I’ve noted, it’s mostly solo acts who tend to be heavy on the occult symbolism (Seo In Young, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa are a few examples).

NS Yoon-G in dissociative dual black and white and her back up dancers in leopard print - the symbol for sex kitten programming

In this video we noticed a large amount of leopard being used (primarily by the back up dancers). It seems like leopard is a growing favorite amongst  KPOP stylists and companies as it’s being used extensively.

Her new album is called Neo Spirit. Neo Spirit is short for Neo-spirituality or otherwise known as experimental spiritualism (e.g witchcraft – the song title makes sense now, doesn’t it?). Neo-spiritualism states that there’s no one way to heaven (false – Jesus Christ is the only way) and that there are many, many paths to heaven. Everyone’s path is different. This is very similar to the spiritual nonsense that people like Oprah are trying to enforce via The Secret and so on.

NS Yoon Ji is labelmates with KARA and SS501 and the cousing of KARA”s Jiyoung. Multi-generational programming?

More pictures of NS Yoon Ji occult symbolism:

The Eye of Horus

Duality - Black and White

NS Yoon G with a collar? Owned and used by...?

More animal print

The left picture - one of her concept pictures which features the Eye of Horus.

“Damn, dude!! Your breath stinks! Get away from me!”

(I thought it was funny)

Anyway, this is my introductory post to the mega-post I’ll be doing on 4minute who are steeped in occult symbols (probably the most out of all the revelant girl groups atm). So much so that it is very, very difficult to try and use the excuse of ‘coincidence’.

Anticipate it!

Jessica groped by a high ranking KBS business man?

The man in question is the guy in the suit with a purple tie.

This was a huge scandal in 2010. Jessica, of the famous girl group SNSD, was groped by a man at the ending ceremony of the 2010 Korea-China song festival.

Watch the video here.

What’s very strange is that Yuri clearly notices the abuse but reacts very minimally to it. As opposed to Sooyoung and especially Hyoyeon (they are christians) who are visibly upset by the act. Is Yuri desensitized to this whole kind of thing? It’s possible.

What’s even more puzzling is that SM was very quick to deny any rumors of groping when videos clearly suggest that Jessica was groped. It’s as clear as day. Why deny something that is so clearly obvious? Does SM take us for fools?

There might be another explanation for why SM wants the whole thing to be dropped like a hot potato.

The accused might be this guy:

The pervert. One of many in Korea's Ent. Industry

He’s the KBS Director of Entertainment/Variety/Comedy. Now do you see why I included this in a blog of this nature?

It would be agaisnt SM’s interests to let this scandal simmer or to investigate anything. They just deny, deny, deny. Many are saying to drop it for the sake of the girls. Really? In my opinion sweeping this under the rug will only encourage and empower those in influential positions to continue to abuse performers (and trust me – they are doing it.).

It seems totally and completely against the best interests of the group and KPOP in general to let this man or any man who abuses a woman off Scot free. If they can do it to SNSD, arguably the most popular KPOP group at the moment, they can do it to anyone and no one will say anything.

It really is true what they say about Korea: It’s a man’s playground and a woman’s prison.

Uee’s a doll or an Illuminati mind controlled slave?

Uee looking dead eyed, holding a Barbie. Her alter?

Uee of After School fame has been dolled up (pun intended) for the new issue of Elle Korea. Dolls have always symbolized alter personalities and being controlled by the elite for their purposes. It’s a staple in the entertainment industry all across the globe.

Karen Mulder: A confirmed Monarch mind control sex slave

The above picture is of yesteryear supermodel Karen Mulder (the pose looks familiar, right?)

She famously went on french television (Everyone is talking about it) in 2002 and claimed that she had been raped by people in her model agency, politicians, royalty and other important figures for years. She also claimed that her own father had begun to rape and abuse her at the age of two. Read more about it here.

Controlled and abused.

Instead of investigating her claims properly and bringing the suspects in question to justice: it was simply ignored. She was put into a psychiatric ward (often used as programming/torture places) in order for her programming (which naturally begins to falter at around the age of 30 – she was 33 at the time of the exposee) to be rebooted.

Uee suffering the same fate?

Back to Uee. She also known as the face of her group and is the main actress of the group. As I’ve stated before, actresses in South Korea are known to have to service influential older men in the business for more opportunities. Seeing as she’s a rookie actress and her company is very new, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she would be vulnerable to those situations, would it? Refer to the Jang Ja Yeon case for more information on the exploitation of performers in SK.

Uee and Song Joong Ki with their Barbies dressed exactly like them. Mind controlled?

Her father is a famous coach for the Korean team ‘Heroes’. It’s a very severe accusation to call her a Monarch mind control slave because it implies that her father abused her from a very young age. And without evidence of any kind that is enough to be charged with defamation of character. All we can do is look at the symbolism and connect the dots accordingly.

Uee is far from the only performer in KPOP who uses Barbie/doll imagery. It’s everywhere in KPOP as it is a compliment in Korea to be called a doll/doll-like. Creepy.

SNSD are constantly called doll-like.

Tiffany and her doll

The insanely popular sub-unit Orange Caramel. They are from the group as Uee.

Another Illuminati puppet photographed with intense doll imagery.

Through carefully placed symbols we can determine who these performers are really working for. Uee is nothing but a pawn in the game. Being, at the very least, used as a distraction from things that really matter.